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The DMC is also the home of projects that share the goal of demonstrating new uses of rich media in teaching, learning and research:

  • BlueStream has been developed in collaboration with IBM and Ancept Corporation. It automates encoding, derivative creation and metadata extraction from time-based media and enables multi-dimensional search capabilities.
      DAMS Bluesteam architecture  
  • BlueStream's digital asset management architecture is designed to streamline the management of rich media and enable faculty, researchers and students to gather "free" metadata (e.g., speech into text, OCR) for searching, retrieval and management. Generally regarded as one of the most advanced systems in development in higher education - now in pilot stage.


  Media in the prarie   The BluePuddle project   Pernsonal netwrking locator design "Mates"Mates - final ser interface  
  • GROCS: Grant Opportunities and Collaborative Spaces is a competition-based program that funds inter-disciplinary student research teams studying rich media applications for collaboration in learning, teaching and research.
  Sakai installations - global  
  • The Sakai/CTools project began as an open source alternative to commercial learning management systems. Led by a UM development team Sakai has become an international community open-source system supporting classroom learning and research collaboration in higher education. It is being deployed at hundreds of univerisites across the globe. CTools, the UM version of Sakai serves 50,000 UM students, faculty and staff (my role in the CTools project is to simply be the steward of resources - the CTools team works the magic!).
      GROS showing Transparency  
  • Transparency: A project to enable the streamlined capture and display of a wide range of video and desktop-capture movies for display to multiple audiences - creating a virtual window into these activities.


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