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This is a holding area for works in progress

Bookmarks to be filed

This is a temporary folder which serves as a staging area for bookmarks which haven't yet been placed in a permanent folder.

WomensWork Website
Involving girls and women with technology in a positive way is a challenge. This Web site has some valuable resources, including a database of narratives by women in various careers.
The Jackson Laboratory
Community Share Web
Students can post links to community information pages they create. Designed to foster pride in community.
UMPERG (Constructivism)
Now Up-to-Date Web Publisher for Macintosh
Computers: History and Development
Brown Computer Solutions - Web Words - Finger

Apple Computer

Sites sponsored by or directly pertaining to Apple Computer Corporation.

Apple Computer
Apple: Technical Support Online
Cyberdog Documentation
The EvangeLista Soapbox
Gathering place for those who believe in Apple and the Mac.
MacFixIt (Home Page)
MacInTouch Home Page
Mac Freak
The World Of Newton


These pages contain information about or tools for creating or using mcf, the underlying format used by HotSauce, the Apple fly-through interface for file structures and the Web.

The HotSauce Home Page
HotSauce mcf editor
HotSauce sources of software and information
This page is sponsored by Apple. It contains links to external sites which have tools and/or information about HotSauce.
How to Sauce your site


Commercial bookstores which allow you to order books on line.

AbyssBooks & Gourmet Cafe Books! Earth's Biggest Bookstore
Gotta love a great bookstore. It doesn't have that old paper smell or the funky people working for it (as far as I know, anyway), but it is a great web site.

College Home Pages

These are the home pages of various colleges. In general, they are the top level pages, rather than inner pages which describe specific programs.

American Universities Directory
THE compendium of American Universities. Over 90 K, this page takes a long time to load--go to lunch while it does. Once loaded, it's an excellent resource.
College & University Faculty Salary Database
Links to Big Ten universities

General university home pages

Pages in this folder are general "home" pages for various universities.

Antioch New England Graduate School
Apple Higher Education: The Apple Virtual Campus
Carthage College
Castleton State College
Champlain College of Vermont
Community College of Vermont
Dartmouth College
Johnson State College
Michigan Technological University
Middlebury College
Mount Holyoke College Gateway
Portland State University Home Page
University of Oregon WWW Server - Oregon Today
University of Wisconsin-Madison
University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Homepage

Schools of Education

Curriculum & Instruction Department, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
Drake University School of Education
Harvard Graduate School of Education
Home pages for schools of education
This page includes reviews of the Web pages of various schools of education.
Joe Abruscato's home page (Vermont)
Purdue University School of Education (SOE)
Teachers College WorldWide Web Server
University of California, Santa Barbara
University of Colorado at Colorado Springs Viewbook SOE
University of Maine College of Education
University of Michigan School of Education
University of Wisconsin School of Education

Top ten schools of education

According to U.S. News and World Report, these are the top 10 schools of education in the United States.

1997 Graduate School Rankings, Education: USNews
Columbia Teachers College
Stanford University
Harvard GSE
University of California at Los Angeles
Ohio State University
The University of Michigan
Go Blue!
The University of Minnesota
Peabody College at Vanderbilt University

Curriculum project

This folder contains bookmarks for the Novi Meadows technology-infused curriculum unit. The project, developed by Jon Margerum-Leys and Dave Lyons, designed curriculum starting with learning objectives provided by Novi Meadows.

OpenText Power Search Engine form
This is a remote custom search form which searches the OpenText database.

Motion In Our World Home Pages

Grade 5 objectives
Grade 6 Objectives
Motion In Our World
Motion In Our World: Science
Motion In Our World: Math
Motion In Our World: Language Arts
Motion In Our World: Social Studies
Motion In Our World: Foreign Language
Motion In Our World: Art
Motion In Our World: Music
Motion In Our World: Music
Motion In Our World: Physical Education
Motion In Our World: Technology
Motion In Our World: Health


American School Directory
American Universities Directory
THE compendium of American Universities. Over 90 K, this page takes a long time to load--go to lunch while it does. Once loaded, it's an excellent resource.
BigBook Directory Search
Directory service which includes door to door directions. You enter your starting and finishing addresses and the Web site gives you directions.
Directory of support lines for various hardware and software manufacturors.
WhoWhere? Email Addresses

Electronic Mail Bookmarks

Choosing any of these bookmarks brings up a blank e-mail form addressed to the person named in the bookmark.

Cricket Eccleston
Cricket works with teachers as part of the MYDL project.
Dave Lyons
Dave works in Detroit at Lesenger Middle School. He is an expert on Model-It.
Jon Margerum-Leys
Jon Margerum-Leys is the creator of this bookmarks file. He is a Ph.D. student at the University of Michigan, specializing in teacher development in the use of technology.
Margaret Roy
Margaret works in Detroit for the MYDL project. Her specialty is urban education.

Educational Technology


Items in this folder are on-line tutorials for various things.

Creating Net Sites
Making Animated GIFs (part 1 of 3)
News Tutorial
This page uses some fairly complex language, but does a good job explaining how usenet newsgroups work.

