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Composer Work Featuring Bassoon(s)  Chamber or Other Publisher 
Nabokov, Nicolas (1903-1978) (Belorus/USA) Sonata for Bassoon and Piano (1941)   Prairie Dawg Press
Naessén, Ray (1950-2004) (Sweden) Sonata divina (bsn/pno); In extasibus vigilibus, concerto for bassoon and strings; Concerto for bassoon and wind band; Acer campestre (4 bsns); Acer platanoides (3 bsns, cbsn); De dansande sylfiderna (6 bsns, 2 cbsns); Carpe diem (vla, bsn, pno); Duo Nr. III (vln, bsn); Swedish Music Information Centre
Nancarrow, Conlon (1912-1997) (USA, then Mexico)    Sarabande and Scherzo (ob/bsn/pno); Trio #2 for Oboe, Bassoon and Piano(1991)   Southern (Sarabande); Peters (#2) 
Näther, Gisbert (b 1948) (Germany)  Burleske (hpschd); 3 Pieces for 4 Young Bassoonists; Phantasmagorisrischer Tanz, op. 36 (10 bassoons and 2 contras!); 4 Aphorismen, op. 44 (7 bsns and contra); Two South-American Songs (1993) (sop/ob/3 bn/ cbn) Rechthaberei (fl/bsn)  Bassoon Heritage Edition/Werner Feja 
Neuwirth, Olga (b. 1968) (Austria) torsion (2003/2005) für Fagott solo   Boosey & Hawkes/Bote & Bock
Nelhybel, Vaclav (b. 1919) (Czech, USA)  Sonata da chiesa No. 3 Variations on "Our God Almighty" (bn/org); 3 Organa (4 bsns); Concerto Etudes (4 bsns)  3 Quintets (ww5)
Nicholson, Ralph (b. 1907)  Miniature Suite (cbn/pno)    Bassoon Heritage Edition 
Niculescu, Stefan (b. 1927) (Romania, France)  Monophonie (solo)    Editions Salabert 
Nielsen, Carl (1865-1931) (Denmark)    Serenata-Invano (cl/bsn/hn/vcl/db); Quintet (ww5)  Hansen (ww5), Masters Music (Serenata)
Nordensten, Frank Tveor (b. 1955) (Norway)  Four Studies for Bassoon Solo (1977)    Norwegian Music Information Centre 
Nussio, Otmar (1902-1990) (Switzerland)  Variazioni su un arietta di Pergolesi (bn/orch or pno)    Universal Edition 
Ollone, Max d' (1875-1959) (France)  Romance et Tarentelle (1928) (bsn/pno)   Evette 
Organn, Rob (1895-?)  Fantasia (1960) (solo)    Rebo 
O'Riordan, Kirk (USA)  Temptation (solo)    From composer or Lyman
Ortiz, Gabriela (Mexico) 100 watts (cl/bsn/pno) From the composer at
Osborne, Willson (1906-1979) (USA)  Rhapsody (solo)    The most popular unaccompanied solo piece for bassoon; Peters Edition 
Ott, David (b. 1947) (USA)    Sabado (WW5)  MMB Music 
Ouzounoff, Alexandre (France) NAIROBI, la nuit (bsn/perc); Attendre, Savoir attendre... (bsn/harp)   Éditions Salabert EAS 19727 (1999 Pièce de concours, CNSMP); Harposphère (for "Attendre")
Palider, Alan (b. 1959) (USA)  The Narwhal, op. 11 (cbn/pno)    Jeanne , Inc.
