Lot 11, West Liberty Heights

2571 West Liberty Street


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The house at 2571 W. Liberty was built in 1940 by Benjamin J. Steinman.   Click here to see the house under construction (the child in the picture is his son, Glen).  Albert  Knecht and his wife Rose are listed in the 1942 City Directory as living at this address, but the deed to the property was not transferred until November 11, 1949.  Perhaps the Knects purchased the property "on contract" from Mr. Steinman as did Gorton Stevens (Lots 38-41), where the Stevens paid on time and received their abstract when the property was paid in full.

The Knechts had one son, Ronald who lives in Dexter with his wife Diane.  Ron remembers attending the Arabelle Wagner School at 3250 West Liberty Road through the sixth grade.  He also remembers playing hockey on the large pond  that is now just west of I-94 and catching salamanders on one of the smaller ponds nearby. 

Albert Knecht passed away May, 1965, at age 49.  Rose Knecht still owns the home at 2553 W. Liberty, having the honor of being the last original West Liberty Heights homeowner alive.  Her granddaughter, Kirsten, helps her care for the property now.  She is staying at the house with her fiance Mark and her two golden retrievers, Indy (named for Independence Day, when she got him) and Remy.