AACE--Assn. for the Advancement. of Computing in Education
AACE / ED-MEDIA Conference
Advanced Cognitive Tools for Learning
Classroom Connect
connected Inquirium© Information
CIEP 491 - Spring 1996
Course syllabus for the department of curriculum, instruction, and educational psychology at Loyola University. "CIEP 491--Microcomputers in the School or Agency"
Dictionary of PC Hardware and Data Comm. Terms
Searchable dictionary of tech terms.
Educational Software Institute
Texas Learning Technology Group
TIC Home Page
Imageworks Online
ILTweb: LiveText: New Page
"The Home Page for Tech-Savvy Teachers".
This server houses an organization dedicated to helping women who use the Web to network.
Welcome to Web Crossing
The World Lecture Hall

Hardware sources and information

Shopping for a new computer or other hardware? Here are some sources.

ClubMac Electronic Catalog
MacWarehouse, Inc.
MacWarehouse Clearance Sale items
MicroWarehouse, Inc.
The MRP RAMWatch
Macintosh Resource Page's RAMwatch service. Tracks the current price of RAM.
Power Computing Corporation Home Page
Shreve Systems
USR/Palm Computing - In Hand

K12 School Home Pages

Just a few assorted schools.

Community High School
A Web site put up entirely by students. Interesting stuff, if a bit over-designed and cluttered for my tastes.
Huron High
John Glenn High School On The Net
Pioneer High School
At the time it was built, Pioneer high school was the most expensive public high school facility in the United States.
Tappan Middle School

Making Sense of the World Wide Web

These are Web pages collected for a presentation titled "Making Sense of the Web", which incorporates my ongoing thinking about categorizing Web resources. This version is being prepared for the School Science and Math Association Meeting.

Making Sense of the World Wide Web
Here you'll find the main page for the on-line "paper" which accompanied the presentation I made at the School Science and Math Association conference November 14, 1997.
Feedback Form
Use this form to send Jon Margerum-Leys feedback about his "Making Sense of the World Wide Web" presentation.

Extend Local Collections

Links in this section are to sites which have a broad array of content material which is unlikely to be found in school media centers.

Amazing Web Sites!
This is a collection of a large number of sites. No summaries, which is annoying.
The Argus Clearinghouse
Excellent hierarchical interface to an extensive index of Web resources. Easy to understand rating system, very user-friendly.
The American School Directory
Vanderbilt, Apple Computer, and IBM are just a few of the corporate sponsors of this enormous database which lists the vast majority of public and private schools in the United States.
Collections of the Louvre
A page from the Louvre (in English) which provides links to on-line versions of their vast art collections. Some beautiful, beautiful things.
Cyberkids history page
A collection of links with (very short) summaries: Lists historical links.
Dingo Farm
Kathleen Hamel recommended this site. She found it when a student at Stiles Elementary School needed information which was unavailable in their media center.
Government sponsored gateway to a dizzying array of on-line health information.
HotBot: SuperSearch
PC Magazine rates HotBot as the most effective single search engine. The SuperSearch engine presents very powerful boolean search tools. An outstanding resource for searching, if you absolutely have to search.
The Internet Archive
Under contruction, this site will archive the history of the Internet itself.
The Internet Public Library
A project of the University of Michigan School of Information, the Internet Public Library is a Web site which attempts to provide the services of a public library in the on-line environment.
Library of Congress Home Page
One of the most popular sites on the Internet. Links to Thomas, the legislative database, and American Memory.
Mars Images
Beautiful images from Mars.
The NASA Homepage
Government entities are often mandated to disseminate their data to the public. NASA does an excellent job of doing so through their Web site.
Opening page to the Louvre
This is the main entrance to the Louvre in Paris.
OpenText PowerSearch Form
Jon Margerum-Leys created this form which connects to the OpenText database. Using this form rather than OpenText's assures you that students will always see the same form and cuts your hits on OpenText in half, relieving their server somewhat.
Project Gutenberg
Project Gutenberg makes available a huge variety of public domain literature in full text versions. Wonderful for language arts teachers or anyone who wants to incorporate literature into her teaching.
Science Is Elementary Home Page
Kathleen Hamel ( and Tracy Hammer ( developed this virtual collection. It links to some great science resources for elementary school kids.
Smithsonian Photographic Services
Pictures! Pictures!
Windows to the Universe
Housed right here at the University of Michigan, Windows to the Universe has an excellent collection of space images. Educational activities offered there are somewhat weak, but may provide a starting place.

See Current Information

Data which exists in print or on permanent media such as CDs is "frozen" at the time it was created. The Web offers the opportunity to use up-to-the-minute information.

Earthquake of the Day
Each day, a new earthquake's statistics are posted on this site. Before I saw it, I had no idea that there were earthquakes every single day.
The President's 1996 State of the Union Address
An example of an up-to-date, full text document which students can access on line.
The Weather Channel - Weather News
Breaking news on weather across the United States and the world. Useful for activities which call for students to make weather predictions and check their accuracy.
What's New at the White House
Part of the White House Web site, this page contains frequently updated press releases and transcripts of speeches by the president.

Read Periodicals

Freedom of the press is for those who can afford a press. Fortunately, the price of Web publishing is within the reach of many people. The periodicals in this section represent a variety of online publications, some for kids and some for adults.

