Howdy Partner!

This is the home web page of Joeseph P. Smith, currently a general purpose programmer, data analyst/cruncher, and web developer under the Cooperative Institute for Great Lakes Research (CIGLR) at the NOAA Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory (NOAA-GLERL).

My interests are frankly unbound.

As a programmer, I use my best judgment at the time of development to produce modular products of value, the pieces of which can be easily and quickly maintained and re-purposed for future work.

As a data analyst, I aim to take any desired data set, even search for it, and parse meaning and value from it through programming, statistics, and visualization.

As a web developer, I make a point of ensuring that whatever web products are produced are accessible to the majority of users with modest skill sets.

Given these, the last, but certainly not least, interest in my career, and life frankly, is community building. Whether at work or play, we need cohesion within the groups of people that keep society in order and the economy healthy. It's a requirement of sustainability, a major theme of my career and life. No cohesion means no shared resources, leading to an increase of consumption of limited reserves on the planet. Thus I work to bring people together, and if possible, keep them together, collaborating, and producing great results.

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