German Drama- Reading Group

RC IDIV 150 - Deutscher Theaterkreis, 1 credit, Janet Hegman Shier, instructor

In this course, students will be introduced to some traditions in German theater and to the major German theater journals. We will read several German dramas together (in German) as a group and will focus on pronunciation and fluency, using speech exercises by Rudolf Steiner. Finally, students will be introduced to the working methods of RC Deutsches Theater which will take place in Winter 2007 through theater warm-ups and theater designed to improve concentration and flexibility acting. This mini-course will meet for 8 sessions during the semester. (Dates to be determined at the first class.) Each student will also meet with the instructor twice outside of class for individual work on pronunciation and diction. All students will keep a journal. No tests and no papers required. Open to students in second-year German and above.

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