Atlantic Unbound | The Atlantic Monthly
On-line version of The Atlantic Monthly magazine. Very nicely organized.
Annals of Improbable Research
Spoofs of traditional research, such as "Feline Reactions to Bearded Men". Can be a fun way to talk about experimental design.
Cable News Network (CNN) Interactive
Some teachers leave their Netscape Browsers set to home to this page. It provides continuous news updates, a nice interface design example, and lots of grist for classroom discussions.
Inside Outside Online
Sky &Telescope's Weekly News Bulletin
Lively publication with lots of good graphics and an easy-to-follow interface.
Cross writers from the New Republic with Bill Gates' bottomless budget and the World Wide Web and you get Slate. Excellent on-line magazine, though curiously it's easier to read in print than on the screen.

View Primary Source Material

Students often only have the opportunity to interact with secondary documents. These pages allow them to see and use primary sources of information.

Guidelines for analyzing primary source materials.
Margaret Jerome Stuart has put together an exhaustive guide to analyzing primary source materials. Probably not for younger kids, but high schoolers and their instructors will find it handy.
1990 Census Data from ABAG
California census information in pretty raw form. Great for providing data to plug into formulas.
American Memory
Archive of primary source documents from American History.
Hiroshima Archive
An archive of photos and documents relating to the decision to bomb Hiroshima, Japan.
Michigan Documents Center
Contains every government document which is available on line.
Online Exhibits and Digitized Historical Collection Material
The Library of Congress has an extensive collection of primary materials, organized into on-line exhibits.
U.S. Founding Documents
Visit this site for the text and scanned original images of some of our most important political documents. Includes: the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence and the Federalist Papers.

Forum for Publication

Publishing their work allows students to become producers of information.

Bellingham Parent Permission Form
Before you publish student work, you should get parentel permission. This form is simple and nicely done, and permission to copy it is indicated on the bottom.
Folk Tales about Africa
Student produced stories about Africa, which use information gathered from the Web.
Middlezine Magazine
Showcases writing by kids in a variety of genres.
Reviews by students
This is an example of an easy to set up site which contains student writing.

Interact With Others

Interactivity when using computers means much more than clicking on a button to start a movie. These links are to sites which allow students and teachers to interact with each other, either by e-mail, chat room, or creating/linking Web pages.

Captivating graphics and an accessible feel mark this site for teens. On-line bulletin board system allows for interaction.
Freezone EPALS
Provides E-pals listing service for kids. Careful, though, there are still weirdos in the world. Caution your students not to reveal their full names, phone numbers, or addresses on line.
IPL Youth Division: Ask the Author
Gary Paulsen, Lois Lowry, and Daniel Pinkwater are just some of the authors who have answered email from this site in the past. Current authors who will answer questions include Shonto Begay, Timothy Gaffney, Jackie French Kooler and Elizabeth Winthrop.
Kids as Global Scientists Home Page
Nancy Songer, here at the University of Michigan, is in charge of this program, in which students gather weather data and share it with other students across the United States and throughout the world.
Teacher to Teacher Forum
An interactive set of discussions by and for teachers.

Use Computer and Other Technical Resources

The Web can be used as an interface to computer services, from machine translation to virtual gardening.

CAT2 Translation Service - Automatic Translation
Experimental german translation service: Input text in English, German, or French, choose a target language, and your text is translated and e-mailed to you. Pretty nifty.
Compressible Aerodynamics Calculator
Here's a JavaScript form which allows aerodynamics calculations.
WebCams are automatic or user-controlled cameras which take pictures and immediately post them to the Web. It's a great way to see exactly what a place looks like.
National Budget Simulation
Berkeley has put together a simulation of the process of creating a national budget. Could be useful for science, math, or social studies.

Take Advantage of Unique Opportunities

Some things are just too expensive or dangerous to do with students. The Web allows us to go places we could not have gone before.

City.Net Travel
Geographic information about places the world over.
KC-135 "Vomit Comet"
Middle school boy heaven. Zero gravity training the NASA way. Definitely a unique opportunity.
MayaQuest '97
One of the best-known virtual field trip programs, this MECC production has a great Web site.
MYDL Ecology: Ann Arbor Field Trip
Not exactly a unique opportunity, but a page which shows what can be done with kids, a video camera, and a web page. This page took about two hours to create, including the video capture. Notice that no students are identifiable from the pictures.

Distribute Curriculum and Professional Resources

The Web can be a powerful distribution channel for curriculum and professional resources. Lesson plans, units, and teachers' guides can all be inexpensively distributed via the 'Net.

AERA: American Educational Research Association
At over 11,000 members, AERA is the largest organization dedicated to research on education.
ERIC Clearinghouse on Elementary and Early Childhood Education
ERIC - Celebrating 30 Years
Internet based classroom activities
A variety of interesting classroom activities which involve the Internet are listed on this page. Nicely summarized.
Motion In Our World: Math
Part of a larger curriculum project developed for Novi Meadows School.
NetDay-Florida Connecting Kids to their Future
Information about what the state of Florida did for NetDay.
The OWL Resource Page
Information about scholarly reasons for having an On-line Writing Lab (OWL). Nicely done.
Science Education Associations Home Page
Handy, well organized page which links to assorted home pages of associations for science education.
An activity designed by Jon Margerum-Leys, this page has links to a variety of anti-smoking and pro-smokers-choice sites. There is also a ClarisWorks evaluation guid which can be downloaded from the page.

Motivate Students/Teachers

Sometimes it's okay to have fun--it might even increase learning.

