Explanatory text for LaTex.bib Database: Chebyshev & Fourier Spectral Methods

The link below is to a very large text (ASCII) file which is a LaTeX .bib file with over 1700 references. You may freely copy this database in its entirety for the purpose of using selected items in the bibliography of your papers without the bother of retyping the information in your own papers or Latex .bib files. However, this database is copyright by the author, and reproduction of a large portion of this database in a single work of your work (say, over 100 references) should not be done without asking permission of the author. This database is updated on a regular basis (without warning!) You are invited to send information about relevant papers on spectral methods, not yet in the database, to the author at jpboyd@engin.umich.edu. Thanks!
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