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Composer Work Featuring Bassoon Chamber, Other  Publisher, Remarks
Takacs, Jenö (1902-2005) (Austria)  Quodlibet, op. 104; Sonata Missoulana, op. 66 (both bsn/pno)     Doblinger  
Tansman, Alexandre (1897-1986) (Poland)  Sonatine (bsn/pno); Suite (bsn/pno)   Suite pour trio d'anches (ob/cl/bsn) Eschig 
Taudou, Antoine (1846-1925) (France)  Morceau de Concours (1904) (bsn/pno)    Evette-Schaeffer (out of print) Used as Paris Conservatoire concours solo in 1904 
Thimmig, Les (b. 1943) (USA)   Three Fagottelles (solo)   G. Schirmer 
Thomas, Andrew (b. 1939) (USA)    Fear No More the Heat O' Th' Sun (cl, bsn, hpscd)  Margun Music 
Ticciati, Niso (1924-1972)  Variations on "Voi che sapete" (2 bsns, originally 2 vcl)    Hinrichsen 
Tisné, Antoine (1932-1998) (France)  Soliloques (solo); Impresions Niçoises (solo)    Salabert and Musik Fabrik
Tomasi, Henri (1907-1971) (France)  Concerto (1957) (bsn/orch or pno); Danses guerrières (1960) (bsn/orch or pno); Chant corse (bsn/pno); 5 Danses Profanes et Sacrées (bsn/pno)   Leduc 
Tôn-Thât, Tiêt (b. 1933) (Viet Nam)  Jeu des 5 éléments II (solo)  3 Intermezzi (bsn/hp/perc); Tu Dai Ca'nh, Quatre Grands Paysages (fl/ob/cl/bn/pno); The Endless Murmuring II (bsn, harp); The Endless Murmuring III (viola, bsn, harp)  "Jeu" is often featured in competitions, and is full of extended techniques originally conceived for French system, but playable on German; published by Jobert in two versions, original and "simplifiée"; 3 Intermezzi and Murmuring also by Jobert; Tu Dai Ca'nh by Editions Musicales Transatlantiques
Tower, Joan (b. 1938) (USA)   Island Prelude (ww5)  Associated (Hal Leonard)
Uhl, Alfred (1909-1992) (Austria)  Scherzo Capriccioso (1986) (bsn/pno)   Doblinger 
Ustvolskaya, Galina (1919-2006) (Russia)    Composition 3: "Benedictus qui venit" (4 fl/4 bsn/pno)  Sikorski 
Vaubourgoin, Marc (1907-1985) (France) Concerto (bsn/orch or pno) (1968)    Editions Musicales Transatlantiques 
Velden, Renier Van der (1910-1993) (Belgium)   Divertimento - 1957 (ob/cl/bsn)  Belgian Documentation Center for Contemporary Music (CeBeDeM) 
Vidal, Paul (1863-1931) (France)  Adagio et Saltarelle (1929) (bsn/pno)    Leduc 
Vienne, Bernard de (France) L'Ultima lettera (solo) Editions Henry Lemoine
Villa-Lobos, Heitor (1887-1959) (Brazil)  Ciranda das sete notas (bn/stgs or pno)  Bachianas Brasileiras No. 6 (fl/bn); Duo (ob/bn); Trio (ob/cl/bn); Quartet (ww4); Quintette en forme de chôros (ww5 w/ Eng horn or horn); other wind chamber  Mostly Eschig, but also Associated 
Vustin, Alexander (b. 1943) (Russia)  Weeping (solo); Music in 2 Parts (solo); To Flame (bsn/pno)    From composer or Lyman; Weeping recorded by Popov.
Wallmann, Johannes (b. 1952) (Germany)  rota für Fagott solo (1982)    DVM collection (see Dittrich) 
Ward-Steinman, David (1936) (USA)  Child's Play (1968) (bsn/prepared piano)    Highgate 
Warren, Frank (b. 1950) (USA)  Music, op. 28 (cbn/pno)    Bassoon Heritage Edition, now through the composer: 
Waterhouse, Graham (b. 1962) (England) Phoenix arising (2008) (bsn/pno) Mouvements d'harmonie (2 ob/ 2 cl/2 hn/ 2 bsn) Accolade (Phoenix arising), Gallo or from the composer:

Weait, Christopher (b. 1939) (Canada) Variations for Solo Bassoon; Lonely Island (solo); Canadian Music (bsn/pno)  Ten by Three (ob or cl/bsn/pno)  Harmuse, Bassoon Heritage Edition,

Weber, Alain (b. 1930) (France)  Palindromes (1967) (bsn/pno)    Leduc 
Weinberg, Mieczyslaw (1919-1996) (Poland, Russia)   Sonata, op. 133 (solo)    Works by Soviet Composers for Solo Bassoon, Vol. 1; Compiled by Valeri Popov; Sovetsky Kompozitor, 1985 
Weiner, Stanley (1925-1991)   Concerto, op. 21 (1969); Sonata op. 32 (1970) (bsn/pno); Suite op. 36 (1971) (bsn/pno)    MCA, Sikorski 
Weisberg, Arthur (b. 1931) (USA)  Duo (1984) (bsn/pno)    American Composers' Alliance 
Welcher, Dan (b. 1948) (USA) Concerto da Camera (1976) Listen Up (ww5) (1986);Mill Songs (ob/bsn) (1997); The Wind That Won't Listen (bsn/stg 4tet) (2002); Woodwind Quintet No. 1 (1967/72); Woodwind No. 2 (1977) Theodore Presser and Elkan Vogel (via Presser) "Wind" composed for Steven Dibner, based on a poem of Beth Gylys.
