Instructor:   Juan Cole

Office Hours:  Tuesday 3-4, 1029 F, Tisch Hall

Tel.  734 764 6350

Course Description:

Islam in Global Politics will examine the world-wide salience of the Islamic religion in contemporary world politics. The course will give the students a grounding in Islam and Islamic movements, and will examine the impact of Islam on politics in select countries with major Muslim populations. It will cover both mainstream political Islam and Islamic radicalism. It will also, however, consider the policies toward Islam and Muslims adopted by major international players, including Russia and Japan. The course will require carrying out weekly readings, attendance at lectures and participation in class discussions, and the taking of a midterm and a final.



Kepel book at Shaman Drum Book Store.  Coursepack will be available later in January at Dollar Bill..




January 5          Orientation: The Scope of the Islamic World

January 12        Islamist Politics in the Twentieth Century: The Muslim Brotherhood and Khomeini 

Guest Speaker: Mansoor Moaddel (Eastern Michigan University)

            Kepel, 27-32, 106-135


January 19        The Jihadi Movements and al-Qaeda 

Guest Speaker: Scott Atran (Depts. of Anthropology and Psychology, School of Natural Resources & Environment, and Research Center for Group Dynamics, University of Michigan; and Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Paris)

·        Kepel, 61-80, 299-322

·         “Tuning Out Hell’s Harpists: A Last Great Hope for the Middle East?” (Atran)

·        “Mishandling Suicide Terrorism” (Atran)



January 26        Pakistan

Guest Speaker: David Gilmartin (Dept. of History, North Carolina State University)

                        Kepel, 81-105


February 2       Middle East – Iraq

Speaker: Juan Cole


·        The United States and Shi‘ite Religious Factions in Post-Ba‘thist Iraq” (Cole)

·        The Iraqi Shiites: On the history of America’s would-be allies” (Cole)

·        “The Three-State Solution” (Cole)


February 9       West Africa

Guest Speaker: Mamadou Diouf (Dept. of History, University of Michigan)


·        “Pilgrimage and Exile, Transcendence and Prosperity”

·        “The Senegalese Murid Trade Diaspora and the Making of a Vernacular Cosmopolitan” (Diouf, translated by Steven Rendall)


February 16     Europe

Guest Speaker: Berta Álvarez-Miranda Navarro (Dept. of Sociology, Complutense University, Madrid)



·        “Why Islam is like Spanish: Cultural Incorporation in Europe and the United States" (Zolberg and Woon)

·        “Race, Culture and Society: The French Experience with Muslims” (Wievorka)

Kepel, pp. 185-202


February 23    MIDTERM


March 9           Russia, Chechnya, and the Caucasus
Guest Speaker: Georgi Derluguian (Dept. of Sociology, Northwestern University)

                        Readings :

·        “Che Guevaras in Turbans” (Derluguian)

·        “Another ‘Just’ War” (Derluguian)


March 16         Middle East – The Arabian Peninsula 

Guest Speaker: Flagg Miller


March 23           Japan and the Muslim World

Guest Speaker: Kazuhiro Arai (Research Institute for Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)

·        Japan’s Cautious New Activism in the Middle East: A Qualitative Change or More of the Same?” (Rynhold)

·        “Tribulations in the Middle East: The War of Jenkins’ Ear, Iraq, and Japan’s Foreign Policy” (Yamauchi)


March 30         Central Asia
Guest Speaker: Adeeb Khalid (Dept. of History, Carleton College)

                        Readings :

·        “A Secular Islam: Nation, State, and Religion in Uzbekistan” (Khalid)

·        “Muhammadjan Hindustani (1892-1989) and the Beginning of the “Great Schism” among the Muslims of Uzbekistan” (Babadjanov and Kamilov)


April 6              Indonesia / Southeast Asia

Guest Speaker: Lawrence Pintak (Marsh Lecturer in Journalism, Communications Program, Gerald Ford School of Public Policy, University of Michigan)


·        “The Varieties of Islam in Southeast Asia” (Rabasa, Chapter 1)

·        “Indonesia: the Jihad Project” (Rabasa, Chapter 2)

·        “Muslim Separatism in the Philippines and Thailand” (Rabasa, Chapter 4)


April 13            South Asia – Indo-Pak Conflict and Hindu-Muslim Relations

Guest Speaker: Ayesha Siddiqa (Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, Washington, DC)


·        “Pakistan’s Drift into Extremism” (Sharpe, pp. 16-31)

·        “Idea of Pakistan” (Cohen, pp.45-56, 67-73, 194-200)

·        “Pakistan’s Security: Problem of Linearity” (Siddiqa-Agha)

·        “Idea of India” (Khilnani, pp. 1-14)



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