the friends of the Deceptiquan

I'm sure you're wondering just what kind of Pimps, Hustlers, Thugs, Crooks, Ruffians, and other Riffraff a nice guy like JuQuan would hang out with. Okay, maybe you're not wondering that, but if you have any interest in the the people I run with (aside from those swell guys in M2S, then check out these homepages.

The B-side Pimp Clinic

  1. Unfortunately, The Infamous Hen Robe, and Marcus Graham do not yet have homepages. As soon as they appear, they will be here.
  2. Killer B.
  3. Shaft Jr.
  4. L-dogg Eastsieeed
  5. The Matrixxx
  6. the 5th Dimensional Curt dawgg
  7. Silky G.
  8. Deadly One

Realms Comics/Manga
  1. Whidy
  2. Liz
  3. Kevin

A few of Quan's other friends and assosiates

  1. Ashley
  2. Regina
  3. Stephanie
  4. Rochelle
  5. Jason
  6. Barret
  7. Anitha
Also, here's a quick homepage for my Uncle,
Bo Watson .