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Composer Solo or multiple bassoons, accompanied or not  Chamber Music  Publishers, Remarks 
Ranieri, Salvador (b. 1930) (Argentina)  Combinaciones: Sonatina (bsn/pno); Tres momentos (solo)    Obras Latinoamericans para Fagot, Colección Andrea Merenzon 
Raskatov, Alexander (b. 1953) (Russia)  Glossolali (solo)    Purchase copy from G.Schirmer Rental
Rattembach, Augusto (b. 1927) (Argentina)  Concierto con algo de Tango (bsn/stgs)    Obras Latinoamericans para Fagot, Colección Andrea Merenzon  
Reinhard, Johnny (b. 1956) (USA)  Dune (solo)    Almost entirely extended techniques. Available from composer only, New York, NY 
Reuchsel, Maurice (1880-1968) (France)  Syphax, op. 172 (pno)    Andrieu Frères 
Revueltas, Silvestre (1899-1940) (Mexico) Ocho Por Radio (cl, bsn, tpt, 2 vlns, vcl, db, perc) Peermusic
Richter de Vroe, Nicolaus (b. 1955) (Germany)  Neun Zeilen (1982/83) (solo)    DVM collection (see Dittrich) 
Ridout, Alan (1934-1996) (England)  Bassoon Concertino (bsn/pno or bsn/stgs); Bassoon Sonata (bsn/pno)    Emerson Edition 
Rodman, Michael (USA)  Duo Grosso e Piccolo (fl/picc/alt fl and bsn)   From composer or Lyman 
Rønnes, Robert (b.1959) (Norway)  3me Suite pour basson-seul (1988-89); 3 Pieces (1979) (bsn/hp); Trio (1979) (3 bsns); Tango and Waltz (1980) (4 bsns); Divertissement (1984) (bsn/accordion); La Stingas (1987) (bsn/stg4tet); 3 Suite (1989) (solo); Barna Palkos Kaffe-Tango (1989) (bsn/pno); "Min Tid": 12 Poems by Charles Racine Bergesen (1993) (narrator/bsn/pno); Baroque Sonata for Fagottino/Tenor-Bassoon or Bassoon and Cembalo (1994); Nocturne (1979) (bsn/pno); Timisoara: Sakral meditasjon over Romanias ofre 1989 (1990) (bsn/org); 4 Duos pour 2 contrebassons (1979)  6 Stylistic Contrasts for Flute, Clarinet and Bassoon (1979); Grand Trio Concertant: Trois Peintures de Odd Nerdrum pour Trois Solistes (1991) (ob/bsn/pno); Septour pour Basson, Contrebasse et Percussion (1993-94)  Norwegian Music Information Centre 
Rorem, Ned (b. 1923) (USA)    Winter Pages (1981-82) (cl/bsn/vln/vcl/pno)  Boosey & Hawkes 
Rosaryo, Antonio Messina  Liebesnacht, op. 204 (solo contra); Terra D'Oro Sicilia, op. 189a (3 bsns and contra)    Bassoon Heritage Edition/Werner Feja Verlag 
Roseman, Ronald (1933-2000) (USA)  Fantasy (bsn/pno)  Quintet (ww5); Renaissance Suite (ww5)  American Composers' Alliance 
Rosseau, Norbert (Belgium)    Trois jouets op. 53 - 1955 (ob/cl/bsn)  Belgian Documentation Center for Contemporary Music (CeBeDeM)
Roussel, Albert (1869-1937) (France)    Duo pour Basson et Contrebasse op. 30 (1925) Durand 
Rubin, Marcel (1905-1995) (Austria)  Concerto (bsn/orch)    Doblinger DO05 573 
Sadler, Helmut (b. 1921) (Germany) 3 Intermezzi (7 bsns and contra)    Werner Feja/Bassoon Heritage Edition 
Saeverud, Harald (1897-1992) (Norway)  Fagotto Concerto, op. 44 (1965/85-87)    Norwegian Music Information Centre 
Sagvik, Stellan (b. 1952) (Sweden)  Svensk (angermanländsk) concertino op. 114e (1982) (bsn/stg orch)    Swedish MIC 
Saint-Säens, Camille (1835-1921) (France)  Sonata, op. 168 (1921) (bsn/pno)    Durand 
Salazar, Rubén D. (Mexico, USA) Soliloquies II (1997) (solo)   Fine rhymtic and expressive solo work with Mexican popular influences. From Composer at
Saltzman, Peter (b. 1961) (USA)   Three Movements for Clarinet, Bassoon and Piano (1995)  From composer or on special order from Oxford University Press; good jazz-funk style 
Samuel, Gerhard (b. 1924) (Germany, USA)  Dirge for John Cage (1992) Bsn/perc    MMB Music 
Sandström, Sven-David (b. 1942) (Norway) Convergence (1973) (solo); Break this heavy chain that does freeze my bones around (1979) (2 bsns)    His website:

