Jennifer Park

Photo by Jennifer S. Balakrishnan

Department of Mathematics, University of Michigan
2074 East Hall
530 Church Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1043
Office: East Hall 3836
Curriculum Vitae

I am a Hildebrandt Assistant Professor at University of Michigan since 2015, working with Andrew Snowden. In 2014-2015, I was an NSERC postdoctoral fellow at McGill University and Centre de Recherches Mathématiques under the supervision of Henri Darmon and Andrew Granville, participating in the thematic year in number theory. I received my PhD in 2014 at MIT under Bjorn Poonen.

Publications and Preprints

  • Effective Chabauty for symmetric powers of curves.
  • A heuristic for boundedness of ranks of elliptic curves. (with Bjorn Poonen, John Voight, and Melanie Matchett Wood).
  • As easy as Q: Hilbert's Tenth Problem for subrings of the rationals and number fields." (with Kirsten Eisentraeger, Russell Miller, and Alexandra Shlapentokh). Transactions of the American Mathematical Society (to appear).
  • Explicit arithmetic of Jacobians of generalized Legendre curves over global function fields. (with Lisa Berger, Chris Hall, René Pannekoek, Rachel Pries, Shahed Sharif, Alice Silverberg, and Douglas Ulmer).
  • Insufficiency of the Brauer-Manin obstruction for Enriques surfaces. (with Francesca Balestrieri, Jennifer Berg, Michelle Manes, and Bianca Viray). Women in Numbers 3 proceedings (to appear).
  • Faithful realizability of tropical curves. (with Man-Wai Cheung, Lorenzo Fantini, and Martin Ulirsch). International Mathematics Research Notices.
  • Comparing arithmetic intersection formulas for denominators of Igusa class polynomials. (with Jacqueline Anderson, Jennifer S. Balakrishnan, Kristin Lauter, and Bianca Viray) Women in Numbers 2 proceedings.
  • A universal first order formula defining the ring of integers in a number field. Mathematical Research Letters.

  • Teaching

    Fall 2016: Instructor for Math 493, Honors Algebra I.
    Spring 2016: Instructor for Math 216, Differential Equations.
    Spring 2015: Instructor for Math 346/377, Number Theory.
    Spring 2013: Recitation leader and course coordinator for 18.06, Linear Algebra.
    Spring 2012: Recitation leader for 18.06, Linear Algebra.
    Fall 2010: Teaching Assistant for 18.310, Principles of Applied Mathematics