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Composer   Bassoon solo piece (or mainly bassoons)  Other works with bassoon   Publisher,Remarks 
Karlsen, Kjell Mørk (b. 1947) (Norway)  Choral Sonata #2, op. 13, #2 (1971) Aus tiefer Not schrei ich zu dir (bsn/org)    Norwegian Music Information Centre 
Kasparov, Yuri (b. 1955) (Russia, Armenia)  Sonata-Infernale (solo); 12 Samples of Interrelations Between Bassoon, 8 Double-Basses and 8 Timpani; Concerto for Bassoon and Orchestra (1996); Over Eternal Peace (bsn and 14 players)  Chaconne for Bassoon, Cello and Electronic Sound; Goat's Song for Bassoon, Double Bass and Percussion  Available from Lyman 
Katzer, Georg (b. 1935)  Pezzo per fagotto (1982) (solo)    DVM collection (see Dittrich) 
Kay, Ulysses (1917-1995) (USA) Sonata for Bassoon and Piano (1941)   Prairie Dawg Press
Keller, Ginette (b. 1925) (France)  Ebauches (1973) (bsn/pno)    Only Paris Conservatoire Contest piece composed prior to 1990 with extended techniques; Editions Musicales Transatlantiques 
Kerry, Gordon (b. 1961) (Australia) On the Summer Map of Starts (bsn/pno) Australian Music Centre or
Kershner, Brian (USA) Aftermath (2003) (bsn/pno); Portraits (2000) (bsn/orch); American Songs (1996) (bsn, tenor, orch); Sonata (1989) (bsn/pno) Envelopes (2007) (cl/bsn/pno); Alliterations (03, rev. 07) (bsn/marimba); Duo Fantasia (1999) (bsn/perc); Emily Dickinson Songs (1993) (soprano, ob, bsn); Suite Hommage (1990) (ww5) Some from Roncorp, others from Bocal Music, others from the composer at or his site
Kersters, Willem (b. 1929) (Belgium)    Aveniana op. 75 - 1984 (ob/cl/bsn); Variations op. 49 - 1969 (fl/ob/cl/bsn) Belgian Documentation Center for Contemporary Music
Kielland, Olav (1901-1985) (Norway)  Elegie (bsn/pno)    Norwegian Music Information Centre
Kievman, Carson (b. 1949) (USA)  Concerto for Bassoon and Percussion Ensemble (1974-76) (bsn, fire alarm system)    Originally Associated, now available from Intelligent Company Publishers or through the composer's website at
Kleiberg, Stale (b. 1958) (Norway)  Understrømmer (1986) (bsn/orch)    Norwegian Music Information Centre 
Kleinsasser, William    Of an Expanding Notion (1989) ob/bsn/tpt/tbn vibes/vln/vcl  MMB Music
Kobekin, V. (Russia)  Triptych (solo)    Popov collection (see Weinberg) 
Koechlin, Charles (1867-1950) (France)  Sonate, op. 71 (bsn/pno); Silhouettes de comédie, op. 193 (bsn/pno); 3 Pieces, op. 34 (bsn/pno)  4 Little Pieces (cl/bn); Trio (fl/cl/bn); Trois Pièces, op. 34bis (fl/bsn/pno); more chamber   Billaudot, Eschig
Koch, Erland von (b. 1910) (Sweden)  Monolog 5 (solo)  Quattro tempi (ww5)   Gerhmans 
Kont, Paul (b. 1920)  Duo (2 bsns)    Doblinger DO05 511 
Kramer, Jonathan    One for Five in Seven, Mostly (1971) (WW5)  MMB Music 
Krasilnikov, I. (Russia)  Polyphonic Suite (solo)    Popov collection (see Weinberg) 
Krätzschmar, Wilfried (b. 1944)  Solitude I für fagott solo (1980)    DVM collection (see Dittrich) 
Krivitsky, D. (Russia)  Two Concert Pieces (1982) (solo)    Popov collection (see Weinberg) 
Kvam, Oddvar S. (b. 1927) (Norway)  Monofoni for fagott: Fra 5 monofonier for blasekvintett, op. 43 (1977)    Norwegian Music Information Centre 
Kvandal, Johan (b. 1919) (Norway)  Legende Op. 61B (bsn/pno)    Nice "encore" piece. Norsk Musikverlag/Hansen  
Lancen, Serge (b. 1922) (France)  Sonatine (1983) (bsn/pno)    Billaudot 
Lang, David (b. 1957) (USA)  Press Release (solo)    Funk/rock style in an unaccompanied, quasi-minimalist solo piece; Published by Novello 
La Presle, Jacques de (1888-1969) (France)  Petite Suite en Fa (1944)    Leduc 
Larsen, Libby (b. 1950) (USA)  Jazz Variations (solo)    E.C. Schirmer 
Larsson, Lars-Erik (1908-1986)  Concertino, Op. 45, #4     Gehrmans 
Lavista, Mario (Mexico)  Responsorio in memoriam Rodolfo Halffter (1988) (bsn/perc)  Las Músicas Dormidas (1990) (cl/bsn/pno); Antifonia (1974) (fl/2bsns/2perc); Octeto (2 ob/2 cl/2 bsns/2 hns)