plus Hansen,  Norwegian Music Information Centre 

Sauget, Henri (1901-1989) (France) Un soir a Saint Émilion (bsn/pno)    Leduc; Recorded by Christopher Millard on Summit Records 
Sbordoni, Alessandro (b. 1948) (Italy)  Springs (solo)    Editions Salabert, Collection Alexandre Ouzounoff 
Scelsi, Giacinto (1905-1988) (Italy) Maknongan (1976) (solo bn or contra)    Salabert: out of print 
Schenker, Friedrich (b. 1942) (Germany) Solo I per fagotto come una musica di balletto (1982)    DVM collection (see Dittrich) 
Schickele, Peter (b. 1935) (USA) Summer Serenade (bsn/pno); Concerto for Bassoon; (As PDQ Bach: Concerto for Bsn vs. Orch; Sonata "Abassoonata") Dutch Suite in G (bsn/tuba)  Elkan-Vogel  
Schifrin, Lalo (b. 1932) (Argentina)    Woodwind Quintet "La Nouvlle Orleans" (1987)  MMB Music 
Schmalz, Peter (b. 1947) (USA)  Elegy (bsn/pno)  Achaen Dances (ww5); Four Horsemen of the Peptic Apocalypse (cl/bsn/pno)  Phoebus Publications, 1303 Faust Avenue, Oshkosh, WI 54901 
Schmidt, Christfried (b. 1932) (Germany) Solo für Fagott (1982)    DVM collection (see Dittrich) 
Schmit, Camille (1908-1976) (Belgium)   Trio - 1945 (ob/cl/bsn); Bulesques - 1946- 1965 (fl/ob/cl/bsn)  Belgian Documentation Center for Contemporary Music (CeBeDeM) 
Schnittke, Alfred (1934-1998) (Russia) Cadenzas (2) for Mzt. Concerto  Hymns #3 and #4 for chamber ensemble (vcl/db/bn/timp/bells/hpsch/harp)  Sikorski; Cadenzas in
"Neue Russische Musik für Fagott Solo"
Schoemaker, Maurice (1890-1964) (Belgium)  Concerto - 1947 (bsn/pno)  Suite champêtre - 1940 (ob/cl/bsn)  Belgian Documentation Center for Contemporary Music (CeBeDeM) 
Schoenberg, Arnold (1874-1951) (Austria)   Bläserquintett, op. 26  Belmont Music Publishers, PO Box 49961, Los Angeles, CA 90049; Score from Philharmonia; important in music history as first chamber work by Shoenberg to be composed entirely according to the newly-invented "12 tone" system  
Schollum, Robert (1913-1987)  Sonatina, op. 55/3; Sonatina, op. 57/3 (bsn/pno)    Doblinger 
Schulhoff, Erwin (1894-1942) (Czech) Bassnachtigall (solo contra)  Divertissement (ob/cl/bsn)  Emerson 
Schuller,Gunther (b. 1925) (USA) Concerto "Eine Kleine Fagottmusik"(bn/orch); Sextet (bn/pno quintet); Contra concerto  At least 2 ww quintets, Perpetuum Mobile (bsn/4 hns); lots of other mixed chamber music  Concerto from Schirmer, Sextet from Margun Music 
Schürmer, Aleks (b. 1981) (Canada) "this is what happens when i care..." (bsn/pno); berceuse/muzette (bsn/pno) Search through Nadina Mackie-Jackson site and cds
Schwantner, Joseph (b. 1943) (USA) Chronicon (bsn/pno)    Peters Edition 
Schwartz, Elliot (b. 1936) (USA) Aria No. 4 (bn/tape); Romance (pno); Reflections (5 bsns and contra); Phoenix (bsn/pno)  Chamber Concerto (bn/pno/stg4);  From composer, Bowdoin College, Brunswick, Maine 04011 
Scinto, Christopher (USA)  A Pair of Dancers (1997) (cl/bsn)  From composer or Lyman 
Senanes, Gabriel (Argentina?)  Aerofagot (solo); La enigmática historia de amor de Bauxita y Grafito (bsn/stg. 4tet)    Obras Latinoamericans para Fagot, Colección Andrea Merenzon 
Sesták, Zdenek (b. 1925) (Czech) 5 Virtuoso Inventions for Bassoon (solo)    Panton 
Shapiro, Alex (b. 1962) (USA) Of Breath and Touch (bsn/pno) (1999); Deep (cbn and CD) (2004) Evensong Suite (fl/cl/bsn/pno) (1999); Re:Pair (fl/bsn also 2 bsns) (2001); Desert Notes (ob/bsn/pno) (2001) Activist Music Publishing, available at
Shchetinsky, Alexander (b. 1960) (Ukraine) Lento pensieroso (solo) 

