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Over the years I've collected quite a large library of contemporary bassoon music for performance and study. Because I enjoy playing and finding new music, I'm often asked for suggestions on where or how to locate new music for and with bassoon. Here are my answers, collected into tables arranged by the composers' last names.

I have not always been able to find publisher information on the works, or to keep the links for the publishers up to date. If you have information that does not appear by an entry, by all means let me know. The same goes for works that should appear here and do not. I'd be glad to continue to expand this table. The entries were compiled from my personal library, from composers themselves, publisher catalogs, music information centers, recordings and the Bassoon Bibliography by Bodo Koenigsbeck.

This table does not include etude books or other pedagogical materials. To enter the tables, click on the letter of the composer's last name in the menu above.

I have included the country of origin of each composer, to the best of my ability, for those bassoonists looking to search by nationality. As you load each page, simply search by the name of the country, and your entries should come up easily.