Welcome to Space Case, Space Invaders 2:

The Manual

We thought we were alone in the universe. We were wrong. Wave after wave of enemy star fighters attacked earth. With only four shields to protect them the earths defenders defeated the space invaders. Sixteen years have passed, and now they have returned. Meaner and faster than ever. Earth has not been idle. Utilizing new technologies, earth has come up with a whole new defense.

You are the pilot of the starship, Proteus. You are the last line of defense against the Space Invaders. Or are you? The scientist and engineers have launched the prototype satellite called Space Case. This incredible machine can not be hurt by enemy or friendly laser fire. Unfortunately something went wrong during launch. The laser system on Space Case wouldnt work!

So once again you are called upon to save the world. With only two shields to protect you (the scientists were too busy on Space Case to make any more), you must fight 20 to 30 enemy ships in each wave. Take heart because Space Case is still out there stopping enemy fire, and maybe those lasers will start working.

The shields can only take twenty hits, so be careful. After four hits the shield will change color. When it turns red it can only take four more hits so dont try to hide behind red shields. The starship Proteus can also take three hits before it explodes for the last time. Use the mouse or arrow keys to move Proteus back and forth to dodge enemy fire. The left mouse button or space bar controls Proteus (and maybe Space Cases) lasers. The top line of your screen tells you how many more hits the Proteus can take. The second number is your score. Each space invader is worth 100 points. Good luck.