Date: Thu, 2 May 1996 11:47:25 +0100
To: Juan R Cole
Subject: Re: fixing elections


Sorry I missed this post. The most obvious fixings were Juana Conrad and Bill Davis, who were the Nelsons' candidates. Juana was Jim Nelson's court recorder . . . They promoted her to the NTC and began flying her around the country. Bill Davis was a legal friend of theirs as well and was similarly promoted and advanced as their candidate.

In 1995 a conservative Baha'i messaged me about long-time NSA member Jack McCants:

"at Green Acre a number of years ago, he said to me and a few others that he missed being on the American N.S.A. and planned to travel around the country so that he would become well-known and, hopefully, be elected. It struck me as strange at the time."

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