Lots 4 and 5, West Liberty Heights

758 and 770 South Maple Road


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Benjamin Steinman completed construction of the house at 770 S. Maple in December 1927.  To view his notes on building this house Click here.  Benjamin and Eleanor Steinman sold "House and Lot no 5 on contract June 7, 1930 $4,300.00"  (From Benjamin Steinman's notebook).  Mr. Steinman's notes then say "Nov 5 1934 Sold Lot No 5 to Dan Steele and Helen, his wife paymnts as for $4,050 with $400 down and $40.00 per mo Starting Jan 2-1935," and "Mr Steele moved in Dec 3-1934 gave him keys." Here are some notes from Ben Steinman's book about the cost of a 1934 addition to 770 S. Maple (a little difficult to read). The property was transferred to Anna D. Feldkamp on September 30, 1942.  Mrs. Feldkamp was Ottmar Kaercher's cousin. 

At this point my research results are fuzzy.  The City Directory shows Paul A. Jedele and his wife Ruth living at 770 S. Maple as early as 1941, but I was unable to find the deed transfer record from Mrs. Feldkamp to the Jedeles.  I am sure they owned the property, however, since they lived there for over 60 years until they passed away.  I did find the record showing their purchase of Lot 4 from Benjamin Steinman on January 19, 1947. 

For some reason, Lots 4 and 5 were not conveyed wholly.  When Lot 5 was sold, it included (and still does) the south eight feet of Lot 4, and Lot 4 owners own only the north 50 feet of Lot 4.  It's a mystery.  Also, with the exception of the sale of Lot 4 to J. W. and Jennie M. Hastings on May 25, 1936, the owner of Lot 5 also owned Lot 4. 

The Jedeles were married on June 6, 1936.  Paul Jedele was a milk hauler until he retired.  Ruth graduated from Michigan Normal Teachers College and taught at Oak Grove School for over eight years.  They had two children, John Jedele and Joanne.  Joanne Jedele (Scott) passed away April 26, 1977. 

I have fond memories of Mr. and Mrs. Jedele.   They were both very active until their last few years.  I remember one winter, when there were ice dams on a lot of houses, I saw Paul Jedele up on a ladder correcting the problem at his house while Ruth held the ladder.  I thought to myself, "Those two are certainly putting me to shame."  Ruth spent a lot of time gardening in the summer.  She grew and canned tomatoes every year that I knew her, except for the last.  Her perennial garden was beautiful, especially her poppies and columbine.  I used to enjoy sitting with Ruth and Paul on summer evenings in their back yard or on their front porch.  When I broke my knee in the fall of 2001, Ruth brought me cookies that she had made. 

On August 8, 2004, I was working in my garden when I heard an ambulance and saw that it had stopped at the Jedeles' house.  In spite of the EMT's efforts, Ruth died later that day.  After Ruth passed, their son, John, stayed with Paul until he went into a nursing home and took care of the house until Paul Jedele passed away June 27, 2005.  During this time, John, his wife Judy, and their grandson moved into the house.  I was very happy to have them as neighbors and felt sad when they put the house on the market in June, 2006.

The house and Lot 4 (758 S. Maple) were sold to new owners on December 6, 2006.  They have had a garden the last two summers (2007 and 2008).  Ruth Jedele would have liked the fact that things were growing on the land.

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