Quintet for flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon and horn (1985/87) (Duration 20 minutes, 4 mvts, free atonal and modal techniques);

Looking at the Sky for flute, bass clarinet or bassoon and piano (1991/2005) Duration: 7-10 minutes. Aleatoric meditative composition, all the instruments play independently. New techniques of playing the winds.  

Quintet for clarinet, bassoon, violin, cello and piano (1995/2011)
Duration: 22 minutes. 3 movements. Free atonal techniques.

From composer at; Extensive use of new techniques.
Sheng,Bright (China)  7 Short Yadhtrib Variations (solo)   From G. Schirmer rental; music based on "Happy Birthday" backwards 
Shimazu, Takehito (b. 1949) (Japan) Monodie B für Fagott solo (1982)    DVM collection (see Dittrich) Based upon practices in music of No Theater 
Shoot, Vladislav (b. 1941) (Russia) Solo per fagotto (1978); Romantic Messages (fl/bn/stgs/prepared piano)  Trio for bassoon, cello and percussion; Four Versions for bassoon and string quartet  Solo piece in both Sikorski and DVM collections 
Shore, Clare (b. 1954) (USA) Weltanschauung (solo); Sojourn (solo);   Cycle de Vie (bsn/stg 4tet) (1989); Les Soeurs (fl/bsn); Nightwatch (ww5) (1983); Sonata (cl/bsn) (1980); Previously Seesaw music, now E. C. Schirmer. See also
Skalkottas, Nikos (1904-1949) (Greece)  Sonata Concertante (bsn/pno)  Quartet #1; Tango; Foxtrot (both for ob/bn/trp/pno)  Margun Music, 167 Dudley Road, Newton Centre, MA 02159 
Skrowaczewski, Stanislav (1923)  Trio for Clarinet, Bassoon and Piano (1983-84)  Boelke-Bomart Publications; important trio by a major conductor/composer of this century 
Slavick´y, Milan (1947)  Drei Inventionen für Fagott solo (1982)    DVM collection (see Dittrich) 
Sleeper, Thomas (USA)  Concerto for Bassoon and Orchestra    From Composer: recorded by composer.
Slyck, Nicholas van (1922-1983) (USA)  Sonata (Fantasia Numerica) (solo)    General Music Company 
Smet, Raoul De (b. 1936) (Belgium) À la recherche de...III (solo bsn); Vijf Tensemas - 1973 (ob/c.a./cl/bsn); Trio-logie (fl/bsn/pno); Tensemas III (fl/cl/bsn); Muzikale Opdracht super thema Aug. Verbesselt (fl/vln/bsn/hpschd or ob/Enghn/bsn/hpschd); Zes Apocriefen (3 bsn/cbn); Khammsa 2 (wwq) "À la recherche de...III" and Vijf Tensemas available at The others from Belgian Documentation Center for Contemporary Music (CeBeDeM) 
Smirnov, Dmitri (b. 1948) (Russia) Sonata, op. 22 (bsn/pno)    Boosey & Hawkes Special collections.  Great example of integration of extended techniques into a standard form. Also try e-mail at
Smirnova, Tatiana (b. 1940) (Russia) Arabesques, op. 59, No. 1 (solo); Suite for bassoon and piano No. 1 (1963); Suite for bassoon and piano No. 2 (1970)    Popov collection (see Weinberg) 
Solal, Martial (b. 1927) (Algiers, France)  Seul contre tous (solo)    Éditions Salabert, Collection Alexandre Ouzounoff 
Sommerfeldt, Øistein (1919-1994) (Norway) Divertimento for Bassoon Solo, op. 25 (1972)    Norwegian Music Information Centre 
Sønstevold, Gunnar (1912-1991) (Norway)  Sonatina (1990) (bsn/pno); Concertino (1973) (bsn/band)  Concerto (1965) (fl/bsn/orch)  Norwegian Music Information Centre 
Sönstevold, Knut (b. 1945) (Sweden) Chewing Bassoon Burger (bsn/tape)    Swedish Music Information Society 
Sønstevold, Maj (b. 1917) (Norway) Fire Gjøglere for fagott solo (1983)    Norwegian Music Information Centre 
Souris, André (1890-1970) (Belgium)   Concert flamand - 1965, d'après sources de la Renaissance (fl/ob/cl/bsn)  Belgian Documentation Center for Contemporary Music (CeBeDeM) 
Spisak, Michal (1914-1965) (Poland) Concertino (bn/orch)  Duetto Concertante (bn/vla); Sonatina (ww3); Quartet (ob/2cl/bn); Quintet (ww5)  Ricordi 
Staeps, Hans Ulrich (1909-1988) (Austria?)  Contours (solo)    Doblinger DO05 505 
Stein, Leon (1910-2002) (USA) Sonata (1970) (solo)  Duo Concertante for Marimba and Basson  Music for Percussion, Inc., 170 N.E. 33rd Street, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33334 ; Also ACA
Steinke, Greg (b. 1942) (USA) Music for Bassoon and Orchestra (1967)  Atavism for Oboe, Bassoon and Wind Ensemble (1976)  From composer 
Steinmetz, John (b. 1951) (USA)  Sonata (bsn/pno); "Goodbye, Old Paint" a cowboy song for bsn and pno; Etude #5 "Streets of Laredo"; Three Etudes (solo bsn); Tango (solo bsn); Fish Phase (2 contra bassoons and goldfish)  Mixed Blessings (ob/bsn/vln/vcl/hpschd); Love Song (ob/bsn); Love Song (bsn/vcl); Quintet for Winds; Off the Deep End (cbsn/db/bass drum) 