Welin, Karl-Erik (b. 1934) (Sweden)  Solo per fagotto (1983)    Swedish MIC 
Wellesz, Egon (1885-1974) (Austria)  Suite, op. 77 (1957) (solo)    Rongwen 
Wesby, Barbara (USA)    Scenes from the Apocalypse, A Ballet for English Horn, Bassoon and Piano  Dietz CD 
Wilder, Alec (1907-1980) (USA)  Air (bn/stgs or pno); Buffoonery solo); Bassooner-or-later (solo); Double Reed Goof off (solo); 3 Sonatas (bsn/pno); Small Suite for Bassoon and Piano; Suite for 4 bsns  12 duets (hn/bsn); 7 duets (hn/bsn); Moosacaglia (ob/bsn/hn); Phyllis McGinley Song Cycle (sop/bsn/hrp); Suites (2) for Clarinet, Bassoon and Piano; Suite for Oboe, Clarinet and Bassoon; Trio for Flute, Clarinet and Bassoon, at least 13 wind quintets  Margun Music 
Williams, John (b. 1932) (USA)  The Five Sacred Trees (Concerto for Bassoon and Orchestra)     Hal Leonard 
Witten, Dean (USA)     Composites (bsn/marimba)  Southern 
Woestijne, David van de (1915-1979) (Belgium)    Divertimento - 1941 (ob/cl/bsn)  Belgian Documentation Center for Contemporary Music (CeBeDeM) 
Wolf-Ferrari, Ermanno (1876-1948) (Italy)  Suite-Concertino in F, Op. 16 (1932) (bsn/stgs/2 hns or pno)    Ricordi 
Wolfgang, Gernot (b. 1957) (Austria, USA)  Continuum III - Fantasies for a Blue Bassoon (bsn solo with chamber orchestra); Moods in Blue (bsn, pno); Cadenzas for Mozart Bsn Cto KV 191  Impressions (cl, bsn, hn, vln, vla, vcl, db); Three Short Stories (vla, bsn); Trilogy (ob, bsn, pno); Duo for flute and bassoon #1 From Doblinger or directly from the composer 
Wright, Maurice (b. 1949) (USA)    Chamber Symphony (1977) (ww5); Winds of Change (1980) (ww5); Mozartian Constraint (1974) (sop/ fl/bsn/gtr/vla)  Mobart, American Composers' Alliance 
Wrochem, Johann Gottlob von (b. 1938) (Germany)  Theme and Variations after Franz Liszt (3 bsns and contra); Fagottquartett (1990)   Bläsertrio (ob/cl/bsn) (1982) Werner Feja/Bassoon Heritage Edition 
Wuorinen, Charles (b. 1938) (USA)    Bassoon Variations (1972) (bn/hp/timp)  Peters Edition 
Yates, Martin (England) Divertimento (ob/bsn/db) Broadbent & Dunn Ltd, London
Yun, Isang (1917-1995) (Korea)  Monolog (1983-84) (solo) Rondell (ww3); Trio (cl/bn/hn); Festlicher Tanz (ww5); Quintet (ww5); more  Bote and Bock 
Zanettovich, Daniele (b. 1950) (Italy)   Sonnerie (bsn/tpt); Airs de la renaissance espagnole (bsn/vcl) Leduc
Zannoni, Davide (Italy)  Sandro (solo) , No. 5 from The Book of Friends Music for a Wedding (ob/cl/hn/bsn) (2007); Quatro Quadn (ww5) From the composer at
Zograbian, Achot (b. 1945) (Armenia, France)    Chant Matinal (ww5)  Leduc; quintet depicts bird sounds 
Zwilich, Ellen Taaffe (b. 1939) (USA)  Concerto (bn/orch or pno/perc)    Merion Music