JoAnn Render

Presented below are examples of my work as a Master of Architecture student
and Research Associate in the Virtual Reality Laboratory
at the University of Michigan.

Architectural Work
These are examples taken from two semesters of Computer Design. In these studios, all work, from design through production and presentation, was done digitally.

Coloring Applet
You can draw on a blank slate or load an image as an underlay in this drawing and coloring Java applet. It was created as the final project for a Java course. The images (sun, wood, worm) may load slowly, so if they do not appear, reselect the image name. Select a color and line thickness and enter a name or word that will appear in the lower right corner.
Source code

Thermal Analysis VR Project
This web site was created as part of a group project for Principles of Virtual Reality, a course that I took in 1997 and taught in 1998. I did all of the VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language) programming and almost all of the web site for our group.

IBM Conic Section Project
This is part of a pilot study by the University of Michigan Virtual Reality Laboratory for IBM. The aim of the study was to use VRML to develop educational material for the Web. This work was done in collaboration with Lars Schumann. Our VRML model allows the user to tilt and move the intersecting plane interactively and observe the resulting intersection in real-time. All types of conic sections can be produced and the 3-D model can be rotated and inspected from all sides.

Medical Readiness Trainer
In a second Virtual Reality Laboratory project, I created a CAVE (Cave Automatic Virtual Environment) model of an emergency room trauma bay, the Medical Readiness Trainer, for physician training. Inventor was used for the geometry and texture animations.
Virtual Giza Project
A third Virtual Reality Laboratory project is to develop a VRML model of the Giza Plateau. As a first step, I converted a 3-D model of the Great Pyramid of Khufu (provided by Ancient Egypt Research Associates) to VRML and added interactive elements using VRMLScript.

To load VRML (.wrl) files in your Windows browser (Netscape or Internet Explorer), download the Cosmo Player 2.1 plug-in for Windows95/NT (3.1 MB).

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