Responsorio: Ediciones Mexicanas de Música, Avenida Juárez 18, desp. 206, 06050, México, d.f.

Las Músicas Dormidas: from composer through the Ed. Mex. de Mús. address

Antifonia: rental from Peer International 

LeBaron, Anne (USA)  After a Damnit to Hell (1982) solo bsn    MMB Music 
Ledger, James (b. 1966) (Australia) Liberty. Equality. Karaoke. (2001) (bsn, compact disc) Australian Music Centre
Leduc, Jacques (b. 1932) (Belgium)  Trois bagatelles op. 61 - 1978 (solo)    Belgian Documentation Center for Contemporary Music
Legley, Vic (b. 1915) (Belgium)    Trio op. 11 - 1942 (ob/cl/bsn)  Belgian Documentation Center for Contemporary Music
Leidel, Wolf-G. (b. 1949) (Germany)  Drei Aperçus für Fagott, op. 197 Nr. 1 (solo)    DVM collection (see Dittrich) 
Leitermeyer, Fritz (b. 1925)  Monologue, op. 64 (solo)    Doblinger DO05 503  
León, Tania (Cuba) entre nos (cl/bsn/pno) Peermusic International and the composer's website:

Lennon, John Anthony (USA) Serpent II (sop sax, bsn, harp) (2008) Fatrockink, Los Angeles
Lenot, Jacques (France)  L'ange (au sourire...) (1982) (bsn solo)   Salabert (EAS 17611)
Lerstad, Terje (b. 1955) (Norway)  Sonate for Fagot og Klaver op. 192; Sonata for Bsn and Pno, #2, op. 192 (1989); Bassoon Solo op. 136 (1980) (solo); Polyphemos Song, op. 35 (1982) (solo contra); Sonata, op. 113 (1977) (contra and piano); Concerto for Contrabassoon and Ch. Orch., Op. 113A (1977); Scherzo, op. 60B for Bassoon and Winds (1975/85); Wachet auf: Chorale Variations on M. Praetorius and J.S. Bach for 3 bsns, op. 143D (1989)  Many chamber works with winds, also many works with contra and for contra solo  Bassoon sonata and some others available from Norsk Musikinvormation Society; contra pieces also available from Bassoon Heritage Edition 
Levit, V. (Russia)  Sonatina (solo)    Popov collection (see Weinberg) 
Lewis, Robert Hall (b. 1926)  Monophony No. 4 (solo)    Doblinger DO05 502  
Lieuwen, Peter    Savannah (WW5)  MMB Music 
Ligeti, György (1923-200?) (Hungary)  Zehn Stücke für Bläserquintett (1968); Sechs Bagatellen für Bläserquintett    Schott 
Longo, Alessandro (1864-1945) (Italy)  Suite, op. 69 (1915) (bsn/pno)    Bassoon Heritage Edition, very nice, lyrical work; catalog description is as follows: "This unique and outstanding work successfully combines Germanic compositional style with Italian Lyricism." 
Lorenz, Ricardo    L'Histoire Tropical (1985) narr, cl, bsn, tpt, tbn, perc, vln, bass (opt dancer)  MMB Music 
Lottridge, Richard (USA)  Jazz Piece (bsn/pno)    Jack Spratt 
Louel, Jean (b. 1914) (Belgium)  Burlesque - 1943 (bsn/pno)    Belgian Documentation Center for Contemporary Music
Lunde, Ivar Jr. (b. 1944) (USA)   Sonata for Bsn and Pno, op. 78 (1982)  Psilocybin for Clarinet, Bassoon and Piano; Cobadinaas: Concert Piece for Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon and Band, op. 77 (1982)  Skyline Publications, 140 Skyline Drive, Eau Claire, WI 54703  
Luke, Ray (b. 1928) (USA)  Concerto (orch or bsn/pno)    Oxford University Press 
Lussier, Mathieu (Canada) Le Rêve de l'Opritchnik (bsn/pno) (2003) Éditions Soave
Lysight, Michel (1958) 

