Language and Translation Seminar

RC Hums 411

Tu/Th 3:30-5:00

Course Instructor: Erica K. Paslick


We will begin with an inquiry into the nature and function of language as it defines man and allows him to "translate" his experience of being in the world to himself and others. In this connection, we will examine a number of influential philosophical views on language. Next, we will undertake an exercise in inter-semiotic translation from one artistic medium into another. Following this, we will examine various forms of "translations" within the same language, such as interpretations, re-formulations, and adaptations from one literary genre into another. The rest of the term will be devoted to the theory and praxis of translation between two languages. Under the guidance of expert faculty mentors, participants are asked to pursue a translation project of their own choice, suitable to their foreign language abilities and personal interest. Finally, we will edit the accomplishments of the semester into an anthology for distribution to all contributors. In the course of the term we will read excerpts from the writings of Heidegger, Wittgenstein, Benjamin, Jakobson, Pound, Lefevre, Derrida, and other translation experts.