In Winter 2020, I am teaching Math 351. My office hours are Monday 2:30pm - 4pm and Thursday 1:30pm-3pm.


at Michigan:

at UIC:

  • Spring 2016: Instructor for Math 210: Calculus III
  • Fall 2015: Teaching Assistant for Math 180, Calculus I
  • Fall 2014: Teaching Assistant Coordinator
  • Summer 2014: Teaching Assistant for Math 180 Review Session, Calculus I Summer Review
  • Fall 2013: Teaching Assistant for Math 181, Calculus II
  • Summer 2013: Instructor for Math 090, Algebra Student Enrichment Workshop
  • Spring 2013: Teaching Assistant for Math 121, Pre-Calculus
  • Fall 2012: Teaching Assistant for Math 160, Finite Math for Business

Math Circle:

  • From Fall 2012-Spring 2018, I was involved with the Math Circles of Chicago, and taught primarily at the Lane Tech site (formerly at Audubon Elementary School). I also developed many of the lessons for our Haynes (5th-6th grade) group.
  • During the 2011-2012 school year, I worked with the UCLA Beginners Math Circle. For more information and to see an archive of things we did, see here.