For this project I did a couple computer animations. The first one is a Shockwave Flash. It shows the final moments before a nuclear accident. This is a very unfinished product. I probably shouldn't even have it up.

The second one is a short CG (computer generated) animation of what a nuclear explosion on a city. This was short but time consuming.

The last one is what a real nuclear cloud looks like.

Meltdown Shockwave Flash. I didn't have time to finish it. (23K)

Explosion Quicktime movie. This is my animation. (7.45 megs)

Cloud Quicktime movie. This is a real one. (1.0 meg)


My detection says that you need to download:

Download Quicktime for the movies

along with Flash 4.0    for the Shockwave media.

Or for the movies you can try right clicking on them and saving them to desktop and then running them.