Bonnie Raitt Site
There was a quote from Bonnie on one of the presentation pages, so I bookmarked this Web site.
Beanie Babies Home Page
Okay, okay, okay. I've got two daughters, one eight and one five. What can I say?
This is not a site I recommend for kids. But there are some great QuickTime trailers here and I visit it myself frequently.
Phil Collins/Genesis
Sample page from They have a vast array of information on pop stars.
Universal Access Blackjack Engine
Blackjack over the Web, scored in money and everything. Could make an interesting component in a discussion of probability.
tcejorP gninraeL dna gnihcaeT LDMU
The page bookmarked here was generated by a cgi script at If you replace everything after "url=" with the url of a Web page, the script will display the page backwards. Kind of fun.


Bookmarks from the University of Michigan, as well as from Ann Arbor and around the state of Michigan.

Bed and Breakfasts in Ann Arbor

This folder was created for a visit by Dave and Virginia Margerum. It contains links to bed and breakfasts in Ann Arbor, as of February 1997.

Ann Arbor Bed and Breakfasts
Michigan Bed & Breakfasts
Ann Arbor Home Page
Home page maintained by the Ann Arbor visitor's bureau.
The Artful Lodger Bed and Breakfast

Ed 794

NELS Home Page
IITF CAT - Education
AusWeb95 Issues for Teacher Education
Education Virtual Library - All Sites
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Subject Catalogue
American Psychological Association PsychNET (SM)

AACE--Assn. for the Advancement. of Computing in Education
Adam Wilkinson's Home Page
CNN - Hands-on science grabs students' interest - Feb. 13, 1996
ED 727 Research on Congnition and Technology
EdWeb Home Page
MAC B On-Line Calendar
This calendar lists activities for interns in the Master's and Certification program, B cohort, at the University of Michigan. It's being served from an ordinary desktop Mac, using Now Up-To-Date.
MichNet Shared Dial-in Numbers
Contains a list of phone numbers to use for dialing into the University of Michigan and Merit. Also links to a list of numbers in the Detroit metro area.
MIRLYN on the Web
The University of Michigan Library system's on-line catalog plus a lot more. Some functions available to non-university affiliated personnel, but others are restricted.
Nathan Bos' prelim. paper
Nathan Bos' preliminary paper. Well written, if a bit thick for general audiences.
Oxford English Dictionary
U of M interface to the OED. Works only from U of M campus computers. :(
Pedagogical Language Usage Server
John Miller's prototype for PLUS, the on-line education dictionary. This project is the brainchild of Fred Goodman at the University of Michigan.
Portfolio entry on creation of online curricula
Roget's American English Thesaurus
U of M interface to the thesaurus. Works only from U of M campus computers. :(
Route 12 Project Welcome Page
Scienceware at the University of Michigan
SI:ILS 526
U of M Electronic Reference Shelf
Britannica Online, Physicians' GenRx, Gale Databases, and the Oxford English Dictionary are all linked from this page. Unfortunately, the references cannot be used unless you're at a computer on the University of Michigan campus.
University of Michigan School of Education Home Page
University of Michigan World-Wide Web Frequently Asked Questions
Welcome to Ann Arbor, Michigan!
Welcome to the DeweyWeb
Wolverine Access
Wolverine Access Student Business
Used internally at the University of Michigan, this page allows students to access information about their own grades, transcripts, and financial aid.

Music and entertainment

CBS SportsLine - Sports News, Sports Scores, Sports Statistics, Sports Memorabilia and Fantasy Sports
Current Lottery Results
Someone once called lotteries "Gambling for people who can't do math." Still, they're kind of fun fantasies. This site posts results for lotteries nationwide.
The Dive
The Indy Racing League
Interactive Magic
The magic tricks at this site blew me away, especially interactive rabbit. Fantastic!
Tulip Time Festival, Inc.
WayCool Weddings
Thinly disguised advertising. Still a good read.


Pages in this section were collected by Jon Margerum-Leys for various reasons. None of the links are particularly sensitive, but Jon's interests are somewhat varied and arcane; so are these bookmarks. :)

Jon Margerum-Leys' Home Page
Jon Margerum-Leys' Guest Register
You can use this form to send me a note, even if you can't normally send e-mail from within your Web browser.
MAC B Web Site
Web log generator
A great page which allows me to generate a report on who has been looking at my site. I'm not sure if it works from off the University of Michigan campus. Try it and see, then let me know!


Runner's World Training Tips

Employment information

Sites which contain job listings.

Academic Employment Network Welcome Page: Teacher Jobs, Ad Placements, and Registration
AERA Job Openings
The American Educational Research Association lists a few jobs on this page. Not nearly as well organized as the Chronicle of Higher Education list, and most of the jobs listed can be found in the Chronicle as well.
CareerScape - World Wide Web Sites
Chabot College Employment
Computing jobs from chronicle of higher ed
Job Openings in Academe
Jobs at the University of Vermont
Updated every Tuesday, these are positions available at the University of Vermont in Burlington, Vermont.
Large collection of job listings. Dorky interface and really confusing use of frames.
ZD Net Job Database


Integrating Technology in Teacher Education Programs
AERA 1997 Annual Meeting Call for Proposals: Session Descriptors
American School Directory
College & University Faculty Salary Database
H. L. Mencken Quotes
Quotes on Education.


Bookmarks I kept because they relate to some element of my personal history.

