Date: Mon, 23 Sep 1996 15:50:47 -0500 (EST)
Subject: more fyi

I also got some more details:

This person .... has been off and on -- more on than off -- an ABM for Protection and has close ties with Birkland. I don't think that Birkland is his counselor now. At the moment he is not an ABM for Protection. Says he wanted a rest and so hasn't been for a few years. But when he was an ABM he developed a lot of contacts who would say something like this situation might interest you. Do you want me to forward the info to you. And he always said yes. And these people continue forwarding stuff to him. Consequently he claims to get scads of mail -- much of which he simply doesn't even read. But he does read some. And that apparently included stuff from Talisman. And I think Irfan.

Note: has a "no-forwarding" policy, wherein any list member desiring to forward a message was honor bound to get the permission of the author first. And yet it was intensively spied upon by Baha'i administrators who violated or urged others to violate this list rule. In winter, 1997, a member of received a threatening letter from the counselors of the International Teaching Center in Haifa, based in part on objections to his postings to

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