Panufnik, Andrzej (1914-1991) (Poland)  Concerto (bn/orch or pno)    Boosey 
Pardo, Julio  Gran Tango (bsn/orch); "Cauchemar" (Pesadilla) (bsn/pno)    Obras Latinoamericans para Fagot, Colección Andrea Merenzon 
Pavlenko, Sergei (b. 1952) (Russia)  4 Pieces (bsn/pno); In Denisov's Mimicry (bsn/pno)    From Lyman 
Pedro, Roque de (b. 1935) (Argentina)  "Dos Danzas Argentinas", Zamba y Chacarera (bsn/pno); Contratangot (cbn/stgs)    Obras Latinoamericans para Fagot, Colección Andrea Merenzon 
Perle, George (b. 1915) (USA)  3 Inventions (solo)  Quintets (at least 4) (ww5)  Theodore Presser 
Persichetti, Vincent (1915-1987) (USA)  Parable IV, op. 110 (solo)  Pastorale, op. 21 (ww5); Serenade No. 1 for ten wind instruments  Elkan-Vogel 
Petit, Jean-Louis (France) Litanie, Voci (bsn/pno); Grotesque (bsn/pno); Les Paradis se rencontrent, ils ne se fabriquent pas (concertino for bsn with orchestra of mandolins and bass); Ode à Marie (bsn/organ); Retour I (bsn/pno); La Queue du diable (bsn solo, vln/cl/trp/trb/perc); Athane (cl/bsn/horn/pno); Le Rossignol vert (fl/cl/bsn); Pénélope (4 bsns); Sonatine for bsn and harp; Étéocle I (fl/bsn/hp); Étéocle II (fl/bsn/pno); Retour II (ob/cl/bsn); Le Trait des séleucides (3 bsns);
Petit, Pierre (1922-2000) (France)  Thème et Variations (1976) (solo)    Eschig; only unaccompanied piece ever used in Paris bassoon concours 
Philippot, Michel (b. 1925) (France)  Composition pour basson et piano (1986)   Salabert; Pièce de concours of Paris Conservatoire, 1986(?)
Phillips, Burrill (1907-1988) (USA)  Concertpiece "American Dance" (bn/stgs or bn/band or bn/pno)  various wind chamber pieces  Published now by Eastman School of Music, formerly by Carl Fischer 
Phillips, Mark    Shadow Play (1992) fl/ob/bsn MMB Music 
Piazzolla, Astor (1921-1992) (Argentina)  Novitango (bsn/pno); Serie del Angel (bsn/stg 5tet); La muerte del Angel (bsn/pno)    Obras Latinoamericans para Fagot, Colección Andrea Merenzon 
Pichaureau, Claude (b. 1940) (France) Nymphea-Lotus (bsn/pno)    Éditions Choudens
Pitfield, Thomas (1903-1999) (England)    Trio (ob/bn/pno)  Nice quirky trio, less difficult than Poulenc; Augener, London (Out of print, available through inter-library loan) 
Plagge, Wolfgang (b. 1960) (Norway)  Sonata, op. 43 (bsn/pno); Sonata II, op. 74 (1993) (bsn/pno)  Asteroids: Trio for Clarinet, Bassoon and Piano, op. 32 (1987)  Norwegian Music Information Centre 
Pollock, Robert E. (b. 1946) (USA)  Three Short Pieces (bsn/prepared pno)    Association for the Promotion of New Music 
Poot, Marcel (1901-1988) (Belgium)    Petite marche de fête - 1938 (fl/ob/cl/bsn); Musique - 1964 (fl/ob/cl/bsn)  Belgian Documentation Center for Contemporary Music (CeBeDeM)
Poulenc, Francis (1899-1963) (France)  Trio (ob/bn/pno); Sonata (cl/bn) Sextour (1932, rev. 1939) WW5/pno  Hansen; Sextet by MMB Music 
Powning, Graham (b. 1949) (Australia)  Sonata (2 bsns); The Taciturn Troglodyte (1976) (bsn/pno); Divertimento (3bsns)   Werner Feja/Bassoon Heritage Edition 
Präsent, Gerhard (Austria)  Solo for a Woodwind Player 1979/95 Version for Solo Bassoon; "Erödiana (Capriccio Erödico)" (bsn or vcl and pno) (XXXII:1996) dur. 2´20 [Dedicated to Prof.Iván Eröd and his 60th anniversary]   Doblinger 05 577 for Solo, or PRAESENT Publications
BS 58, A-8063 Eggersdorf, Austria
Tel+Fax: +43 3117 2025 
Presser, William (1916-2004) (USA)  Suite (1966) (solo); Partita (1967) (solo); Tenuto (1967) (solo)    Presser 
Quinet, Marcel (1915-1986) (Belgium)    Trio - 1967 (ob/cl/bsn); Quator - 1964 (fl/ob/cl/bsn); Concertino - 1960 (ob/cl/bsn/pno)  Belgian Documentation Center for Contemporary Music (CeBeDeM)