Department of History, University of Michigan

American Culture 204.003 Islam and American HIstory

History 231 Peace and Peace Movements in Islam

History 241: America and Middle Eastern Wars

History 291: History of Happiness: Care of the Self from the Greeks to the Sufis

History 390: America and Middle Eastern Wars: The Iraq War

History 443 Modern Middle East History

History 497.001, Fall 2019: "Islam and American History."

History 497.005: "Climate and History."

History 497 - 006 Hist Colloquium on the Arab Spring

History 497, Fall 2018 "Peace and Peace Movements in Islam"

History 615 Introduction to the Comparative Study of History

History 664: Modern Middle East History

MENA 491  Islam in Global Politics

SAS 501, Proseminar on South Asia

History 698, Background to the Arab Spring

MENAS 695, Introduction to Middle East Studies (Also HIST/APTIS 793, HIST 698)

     History 749 American Hyperpower and Radical Islam

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