I currently have five years worth of undergraduate teaching under my belt. Most recently I was a GSI for an undergraduate course in Ornithology, taught by Dr. Robert Payne.
I have recently been a GSI for Biology 162, Introductory Biology. My archived laboratory website can be found here.

In the past I have been a TA for a variety of undergraduate level courses at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. My most enjoyable experience was helping to teach the brand new course Biology 440: Speciation and Macroevolution, with Dr. Stephen Lougheed.

Previously I had taught multiple labs for both Biology 243: Data Management and Analysis in Biology, taught by Drs. Bob Montgomerie and Christoph Richter, and Biology 206: Evolutionary and Population Genetics, taught by Drs. Adam Chippindale and Stephen Lougheed.

A link to my Biology 206 laboratory website can be found here, complete with old schedules, links, and lab lecture notes.

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