U-M RC Lang 321, Sec. 2
Deutsches Theater
Play Production Seminar
W 2007
Residential College German Readings:
May be repeated for credit.

Course Instructor: Janet Hegman Shier (RC German Program)
112 Greene, E. Quad 647-4378 email:

Course meets: M 8-10Pm RC AUD & W 7-10PM RC AUD

Meeting in early January in Greene Lounge for students interested in 2007 Deutsches Theater and/or the Munich Spring Break 2007 trip.

Course Description

In this course, students will become familiar with 20th and 21st century German theater. We will read German plays, explore a variety of ways to present an idea on stage and do scenework on a number of plays, in preparation for the 22nd annual RC "Deutsches Theater" production, Mar.30-Apr 1. Students will become familiar with Brecht's writing about epic theater, do scene work using a "Lehrstueck" model, and experiment with Image Theater and Augusto Boal's "Theater der Unterdrückten". Several class sessions will be devoted to acting, improv, voice, movement and tech workshops. Requirements include: active involvement and participation at all rehearsals and performances, including attendance at two half-day rehearsals in Feb/March (at ta time to be determined in early January), individual scene work and diction work with the instructor outside of class, and optional participation in a Spring Break trip to Munich to see theater and to visit art museums over Spring Break.

All students will be required to fill a performance portfolio with rehearsal protocols, sketches, production ideas, and reactions to readings, scene work and workshops. The portfolio must be turned into the instructor at least once/month for feedback and direction.

RC German readings is a prerequisite for this course, but some students who have not had German Readings may be eligible to participate with permission of the instructor. Students who have participated in RC "Deutsches Theater" in the past are especially welcome and most encouraged to enroll in the course again!

There is a $30 lab fee for this course to help cover production costs.

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