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The course starts Sept. 21 in the RC Keene Theater (East Quad)

Minicourse: RCIDIV 351.002

W 6:10-8:30pm, RC Keene Theater (starting Sept. 21)

Instructor: Janet Hegman Shier

This 2 credit mini course is intended for students who would like a basic introduction to 20th and 21st Century German Art and Culture or who are considering studying German. The course will be structured as a series of self-contained units that touch on a range of topics, including: "Degenerate" Art (art banned under the Nazis), Brecht's epic theater; German theater today; coming to terms with a German past; the fall of the Berlin Wall; Germany and its "Others" (Jews and Muslims in Germany today). Exact content, materials, format of the course, and assignments will be discussed and agreed upon by the class at the first class session. The course will meet weekly for 10 weeks (No class on Sept. 28 and Nov. 23.). There are no pre-requisites; students who have never studied German or taken a German history class are welcome.

This course may be of particular interest to students who are interested in the instructor's Winter 2012 Global Course Connections course and study tour to Munich in May 2012 (See MCompass through the Center for Global and Intercultural Studies for further information on GCC). Students are welcome to message the instructor with questions regarding either this course or the Winter course and trip. jshie@umich.edu

Good news!!! UM Undergrads may qualify for a study trip to Munich

The project was selected for funding via a Global Course Connections grant from CGIS (Center for Global and Intercultural Studies.)

You can learn about this trip to Munich and the Alps, scheduled for May 2012, by contacting Janet.

or go to MCompass to learn more:

Contact Janet for more information on events listed here. 734-647-4378 footballcalendar@mac.com

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