paintings by Artist  Jon Onye Lockard
Washtenaw Community College
adjunct University of Michigan
The Manifestation of Art, Culture, and Diversity in Every Aspect of Our Lives

Our attempt is to harmoniously lend visual reflections of our cultures into work spaces and living environments.  The use of colors, shapes, and forms to heal, inspire, and restfully replenish us in a spiritual and personal way.

Inside a worldly vacuum of culture and visual comforts, we create a world of our own, a world in which the aesthetics we cherish subconsciously manifests itself.  Jon Onye Lockard's art desires to aid and augment the outgrowth of African American cultural aesthetics into a spiritual and visual environment.  We use our art to instill spirtuality, beauty, comfort, and diversity into your environment placing them into the spaces we occupy. Emphasis is placed on visual and spatial rejuvenation.

We are not the sole inhabitants of this world, and we illustrate this reality with wondrous examples of diverse and shared experiences.  Our mission is to allow the arts to manifest itself and enhance your personal surroundings. You will be embraced by visual and spiritual inspirations, in both the comfort of your personal and professional environments.  We provide you with a reflection of your aesthetics into a material essence of beauty.

The cultures that we share and arts we learn to appreciate can become a part of your everyday surroundings.  This can be achieved by involving custom images reflective of your family's cultures and decor for offices, homes, family rooms, children's playrooms, apartment, etc.


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