John T. Lehman

Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Natural Science Building, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48l09-1048
Phone:734-763-4680     FAX:734-647-2465     E-mail:

Yale University, 1970 - 1974, B.S./M.S. (Biology)
University of Washington, 1974 - 1978, Ph.D. (Zoology)

Professional Appointments
Professor of Biology/Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Michigan 1988-present.
Associate Professor of Biology, University of Michigan 1983-1987.
Assistant Professor of Biology, University of Michigan 1978-1983.

Awards and Fellowships
Phi Beta Kappa; Yale, 1973.
Summa Cum Laude, Exceptional Distinction in Biology; Yale, 1974.
NSF Graduate Fellow; University of Washington, l974-l977.
Henry Russel Award, 1982: the highest recognition by the University of Michigan for achievements of junior faculty.
A Tale of Two Lakes, Special Rotunda Display and Research Feature, University of Michigan Exhibit Museum, 1992-1993
Distinguished Faculty Governance Award, 1999: the highest elected award conferred university-wide by faculty at the University of Michigan

Professional Service (abbreviated)

Blue Ribbon Commission on the Status of Lake St. Clair 2007-present
Science Review Panels: NSF, EPA
National Academy of Science, National Research Council committee "Applications of ecological theory to environmental problems": 1983-1985.
MacArthur Foundation-sponsored African Lakes Training Program Scientific Advisor, 2000-2001 
Chair Steering Committee "Basic Issues in Great Lakes Research" 1987-1988.
Awards Subcommittee, Ecological Society of America: 1987-1990.
National Science Foundation Advisory Committee on Ocean Sciences: 1987-1991.
Future of American Society of Limnology and Oceanography Committee, 1989
NAS Ocean Studies Board Review Panel for Office of Naval Research Ocean Biology 1992.
Vice President, American Society of Limnology and Oceanography 1991-1992.
President, American Society of Limnology and Oceanography 1992-1994.
Council of Scientific Society Presidents 1992-1995.
NSF Freshwater Initiative Planning Committee, 1992.
Council of Ocean Affairs 1993
Council of Great Lakes Research Managers/Research Development Roundtable
NSF Land Margin Ecosystem Research, UW-Milwaukee representative.
NSF Univ. National Oceanographic Laboratory System, Univ. Michigan representative
NSF Ocean Science Long Range Planning Committee, 1993.
NSF Ocean Science Strategic Plan for Research and Education 1993-1994
NSF Coastal Ocean Processes, Great Lakes Science and Implementation Plan 1994.
Steering Committee, International Decade for the East African Lakes 1992-present.
Huron River Watershed Council (appointed County Representative) 1995-1998
USGS/NBS Scientific Opportunities Workshop 1996

Administrative and Faculty Governance Service by John T. Lehman


University-wide Faculty Executive Committee member (by election) 2003-2006
University Faculty Senate Secretary (by election) 1994-present
Chair, University-wide Administration Evaluation Committee (ex officio by election) 2004-present
Chair, University Record Faculty Perspectives Page 1997-present
Executive Committee Member-at-Large, AAUP Univ. Michigan Ann Arbor Chapter 1998-present
Governing Council, Sigma Xi Univ. Michigan Chapter 1998-present
University Faculty Senate Rules Committee 1994-present


Chapter Vice President, AAUP Univ. Michigan Ann Arbor Chapter 1998-2002
President, Sigma Xi Univ. Michigan Chapter 2000-2001
Vice President, Sigma Xi Univ. Michigan Chapter 1999-2000
Symposium organizer 'Research Universities and the Undergraduate: Designing Education for the 21st Century', Ann Arbor 1998
Univ. Michigan Biological Station Executive Committee 1985-1999
Center for Great Lakes and Aquatic Sciences Executive Committee 1989-2002
Research Vessel Committee 1985-2001
Graduate Chair, Department of Biology
Chair, Environmental Biology Group
Department of Biology Executive Committee
Great Lakes Curriculum Development Committee; Great Lakes internal review committee
Great Lakes Research Facilities Planning Committee
AAUP Chapter Delegate to National Meeting 1998, 1999
Chair, Biology Nominations Committee
Water Resources Committee, university-wide; Water Science Committee, university-wide
Great Lakes Director search committee
Graduate student evaluation committees
faculty search committees

Review Panels
National Science Foundation Ocean Sciences Biological Oceanography; Sea Grant
Environmental Protection Agency Environmental Biology, Graduate Fellowships, STAR programs

Editorial Service
Editorial Board, Associate Editor, Special Issue Editor: Limnology and Oceanography
Editorial Board, Oecologia; Special Topics Editor, Ecology
Editor, Environmental Change and Response in East African Lakes
Editor, Basic Issues in Great Lakes Research
Strategic Editor, Journal of Plankton Research

Expert Advisory Functions
Dean of College of Biological Sciences: Gray Freshwater Institute, Univ. Minnesota
Vice-Chancellor Univ. Minnesota-Duluth: Lake Superior Center
Canada Department of Fisheries and Oceans: Experimental Lakes Area
State of Michigan, Department of Environmental Quality, Office of Attorney General
City of Ann Arbor, Michigan; City of Brighton, Michigan

Courses Taught

University of Michigan (# in last 5 years)
Ecological Knowledge and Environmental Problem Solving (3); Oceanography: Marine Ecology (5), Limnology: Freshwater Ecology (3), Limnology Laboratory (3); Quantitative Zooplankton Ecology, Predictive Models in Limnology, Foundations of Limnological Principles, Large Lakes - Ecological Structure and Function, Mathematical Models in Aquatic Science

Universities other than UM
Limnology - University of Washington; Limnology - Makarere University, Uganda