Reflexion (1982) bsn/pno (Billaudot)

Soleil bleu (1989) bsn/pno (Andel, Oostende)

Trois Croquis (1990) bsn/pno or bsn/stg orch (Van Kerckhoven)

Thrène - (1995) bsn/pno 

De part et d'autre (1995) bsn/instr. ad lib (Van Kerckhoven)

Chronographie III (1996) 1 instr./bsn/pno (Van Kerckhoven)

Labyrinthes (1997) bsn solo (Van Kerckhoven)

Quatrain - 1987 (fl/ob/cl/bsn) 

Chronographie I (1990) ww5 (Van Kerckhoven)

Sextour (1990) ww5/pno (Van Kerckhoven)

Triacle (1991, rev. 1999) ob/cl/bsn

As listed by works, also from : Alain Van Kerckhoven Editeur

avenue Broustin, 110

1083 Brussels - Belgium (This site is for "New Consonant Music")

Madsen, Trygve (b. 1940)  Sonate for Bassoon and Piano, Op. 25    Musikk-Husets Forlag A/S Oslo  
Manen, Christian (b. 1934) (France)  Les Enchantements de Circé, Récit d'Ulysse, op. 96 (1975) (bsn/pno)    Pièce de concours, Paris Conservatoire; Choudens 
Marescotti, André-François Giboulées (bsn solo, orchestra) Editions Jobert
Margoni, Alain (b. 1934) (France)  Après une lecture de Dreiser (1969) (bsn/pno)    Concours piece, Paris Conservatoire; Leduc 
Maros, Miklós (b. 1943)  Manipulation I (1976) (solo with sequencer, ringmodulator, echo, shifter, more); Air (1973) (solo)    DVM collection (see Dittrich)