Brian Dube Inc., Juggling Equipment
Makers of the finest juggling clubs and other props available.
CityZine: Guide to Milwaukee
Ernest Righetti High School Library
The International Saxophone Home Page
Juggling Information Service
NavyOnLine Home Page
Nicolet Home Page
One of the top public high schools in the United States. A wonderful place to go to high school.
The Saxophone Shop, Ltd. -- your complete saxophone and band instrument center!
Bobby's Black's little shop across the street from Northwestern University. A very nice place to hang out on a rainy day.
State of Vermont Home Page
U.S. Army
Welcome to the Santa Barbara County Education Office
Wisconsin Department of Tourism


Center for the Easily Amused
Host of the joke of the day e-mail list.
MPW C Error Messages
Rejected Microsoft Advertisement

Julie's bookmarks

Emerson Unitarian Church Canoga Park California
1st Unitarian Universalist Church of Ann Arbor


One thing and another.

Northwest Airlines CyberFares
Excellent prices on round-trip tickets for weekend travel. Posted to this page every Wednesday.

People I know

Big Dave's Big World
Colleen Connor
Jon Margerum-Leys' Home Page
Nathan Bos's home page
Our Beautiful Baby Girl
Steven Aoki's Home Page
Wayne Cripps
I haven't seen Wayne in years, but he and his wife Cyndi were in the birthing class with my wife Julie and me.
The Yo-Zone - Homepage


The Great Chesapeake Bay Swim '96
Lion's Den
The Great Chesapeake Bay Swim '95
SWIM 2000
World Masters Swimming
WebSwim Homepage



Publications relating to academe.

American Educational Research Association (AERA)
The Chronicle of Higher Education -- Academe This Week
Job Openings in Academe


Links to comic strips on the Web

The Dilbert Zone
Link to the newsgroup which carries Doonesbury.
For Better or For Worse
Link to newsgroup which carries the comic strip For Better or For Worse.
Recent Arlo & Janis ¨ Strips


Webzines which cover the computer industry.

Anchor Desk
Ziff Davis Publication. Covers trends in the computer industry. Generally accurate, objective, and well balanced.
Information about the latest browsers, plug-ins, and ActiveX controls.
Netly News
PC Magazine: Top 100 Web Sites
PC Magazine Online
ZD Net AnchorDesk
Computer industry news and opinions. Host to Jesse Berst, AnchorDesk e-mail list.


Links to entertainment sites which are not related to television or radio.

Inside Outside Online
Joe Bob Biggs
Link to the newsgroup which carries the Joe Bob Briggs column.
Miss Manners
The newsgroup which carries Judith Martin's column.
Outside Online
Some of the beautiful photography and interesting adventure stories of Outside magazine can be found at Outside Online.


Links to online resources which contain general news.

AllPolitics - 'Toons
CNN's on-line political cartoon center. Some interesting uses of animated GIFs. Goes beyond what is possible in print.
CNN Interactive
Simply the best on line news service I know of. Lots of good design ideas, too.
FOX News
New York Times
USA Today
Yahoo! - Business and Economy:Markets and Investments:Stocks:Quotes


This subsection contains a mixture of on-line versions of print magazines and electronic 'zines.

Atlantic Unbound | The Atlantic Monthly
On-line version of The Atlantic Monthly magazine.
Time Magazine
On-line version of Time magazine, distributed by Pathfinder.

Television and radio

Mass media links. Online versions of TV and radio programs. Often contain program listings and archival information about the shows.

The Capitol Steps
Enormously funny political satire. Uses RealAudio plug-in.
Comedy Central Online
CNN Interactive
CNN San Francisco
CNN/Time AllPolitics
MTV Online: Main Page
NPR Online
A Prairie Home Companion¨
The Travel Channel Online Network - Home Page

Search engines

Winner of the PC Week search engine "shootout". Nice interface, good use of summaries.
InfoSeek Home Page
Local OpenText Form
The Open Text Index
The Open Text Index - Power Search
WebCrawler Searching
One of the most popular search engines on the Web. Started at Stanford University.

Software Sources and Information

These pages contain links to free or demo software, as well as reviews and announcements about commercial software.

Avid Technology Online
Makers of the finest digital video editing hardware and software.
Blue World Communications, Inc.
Makers of Lasso, an interface between FileMaker Pro and Webstar.
Claris Corporation Main Page
Makers of RAMDoubler and SpeedDoubler, two excellent pieces of software.
Download Netscape Navigator Software
Downloadable Demos (gradebook programs)
Gradebook and other software programs for use by educators. To download, drag the link off the screen onto the desktop. DON'T click on the link--you'll get garbage.
Eudora Tips & Tricks
Internet Software for the Mac
A number of free and shareware programs for the MAC can be found at this site.
Shareware gradebook program. Doesn't do everything, but for $20 shareware, it's a good bargain.
Knowledge Revolution
Makers of Interactive Physics.
Macintosh Internet Software
Lots of Internet-related shareware for the Macintosh.
Microsoft Corporation
Now Software: Time Management Network
Progressive Networks, The Home of RealAudio & RealVideo
Makers of Eudora e-mail software and other cool things.
SoftWareHouse/CCV Software
Educational software distributor.
StarNine - Internet Software for MacOS and Windows
Producers of WebStar, one of the most popular http servers around.
CU-SeeMe Home Page
Lots and lots of shareware programs for Macintosh and Windows computers.
The Ultimate CU-See Me Reflector List
Version Tracker
Keeps track of and has links to the latest versions of various kinds of Macintosh software.
VSL: Front Desk at the OAK Repository (

Subject area pages

Items in this section are of interest to classroom teachers and are sorted by domain.

