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 It's me! and me again!

Here is a copy of my resume for all those job offers

I'm a student of Engineering at the University of Michigan

Wolverine Access has it's own webpage for grades, schedules and stuff

As for my classes here's a list of them and some links

One of my classes has me working on VRML stuff . I also did some Java stuff

If you like Movies, TV, Music, or Comics

If you need directions, streets not web, look at the Map Quest page

If you like Astrology or Mythology

I finished my first arcade game. It's called Space Invaders 2: Space Case.
It's my first attempt so be kind. If you want to download it, you'll need a pc and pkunzip.
I hope to add to it some time in the future when I have time

Here's some companies I'm interested in

Here's a list of starting points for further net exploration

Here's some interesting links

Here's a few Web pages that have links to more Hot Links

A few of my friends have their own homepages, and if you have a friend that is in engineering you can see them at the face page

Here's some pictures of some more friends

I also have some pictures of my heroes for you to see

Here's a picture of my baby birds Aries and Banana

Here's a link to a great web searcher

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