Norwegian MIC 

Márquez, Arturo (Mexico) Danza de Mediodía (ww5); Octeto Malandro (fl, sop sax, English horn, bsn, vla, perc, pno, db) Octeto by Peermusic Classical; Danza by Obras Latinoamericans para Fagot, Colección Andrea Merenzon
Martelli, Henri (1895-1980)  Thème Varié 74 (1950) (bsn/pno)    Eschig 
Martinu, Bohuslav (1890-1959) (Czech)  Sinfonia Concertante (vln/vcl/ob/bsn); Trio (fl/bn/vl); Sextet (fl/ob/cl/2 bsns/pno); Quintet (ww5); Nonet (ww5, stg 4); La Revue de Cuisine (cl/bn/tp/pf/vl/vc); 4 madrigals (ob/cl/bn)    Mostly Boosey and Hawkes 
Matz, Arnold (b.1904) (Germany)  Sonatine (bsn/pno)    One of the principal contributors to the six volume series of tutors by Werner Seltmann and Günther Angerhöfer Das Fagott, published by Breitkopf. This Sonatine by Hofmeister  
Maugüé, Jules (1869-?)  Divertissements Champes (1949) (bsn/pno)    Costallat 
Maxwell Davies, Peter (Scotland)  Strathclyde Concerto No. 8 for Bassoon and Orchestra    Chester/Novello Music 
McAlister, Clark (b. 1946)  Bären (Bears) (4 bsns)  Bottom's Dream (contra and winds)   Kalmus 
McCarthy, Daniel (USA)  Chamber Symphony No. 2 for Bassoon and Winds (2002)   McClaren Publications, a division of C. Alan Publications
McElligott, Brady (b. 1957) Sonata for Bassoon and Piano (1982); Suite for Two Bassoons and Piano (1996)   From the composer
McKay, George Frederick (1899-1970) (USA)   American Street Scenes (1935) for Bb clarinet, Eb alto saxophone, Bb trumpet, bassoon and piano Prairie Dawg Press
McTee, Cindy (USA)  Circle Music III (1988) bsn/pno    MMB Music 
Medaglia, Julio (Brazil) Choro em Berlin (ww5) Verlag Neue Musik Berlin
Méfano, Paul (France) Scintillante (1995) (bsn/sampler)  
Éditions Musicales Européenes
127, rue Amelot
75011 PARIS
Meijering, Chiel (b. 1954) (Netherlands)  Betty Boop (bsn/pno); "I can't get no satisfaction" (bsn/pno); All
Muscles and Teeth (bsn/pno); "Stretch your petticoat" for bsn solo and string quintet, "Rose-fingered-dawn at Louse-point" (Same as 'Stretch' etc.) after the title of a painting of 'De Kooning'; "Milky slicks" for 4 bassoons; "Nocturnal Residents" for 2 bassoons; "Neo-Geo" Concert for Bassoon and orchestra
  Very bizarre, very difficult and very rewarding pieces. Worth trying to figure out and perform. I highly recommend "I can't get no satisfaction." Most published by Donemus 
Meister, Scott R. (b. 1950) (USA)   für Spielen (solo, with percussion); Fantasmi (solo)    Spectrum Music 
Mellnäs, Arne (b, 1933)  Soliloquium IV (1976) (solo with optional electronic alterations)    DVM collection (see Dittrich) 
Meulemans, Arthur (1884-1966) (Belgium)  Rhapsodie - 1942 (bsn/pno)  2nd Trio - 1960 (ob/cl/bsn); Quatuor - 1962 (fl/ob/cl/bsn)  Belgian Documentation Center for Contemporary Music 
Meyer, James (USA)    Four Short Pieces for Diverse 1973 (tpt, pno, bsn); Woodwind Quintet  MMB Music 
Meyers, Robert (USA)    Three Inventions (alto sax/bsn)  Great duet; Seesaw Music 
Middeleer, Jean De (b. 1908) (Belgium)  Recitativo e allegro - 1970 (bsn/pno)    Belgian Documentation Center for Contemporary Music
Miereanu, Costin (France) Solo IV Rythmodies (bsn/amplified) Salabert
Mignone, Francisco (1897-1987) (Brazil)  Concertino (bn/stgs); 16 Valzas (solo); 2 Sonatas (2 bsns); 4 Pecas Brasileiras (4 bsns); Tetrafonia (4 bsns)  2 Trios (ww3); Urutau (fl/cl/bn/pf); 2 Quintets (ww5); Sextet (ww4/tp/pf)  Publishers of Mignone's music have changed frequently over the years. First available from Funarte, then from Brazilian Music Enterprises, now search "Harry Searing" on the net to find the newest editions.
Mihalovici, Marcel (1898-1985) (Romania/France)  Sonata (bsn/pno); Novelette (bsn/pno)    Leduc 
Milhaud, Darius (France) La Cheminée du Roi René (1942?) (ww5); Suite d’après Corrette, Op. 161 (1937) (ob/cl/bsn) Various publishers, including Southern, Éditions de l'Oiseau-Lyre, Masters Music, etc.
Mockert, Jorge (Argentina) Suite Argentina para jugar con Andrea (bsn/pno) Obras Latinoamericans para Fagot, Colección Andrea Merenzon
Montero, Claudia  Sueños Azules (bsn/stgs)    Obras Latinoamericans para Fagot, Colección Andrea Merenzon 
Montes de Oca, Ramón (1953-2006) (Mexico)  Laberinto de Espejos (1990) (solo bsn) Rumor de follaje (1991) clarinet, bsn, pno Ediciones Mexicanas de Música, Avenida Juárez 18, desp. 206, 06050, México, d.f.
Moravec, Paul (USA) Andy Warhol Sez (bsn, pno)
Morawetz, Oskar (b. 1917) (Canada)  Sonata (bsn/pno)    Jaymar (out of print, search other publishers on-line, as hopefully this will be reissued by another house)  
Mores, Mariano     El Firulete (ob/bsn)  Obras Latinoamericans para Fagot, Colección Andrea Merenzon 
Morricone, Ennio (Italy)  Totem secondo (5 bsns and 2 cbsns) (1981)   Edizioni Suvini Zerboni
Mortensen, Finn (1922-1983) (Norway)  Fantasy for Bassoon Solo, op. 16 (1959)    Norwegian Music Information Centre  
Morthenson, Jan W. (b. 1940) (Sweden)  Unisono. Duo (1975) (bsn/pno/cemb/harp)    Edition Reimers 
Müller-Steinbach, Wolfgang (b. 1945)  Nachtstücke 2 (2 bsns and contra)    Bassoon Heritage Edition 
Muradian, Vazgen (b. 1921)   Contrabassoon Concerto, op. 86 (cbn/pno)    Bassoon Heritage Edition