Foreign Language

Louvre Site in French
This page is in French, but it has links to the same material in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.
Le coin des francophones et autres grenouilles
Page d'accueil SŽnat
Tourisme en France
City-Net information
Clickable map of the world, linking you to information about far-flung places.

Health/Growth and Development

KidsHealth - Children's Health & Parenting Information
Lots of tips and activities for parents and kids. Very attractively laid out site.

Language Arts

A Story as You Like It
Interactive or automatically created branching short story. An interesting example of how Web pages can be used for creative hypertext writing.
Advice to new authors
Very informative page about how to go about writing books for money.
Carol Hurst's Children's Literature Site
Children's Literature Home Page
Complete works of Shakespeare
The complete works of Shakespeare, very nicely cataloged.
CyberKids Home
Designed as a forum for professional writers, Inkspot can also be an interesting place for students to visit.
IPL The Internet Public Library
The Internet Public Library is a project of the University of Michigan School of Information. It seeks to "serve the public by finding, evaluating, selecting, organizing, describing, and creating quality information resources."
IPL Youth Division: Ask the Author
Gary Paulsen, Lois Lowry, and Daniel Pinkwater are just some of the authors who answer email from this site.
Middlezine Magazine
Showcases writing by kids in a variety of genres.
National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE)
The largest (and best) organization for English teachers. Their 1997 president, Sheridan Blau, can be reached at He's a wonderful guy and usually responds to e-mail.
Newbery, Caldecott and other ALA Awards - 1996 Winners
The Page at Pooh Corner
Project Gutenberg Home Page
Project Gutenberg puts public domain literature on the Web. Here you'll find the complete works of Shakespeare, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and many others.
Purdue University On-line Writing Lab
School Stuff
Well. . .Lots of worksheets. If you are looking for lots of worksheets, you can certainly find them right here. Did I mention that they have worksheets? Underline the preposition in the previous sentence. . .


Algorithms and Ice Cream for All
Ask Dr. Math
Brain Teasers
Houghton Mifflin provides weekly "brain teasers" (math word problems, really) at a variety of grade levels. Some creative stuff, as far as word problems go.
CCER National Budget Simulation
Berkeley has put together a simulation of the process of creating a national budget. Could be useful for science education or social studies.
The Math Forum Home Page
Angus Mairs recommends this site.
Math Problems of the Week!
MathDEN: Mathematics Resource for the Home and Classroom
One of the sections of the Digital Education Network. ( Requires a logon and password, but these are free.
Mathematics Lessons Database
From the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign comes this database of lesson plans, created by math educators. Lessons cover all grade levels, with material on algebra, geometry, gen. math, trig, calc., stats, analytical geometry, and probability.
A cooperative project in which pairs of classrooms share ideas on how to solve a math "challenge". When both groups agree, they post their solution to a LISTSERV as a way to publish. This is a sub-part of the math forum at Swarthmore listed above.
National Council of Teachers of Math
Producers of the NCTM standards, this is the most widely recognized body of math teachers in the United States.

Physical Education

ESPNET SportsZone
National Association for Sport and Physical Education Home Page
Official 1996 Olympic Web Site - Home Page
Sports Illustrated For Kids
This is fairly technical and entirely text-based, but it's interesting, thorough and well-written.


Ask Dr. Science
Yes, this is humor. A very funny parody of "ask-the-expert" shows.
Bill Nye the Science Guy's NYE LABS ONLINE
One of the great science ed sites available on the Web. To use this site fully, you'll need to have the ShockWave plug-in and a QuickTime movie player.
Digital Libraries in the Science Classroom
EXXON Environment, Health and Safety Progress Report
Exxon Corporation
Earth Image Archive
Earthquake Information
Excellent up-to-the minute record of seismic activity. Somewhat technical: Kids will need some help to make sense of the information contained here.
Earthquake of the Day
Very attractively laid out record of an earthquake. Updated daily to showcase information about an earthquake which happened that day.
The Faces of Science: African Americans in the Sciences.
KC-135 "Vomit Comet"
Kids as Global Scientists Home Page
Mercury in fish. Cause for concern?
This page was bookmarked in the process of gathering examples for my AERA paper.
Miami Museum of Science
Much of what is here are hot lists to other sites, but there are some good exhibits, too.
Mike's Herpetocultural Home Page
The NASA Homepage
NASA has a tremendous amount of information on line. Lots of great pictures and descriptions of the work they do.
National Geographic Magazine
Highlights from National Geographic Magazine in an attractive on-line format.
National Science Teachers Association
National Geographic Society Main Page
Nature - International weekly journal of science
New Scientist:Planet Science
The on-line version of the magazine. Requires an on-line registration process, which is free and instant and not too terribly nosy. Interesting articles. Somewhat chatty, but would probably be enjoyed by teachers. Nice design and layout.
Pollution in the Great Lakes Region
Science Education Associations Home Page
Handy, well organized page which links to assorted home pages of associations for science education.
Science Web Sites for Biologists
Sky & Telescope: The Essential Magazine of Astronomy
The UMDL/MYDL Teachers' Corner
The Teachers' Corner contains information for teachers who are using the University of Michigan Digital Library on-line curriculum units.
UMDL Teaching and Learning Project
This is the front "overview" page for the University of Michigan Digital Library Teaching and Learning project. At this site, you'll find on-line units on geology, water conservation and ecology, weather, and astronomy.
Va Tech Physics Lecture Demo F60
The Virtual Flylab
Genetics--gotta love it. Design your own fly, right on the World Wide Web, then mate it with another fly. The language is (maybe) accessible to high school students, but the activity is straightforward with lots of graphics.
Volcano World is the premiere spot for volcano information on the Internet. It's hosted by the University of North Dakota. Why volcanoes in North Dakota? Good question.
Windows to the Universe
This is the opening page to Windows to the Universe, a project hosted here at the University of Michigan. Beautiful images. Drawback: The educational activities suggested look pretty lame.

