John D. Ciorciari



Peacebuilding: Law, Politics, and the Transition from Conflict (2010-12, 2014). This graduate course examines post-conflict policy issues arising for international actors in three major spheres: peacekeeping, early-stage economic reconstruction, and transitional justice. It draws from case studies including Cambodia, Kosovo, Lebanon, Libya, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, and Timor-Leste.

Politics, Political Institutions and Public Policy (2009-14). This undergraduate core course explores how policy outcomes are affected by the institutional and political contexts in which policy is made, as well as the specific mechanisms by which policy options are reviewed, adopted, and legitimated. It develops these themes by analyzing a number of case studies in U.S. and international policy.

Values & Ethics in Public Policy (2011, 2013-14). This graduate core course examines the normative basis for policy choices in a variety of domains and discusses how law and ethics intersect in the formulation of public policy.

International Economic Development Program (2012). This graduate course focuses on a different country each year and features intensive study in Ann Arbor followed by an in-country research trip. In 2012, the "IEDP" focused on Colombia.

Integrated Policy Exercise (2011). This simulation-based course, offerred annually at the Ford School, focused on a hypothetical crisis in Iran. Course materials are available online through Open.Michigan by clicking here.



Instructor or tutor for the following courses offered by Oxford's Department of Politics and International Relations through a number of Oxford colleges.

- International Relations of the Cold War Era

- U.S. Foreign Policy

- International Politics of the Middle East

- International Relations in the Post-Cold War Era



- Instructor, political asylum workshop | voice: (734) 615-6947 | fax: (734) 763-9181