Now available from Trevco Music

Stockhausen, Karlheinz (1928-2007) (Germany) In Freundschaft (solo)  Tierkreis (cl/bn/hn/orch); Zeitmasse No. 5 (ww5); Adieu (ww5)  Stockhausen Verlag, Teddy bear suit needed for In Freundschaft
Stöckigt, Michael (b. 1957)  Metamorphosen für Fagott solo (1980)    DVM collection (see Dittrich) 
Stover, Franklin (USA) Double Concerto (2010) for bassoon, contrabassoon and string orchestra (also available in piano reduction); Capriccio Borgogna (1999) for bassoon, strings and winds (Encore piece)   Seesaw Music (available 2011) for Double Concerto; Brazinmuzikanta (Iceland) for Capriccio Borgogna
Strauss, Richard (1864-1949) (Germany)  Duet-Concertino (1947) (cl/bn/stgs or pno)    Boosey and Hawkes 
Stravinsky, Igor (1882-1971) (Russia)   Pastorale (ob/eng/cl/bn); Octet; Septet; Histoire du Soldat; Pribaoutki (sop/vl/vcl/ob/cl/bn)  Mostly Boosey 
Sumarokov, Victor  Partita, Op. 7 (bsn/tape)    Bassoonist records second line for last movement. From G. Schirmer 
Svoboda, Tomas (b. 1939) (Czech, USA) Ballade, op. 35 (1961) (bsn/pno); Scherzo, op. 104 (1982)  Baroque Suite, op. 39 (1962) (bsn/hpsch/stg orch); Concerto, op. 111 (1983-97) (ww5); Six Fragments, op. 131 (1987) (ob/cl/bsn); Summer Trio, op. 159 (1997) (ob/cl/bsn); Trio for Flute, Oboe (Clarinet in C) and Bassoon, op. 97 (1992) Stangland or 
Swerts, Piet (b. 1960) (Belgium)  Badinerie - 1992  (bsn/pno); Rhapsodie (1991) (bsn/stg4)   Belgian Documentation Center for Contemporary Music (CeBeDeM)