John D. Ciorciari


Road Ahead


** The Road Ahead for the Fed, John D. Ciorciari and John B. Taylor, eds., Hoover Institution Press, 2009 - examines challenges and opportunities facing the Federal Reserve after the 2007-09 financial crisis.  Authors include George Shultz, Allan Meltzer, Peter Fisher, Donald L.Kohn, James Hamilton, Myron Scholes, Darrell Duffie, Andrew Crockett, Michael Halloran, and Richard Herring. 

"The Lawful Scope of Human Rights Criteria in World Bank Credit Decisions: An Analysis of the IBRD and IDA Articles of Agreement," Cornell International Law Journal 23:2 (2000)

"A Prospective Enlargement of the Roles of the Bretton Woods Financial Institutions in International Peace Operations," Fordham International Law Journal 22:2 (1998) | voice: (734) 615-6947 | fax: (734) 763-9181