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1. Video Clips 

Click on pictures below for mini-video clips ... 

Johann teaching -- the early days [1992] (1.7 MB)

Johann teaching -- 10 year later [2002] (2.9 MB)


2. Still Photos

Johann demonstrates the inverted double-snap hop squad [1999]

me_jump1.jpg (25581 bytes)

Deep breath before take-off. Tip: It's all in the wrist!

me_jump2.jpg (24449 bytes)

During free-fall: enjoy 100% instant weight loss. 

me_jump3.jpg (26311 bytes)

Still hanging in ...

me_jump4.jpg (25299 bytes)

The landing is the hard part. That's why they call it high impact.


We took some more photos in 2002


I'm definitely getting older...

....almost lost my dentures during this turn ...

... this way, this way ...

....thank you! thank you!...

Motivational Corner:

    "I have seen funeral processions that looked livelier than you do, people!"

Also works well with:

    ."I have seen sea turtles that looked ... etc."

This one always gets people going:

    "If we wanted to take it any easier than this, then we'd all be taking bubble baths!"

Then there was:

    "I love all you people, but I love the confused people the most!"

often followed by:

    "The only people I love more than the confused people are the exhausted people!"

Ultimately, though, my participants know that:

"Sweating is not an option!"


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