Social Studies

The British Monarchy
Official page of the highest profile royals in the world. Very heavily trafficed and often busy.
The Faces of Science: African Americans in the Sciences.
Martin Luther King, Jr.
Southern Michigan Community Profiles
A local realtor has put community profiles of local communities on the Web. He features MEAP scores prominently in these descriptions.
U.S. Gazetteer

Discovery of America Pages

These pages were assembled for a Master's project on who discovered America.

Native American Histories
1492 -- Christopher Columbus
1492 -- What Came To Be Called America
1492 -- Inventing America
The Discovery of America.
Leif Ericson Vikingship


These are bookmarks to pages on the issue of smoking. Some are "pro-choice"; others are anti-smoking; a few walk the fence. Inclusion on this bookmarks list does not imply endorsement by the Web authors or Novi Meadows School.

An activity designed by Jon Margerum-Leys, this page has links to a variety of anti-smoking and pro-smokers-choice sites. There is also a ClarisWorks evaluation guid which can be downloaded from the page.
Smoke Peace Europe - Home Page
Smoking Causes Web-Links
Welcome to the RJ Reynolds Home Page
The National Smokers Alliance
Smoker's Rights and Tobacco Issues Page
Tobacco Control
The Great American SmokeScream - Home Page
SmokeScreen: The Tobacco Control Activist Network
Welcome to The QuitNet
Welcome to Washington DOC
1995 World No-Tobacco Day
A List of Tobacco-Related Internet Sites
The Master Anti-Smoking Page


CyberKids Home

Visual Art

CyberKids Home
Louvre Site in English
The Collections of the Louvre
This page contains links to the departments within the Louvre. From those departments are link to the artworks themselves.
MoMA | The Museum of Modern Art
This is the official site for the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.
MoMA | the collection
This link takes you directly to the collections of the Museum of Modern Art.
ArtScape: Online Art Resources
Artscape has a listing of artists who work in various media. May be interesting for kids to see how artists in the field promote themselves.
Asian Art Museum of San Francisco
Wonderful images available here.
Vatican Exhibit Main Hall
Global Art Project
Seeks to increase kids' understanding of other cultures through art exchanges.


These are assorted bookmarks of interest to K12 students or their teachers, but which didn't seem to fit in any subject area category.

Pathways to School Improvement
Smokey Says

Teacher resource pages

A lot of pages of interest to teachers are scattered throughout these bookmarks, but these are a few which seemed to fit particularly well in this category.

The American Federation of Teachers
One of the two largest teachers' unions in the United States.
BDD: Teacher's Resource Center
Bantam Doubleday Dell maintains this Web site for language arts teachers. They include some really nice activities for teaching award-winning books.
The Digital Education Network: A resource for teachers and students
Variety of activities and resources for students and teachers.
Shareware gradebook program. Doesn't do everything, but for $20 shareware, it's a good bargain.
InterActive Teacher Online
Mustang: A Web Cruising Vehicle for Teachers
National Education Association
One of the two largest teachers' unions in the United States.
SSMA Home Page
The School Science and Math Association publishes several journals and hosts an annual meeting. The 1997 meeting, at which I will be presenting, is in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Teacher to Teacher Forum
An interactive set of discussions by and for teachers.



MYDL Ecology Unit: Home Page
MYDL Ecology: What to do?
MYDL Ecology: Search
MYDL Ecology: Start Categories
MYDL Ecology: What to Write in your Journal?
MYDL Need Help? pages

MYDL Scavenger Hunt: Home Page
MYDL Astronomy Unit: Home Page
MYDL Geology: Home Page
MYDL Weather: Home Page
MYDL Ecology Unit: Home Page pages

MYDL Scavenger Hunt: Home Page
MYDL Astronomy Unit: Home Page
MYDL Geology: Home Page
MYDL Weather: Home Page
MYDL Ecology Unit: Home Page pages

MYDL Scavenger Hunt: Home Page
MYDL Astronomy Unit: Home Page
MYDL Geology: Home Page
MYDL Weather: Home Page
MYDL Ecology Unit: Home Page pages

These are the pages from the Web server which was new as of mid-October, 1996.

UMDL Teaching and Learning Project
MYDL Scavenger Hunt: Home Page

The UMDL/MYDL Teachers' Corner

United States Government

Many divisions of the United States government have a mandate to publish their work to the public at large. These pages are part of that effort. Some of them also serve a particular political agenda.

