The RomanticExperience

Winter 2003
Residential College German Readings: RC Core 321, Sec. 1

Course Instructor: Erica Paslick (RC German Program)
111 Greene, E. Quad 647-4377

Open to students who have passed RC German Proficiency.
Open to LSA students by P.I.

Course Description

In this seminar, we will ask: How did the German Romantics interpret the human experience? We will seek answers by sampling some of their theoretical writings as well as their artistic expression in poetry, drama, song cycles and paintings. At the same time, we will reinforce our ability to read, write and speak German. Students will be asked to create their own "Romantic Journal" in which they will record their responses, essays, notes, commentary and sketches. The seminar meets three times a week as a group, but students are also expected to regularly work on an individual tutorial basis with the instructor throughout the semester. Taught in German.

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