I am a violinist, singer, and pianist. I play the violin and sing for weddings, church services, parties, and other events. I am currently available to serve as a lead bass/bass soloist in church choirs or other choirs in the Ann Arbor area. Please contact me at to discuss these opportunities.

I am also very interested in chamber music. If you would like to start a string quartet, piano quartet, or other chamber ensemble with me, or if you would like me to join your ensemble, I would love to hear from you!

Friends and colleagues

  1. Pranav Srinivasan (UMich math alum, HTML wizard)
  2. Ben Gould (UMich math alum, algebraic geometer)
  3. Natalia Pacheco-Tallaj (Knot theorist and UMich REU student in 2017)
  4. Sam Tenka (Computer scientist, mathematician, Bach collaborator)
  5. Wenyu Jin (TA for 395/396, noted artist, music lover)
  6. Noah Luntzlara (TA for 395/396/493, musical collaborator)
  7. Colby Kelln (Crossword solver, math homework collaborator, designer of this website)
  8. Alex Wang (Rising junior in the math dept, 2018 UMich REU student)

If you'd like me to link to your page, too, send me an email!

Commutative Algebra workshop at Notre Dame, 2019.