Directions from Detroit Metro Airport to University of Michigan

Ann Arbor and the University of Michigan North Campus are
about 40 minutes away from Detroit Metro airport

    First 3 Instructions are not shown on the main Ann Arbor map:

  1. Drive out of Detroit Metro airport, looking for sign that shows I-94.
  2. Exit onto I-94 west (sign may say "Chicago". Do not go into direction "Detroit").
  3. Stay on I-94 for about 15 miles.

    Following instructions are shown on the main Ann Arbor map:

  5. Exit I-94 at Exit 180 onto I-23 north
  6. Stay on I-23 for about 3 miles
  7. Exit at Exit 39 onto Geddes Road, go west
  8. Geddes Road becomes Fuller after crossing Huron Parkway
  9. Continue on Fuller through the traffic light at Fuller Court. The road will turn north (right) for a short distance and then back to the west (left).
  10. At the next traffic light, Glazier Way, Fuller will open up into two lanes. Get in the right lane. Just a hundred yards beyond the traffic light at Glazier Way is Beal Avenue. Turn right onto Beal.
  11. . Immediately after turning into Beal Avenue, turn left onto a parking lot labeled "Computing Center"
  12. . This parking lot is at the back entrance to the ATL building.
  13. . Park at a metered parking lot and enter the building through the heavy metal door, which is the back entrance.
  14. . Most offices are one floor above where you enter.
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