Reiseziel: München 2003

RC German Theater students (and Grm. I students, as space allows) are invited
to travel to Munich over Spring Break with RC German Theater. If you are
interested in doing the Munich trip, please contact Janet Hegman Shier immediately.
Please note: this trip is an optional part of the program; students cover their own trip
costs (Costs are kept at a minimum by booking flights well in advance, subletting rooms
in a dormitory, and taking advantage of student discounts at museums and theaters.)

Reflections on Munich, Winter 2002
-by RC First-Year Student, Haley Pierson

(Published in the Residential College 2002 Alumnae Newsletter)

For a Spring Break trip, Munich was the choice for me. Having had only five weeks of German at the time of departure, I was slightly apprehensive about throwing myself into the city. My worry was not as warranted as it could have been, though, as I was surprised at how much I really could understand. After having five weeks of intensive German, I found myself standing in a park, listening to a tour of the area in German, and understanding it enough to at least have an idea of what was going on.

The trip itself was amazing. I was one of a group of students interested in theater, and we tried to see around two shows a day, though I think Janet, our fearless leader, may have been the only one who actually reached that goal. Seeing theater performed in German and being able to watch the action was an excellent educational tool for me, as it allowed me to pick up new vocabulary and get a better feel for the way the language worked. The quality of the theater, even the children's theater, far surpassed anything I have ever seen in the States. One got the feeling that being cultured in the arts was a priority to most people, rather than a small group of "alternative parents" and the small "artsy" groups that I am accustomed to.

The trip to Munich was several things for me. It was a widening of my cultural horizon, schooling in the arts, but mostly a priceless educational tool. My listening and reading comprehension shot up at an amazing rate, which helped me learn much better upon return. It is not uncomfortable for my to read in or be spoken to in German, and that makes the language a lot more friendly to learn.

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