Teaching Data for Games and Puzzles

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List of Games and Puzzles

Grid Puzzles
  Traveling Salesman
  Simple Maze
  Pushing Maze
  Eight Puzzle
  Eight Puzzle v2
  Five Puzzle
  Fifteen Puzzle

Side Swapping Puzzles
  Frogs and Toads
  8 Men on a Raft
  Knight Swapping
  Knight Corner Swapping

Chess Problems
  Knight's Tour
  N Queens
  N Rooks
  N Kings
  N Knights

River Crossing Puzzles
  Missionaries and Cannibals
  Fox, Goose, Bean
  Family Crossing
  Jealous Husbands
  Jealous Wives

Board Games
  Small Othello
  Three Men's Morris
  Nine Holes

Marking/Logic Puzzles
  KenKen v2
  Small Sudoku
  Killer Sudoku
  4 Map Coloring

Block Puzzles
  Tower of Hanoi
  Tower of Hanoi (4 blocks)
  Tower of Hanoi (5 blocks)
  Stacking Frogs
  King Stacking Frogs
  Lazy Stacking Frogs
  Blocks World
  Blocks World v2

  Peg Solitaire
  Peg Solitaire v2
  Tri Peaks Card Solitaire
  Golf Card Solitaire