Lots 42 to 55, West Liberty Heights

South Maple Park


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Lots 42 to 55 were part of a package of lots sold to the City of Ann Arbor.  Benjamin Steinman sold Lot 42 to Fred McNeil on July 31, 1940, and Lots 17-33 (see page for 800 S. Maple) and 43 to 55 to Alois and Margete Spring and Eugene Rathbone Dale and Edith Dale on January 21, 1957.   On June 17, 1968, Margarete (Margete) Spring (1540 Greenview) conveyed her undivided half interest in the property to Edith L. Dale (1801 Coronada)  for $17,500 (signed by Malcom W. Dale, Administrator).  On the same date, the property was conveyed from Edith Dale to Holiday Holding Co. (3750 Washtenaw), $45,000.

On June 12, 1968, (earlier than the date above?) Holiday Holding Co., a registered Michigan partnership, 3750 Washtenaw Avenue, Ann Arbor, 48104, sold the property to the City of Ann Arbor for $60,000.  So far I have been unable to find a record of sale between Fred McNeil and the City.

Lots 42 to 45 are now the portion of South Maple Park between Maple Meadows Apartments to the east and the tree line to the west.  The City of Ann Arbor's website says, "South Maple Park is a 7.83 acre park with entrances on Liberty and Russell, off S. Maple. The park contains tennis courts, play area, neighborhood softball field, open fields, a drinking fountain, a wooded area separating the two portions of the park. An accessible asphalt trail connects to the park from the subdivision to the South of the park and East. Parking is located at the Liberty entrance." 

Some improvements to the park were made last summer.

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