RC Deutsches Theater Play Production Seminar
Winter 2002
Residential College German Readings:
RC Core 321, Sec. 2

May be repeated for credit.

Course Instructor: Janet Hegman Shier (RC German Program)
112 Greene, E. Quad 647-4378 email:

Course meets: M 8-10Pm RC AUD & W 7-10PM RC AUD

Class # (for registration): P17758

Course Description

In this course, students will read several modern German plays and will

become familiar with the 20th century German theater that grew out of the

Cabaret tradition.In addition to reading 6-7 plays, students will read several

of Brecht's writing about epic theater, do scene work using Brecht's

"Lehrstueck" model, and will ultimately participate as technical crew and

actors in a multi-media play production of RC Deutsches Theater" the

weekend of April 5-7. In addition to participating in all rehearsals and final

performances, students will be required to give one oral "Referat" on a

topic relevant to course readings and to keep a course portfolio containing

reflections on readings and scene work, original sketches, and materials

collected for possible inclusion in the production. Students may travel at

their own expense with the course instructor to Munich over Spring Break

to see theater productions and to meet with students and a professor of

theater in Munich. RC German readings is a prerequisite for this course, but

some students who have not had German Readings may be eligible to

participate with permission of the instructor. Students who have participated

in RC "Deutsches Theater" in the past are welcome to enroll in the course


There will be a lab fee for this course.



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