James T. Allison, Ph.D.

Department of Mechanical Engineering
Tufts University


James is a Lecturer at Tufts University, where he developed and taught a new graduate level course on the topic of engineering system design optimization in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. James conducts research in the area of enginering system modeling and design, and is interested in advanced modeling and design methods that aid the creation of products, systems, and processes that improve quality of life in a sustainable manner. He is also the author of Design Impact, a blog focused on design and sustainability that addresses links between engineering and societal issues, such as energy efficiency, renewable energy, economics, and public policy. Recent previous experience includes working as a senior engineer at the MathWorks, hybrid powertrain design at GM, engine design at Ford, and postdoctoral research at the University of Michigan.


Check out Design Impact, a blog by James focused on design and sustainability.

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