Welcome To The White House
The United States Senate
U.S. House Of Representatives - Home Page
FedWorld Information Network Home Page
Betsy Ross Homepage
Very complete, interesting site with information on the creation of early American flags.
THOMAS: Legislative Information on the Internet
Library of Congress World Wide Web (LC Web) Home Page
Senator Spencer Abraham's Home Page
Office of Senator Carl Levin - Michigan
The Constitution of the United States of America
Tiger Map Server Browser
This link lets you specify which community (incorporated in the 1990 census) you would like a map of.
American Memory from the Library of Congress
American Memory consists of primary source and archival materials relating to American culture and history. Most of these are from the Library's special collections.

Web information

Lots of pages on the Web give you information about pages on the Web. Tutorials on creating Web pages, lists of top sites, clip art, software; that's what you'll see listed in this section. Most of these links are for people who design Web pages.

Aristotle offers two services of interest: First, registered voters can get a free e-mail account to receive government related spam. Second, registered Aristotle users can sign up for a spam blocking service.
Good source of background images for your Web pages. Use sparingly.
Various graphics, animated gifs, backgrounds, etc.
BSD Calendar: View Event
The Clip Art Connection
The CGI Resource Index
Common Gateway Interface (CGI) scripts are a fairly complex way to customize your Website, keep track of users, and log information. This site has hundreds of sample scripts available.
Cygnus-X1 Background Archive
Danny Goodman FAQ
Emblaze home page
Interesting product. Allows animation on the Web without a plug-in.
Examples of website navigation
This page, designed for Web site designers, shows four different methods for allowing users to navigate a site. Image bars, shockwaved image bars, javascript popup, and text bars are shown.
Gamelan: Earthweb's Java Directory
General Motors
Help for HTMaiL v1.4
HTML Elements
Internet Config Information
Java: Programming for the Internet
This Website is the handout portion of a talk by Tom True at Princeton. Contains some valuable definitions and other information about JavaScript, Netscape's scripting language for Web pages.
KCounter v.1.0
An AppleScripted page counter. Very clear directions, fairly easy to implement.
Little Wing
Kind of an odd little space. Some nice clip art available, in addition to some odd Web site implementations.
MMC schedule
Netscape Frames
QuickTime VR
RealAudio Homepage
School Web Pages Science Content Research Paper
Tom Keating, Bud Talbot, and a group from the University of Indiana, Bloomington put this research project together. It rates the science content of school Web pages sampled from Web 66.
SoftWorld's Design Shop - Clip Art!
Search Engine Watch
Search Engine News, Search Engine Tips and more about search engines.
Ten Commandments of HTML
Universal Access Blackjack Engine
Blackjack over the Web, scored in money and everything. Could make an interesting component in a discussion of probability.
University of Michigan World-Wide Web Frequently Asked Questions
Web Interface to Whois
Typing the domain into the search engine box yields the IP address and vice versa. Useful for tracking down spammers and people spoofing email.
Web-Counter Home Page
If you need a counter for your pages and your site doesn't already have a cgi script to take care of it, this company will place a counter on your pages.
The Webmasters' Guild
Professional organization for Webmasters.
Yale C/AIM Web Style Guide
The definitive guide to style on the Web.

Web pages for teacher educators

These pages were assembled for use by Ron Marx in a journal article.

Computers and Curriculum Integration in Teacher Education., Fox, Lynn; And Others
Council for PreService Technology
US Department of Education Technology Initiatives
Among other things, this site lists grants available for classroom technology projects. Also listed are professional development opportunities in educational technology.
Shoreline Teacher Development Center's Bookmarks
Web Sites for Teacher Educators
This page was created as background information for an article for teaching and teacher ed by Ron Marx.

Professional Development

The pages in this section contain information about professional development for teachers.

The Critical Thinking Community
Sonoma State is the provider of the Critical Thinking Community. Contains resources for encouraging critical thinking in K12 and university classes. Separate section for higher ed with some interesting stuff available.
ERIC Clearinghouse on Teaching and Teacher Education
ERIC is in the process of making its resources available on line in full text format. Definitely beats microfiche. This site describes the work on the clearinghouse on teaching and teacher education. It contains some full text papers as well.
Teachers' Edition On-Line
Primarily a resource for teachers. However, it might be useful for preservice teachers to look at some of the things available on this site. Of special interest is the teacher to teacher forum, which can be accessed as a Web forum.
Undergraduate Teacher Development Center
The University of Missouri is embarking on what looks like an interesting project. They're collaborating with their version of LSA to re-work teacher eduction. This page is a one-page overview of what they're up to.
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Education
Tenth Floor: Technology in Education
Education Resources
University of Wisconsin School of Education
Research and Reflection: An On-Line Journal
Research and Reflection is published twice annually by Gonzaga University in Seattle Washington. Jan Severs ( is the editor.
Learning Through Collaborative Visualization
Stanford University Center for Teaching & Learning

Younger Kids

Items in this section are designed for younger kids, though they may appeal to adolescents and adults, as well.

Beanie Baby accessories
Kid safe Web site. Reported by CNN.
The Cyber Zoomobile
Lots of photos of animals, and a few of the author's children.
Everything about Panda
Electronic Zoo
Free Zone
Kid safe Web site. Reported by CNN.
The Great Teddy Bear Hug
GUND's homepages
Index of stuffed animals at Puffins in Madison
San Diego Wild Animal Park!
Twas the Night Before Christmas