Unanswered  Questions

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730 S. Maple Road

When was this house built?

What was Frieda's maiden name, Taukel (from George Roessler's obituary)  or Haukel (from Frieda's obituary)?

2509 West Liberty Street:

Who WAS the craftsman who built the house?

Why did the City shift the  S. Maple curb cut to the south when they redid S. Maple?

2553 and 2561 West Liberty Street:

What was the name of the Barrett's ceramic business?  What attracted them to 2553?  Why did they leave?  Where are they now?

What was the name of the Mr. Phillips business? I think it was related to oil burners.  What attracted Mr. Phillips to this location?  Why did he only stay five years?

What was the rest of the caption on the October 14, 1947 Ann Arbor News photo of the walnuts.

2535 Russell Street:

When exactly was the house at 2535 Russell built?  By whom?

I would like to know more about Gorton and Edgar Stevens and their wives.  Did they have children?  Did both families in fact live in 2535 Russell?  What  was their occupation?  Why did they sell?

Who were the minister and his wife who lived at 2535 Russell when the Galilean Baptist Church Mission owned it?  Why did they leave?  Where was their church?

Where do the Stalhanske's live now?  What was their experience at 2535 Russell?  Why did they sell?  Did they pay the special assessment fees?

The Mazzolinis lived at 2535 Russell from 1955 to 1977--22 years.  Maple Meadows was built in 1970.  What must it have been like to live there when there was nothing but farm land all around? 

Who planted the fruit trees, the lilac bushes, the grapes?  Who made the fish pond?  Are there any signs of the pond there now?

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