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Composer   Bassoon solo piece (or mainly bassoons)  Chamber music with bassoon   Publisher,Remarks 
Hakenberg, Stefan (b. 1960) Days (10 short pieces for bass cl and bsn) (1996); Wild Landscape and Underbrush (ww5) (2000); Oder River Image (mezzo sop, vln, vla, vcl, fl, cl, bsn, pno) (2001) Composer web site:

Publisher: TONOS at

Wild Landscape and Underbrush recorded on Capstone label

Hamlin, Peter    Kaleidoscope 1990 (WW5)  MMB Music 
Hänchen, Dieter (Germany)   Zeitgenössische Musik für Fagott solo    VEB Deutscher Verlag für Musik  
Hanmer, Ronald (b. 1917)  Bassoon Bagatelles (bsn/pno)    Emerson Edition 
Hanson, Paul (USA)  Technique Studies for Jazz Bassoon Improvisation  

From the composer at

I realize that I don't list methods in these tables, but as this is such a unique book in our bassoon repertory, I wanted to make special note of it here.

Hartley, Geoffrey (b. 1906) (England)  Four Miniatures (4 bsns); Round the Mulberry Bush (3 bsns); Suite for 3 Bassoons; Fantasia on a British Tea Song (4 bsns)     Emerson Edition 
Hartmann, Erich (b. 1920)  Quintet for bassoons (5th doubles contra)    Bassoon Heritage Edition 
Hartzell, Eugene (b. 1932)   Divertimento (Monologue #3) (solo)    Doblinger DO05 501  
Hatch, Donald (Earl?) (b. 1919)    Pliatan (Echoes of the Gamelan) (bn/3 marimbas/ 2 vibes)   Publisher info not clear: Parts list "North Hollywood, CA, Earl Hatch Publisher, also IPRL, International Percussion Resource Library. "Marimbas Unlimited" on parts.
Hedwall, Lennart (b. 1932) (Sweden)   Sonata (1977) (solo)    Swedish MIC 
Heiden, Bernard (b. 1910) (USA)  Serenade (1955) (bsn/vln/vla/vc); Concerto (1990) bsn/orch    Associated, MMB Music 
Heininen, Paavo (Finland) Gymel op. 39 (1984) (bsn/tape) Suomalaisen Musiikin Tiedotuskeskus (Finnish Music Information Center)
Hekster, Walter (b. 1937) (USA)   Beyond a Dark Wood for Bassoon-solo and String Quartet (1993); Mountain Shadows (contra and percussion-1 player); Andante & Scherzino (4 bsns)     Bassoon Heritage Edition 
Herchet, Jörg (b. 1943)  Komposition für fagott solo (1982)    DVM collection (see Dittrich) 
Hersant, Philippe (b. 1948) (France)  Hopi (solo); Hopi pour basson solo (système Heckel); Niggun (solo); 8 Pièces pour basson et ensemble (bsn/cl/trb/vln/vla/vcl/cb/pno)  Huit Duos (vla/bsn)  Durand 
Hess, Willy (b. 1912)  Quintet, op. 63 (bsn/stg4)  Sonata in C minor, op. 78 (vla/bsn)  Amadeus 
Hesselberg, Eyvind (1898-1986) (Norway)  Scherzino for Bsn and Orch/Band    Norwegian Music Information Centre 
Hétu, Jacques (Canada)  Élégie (1979/99) (bsn/pno)   Éditions Doberman-Yppan
Hindemith, Paul (1895-1963) (Germany)  Sonata (1938) (bsn/pno); Concerto for Bassoon and Trumpet  Kleine Kammermusik, op. 22 (ww5); tons of other chamber music  Schott 
Hines, Edward J.  Yeni Makam I (1989) (solo)    IDRS 
Holliger, Heinz (Germany) Three Pieces for Bassoon Solo (solo)   Schott
Hope, Peter (b. 1930) (England) Concertino for bassoon and orchestra Emerson Edition 395a
Hoover, Katherine (USA)  Aria (1982) (bsn/pno); Sinfonia (1976) (4 bsns) Qwindtet (1987) (ww5) Papagena Press, Box 20484 Park West Station, New York NY 10025-1514
Hovhaness, Alan (1911-2000) (USA)  Sonata for 2 bassoons; other chamber music    Peer/Southern; chamber music from Peters Edition  
Hudry, David (France) Impromptu pour un monodrame (bsn, electronics)   From the composer
Hughes, Eric (b. 1924) (England)  Six Low Solos (bsn/pno)    Emerson Edition 
Hurd, Kent (USA)  Excursions (3 bsns)    Available from the composer or from Lyman 
Hurlstone, William (1876-1906) (England)  Bassoon Sonata in F (bsn/pno)    Emerson Edition (Not sure if this falls chronologically within the 20th century)  
Hurnik, Lukás (Czech) Fusion Music (ob/cl/bsn/pno) Editio Bärenreiter Praha H 7863
Hvoslef, Ketil (b. 1939) (Norway)   Duetti per fagotti (1966)    Norwegian Music Information Centre  
Ibert, Jacques (1890-1962) (France)  Carignane (bsn/pno); cadenzas for Mozart Cto., K191 (solo)  Several works for wind chamber ensembles  Leduc, International  
Izarra, Adina (Venezuela) Retratos de Macondo (cl/bsn/pno) From the composer at
Jacob, Gordon (1895-1984) (England)  Concerto (bn/stgs/perc or bn/band/perc); Partita (solo); 4 Sketches (bsn/pno)  Many works for small ensembles  Boosey, Musica Rara, others 
Jacopucci, Alberto Traiettoria (bsn solo) Single movement solo work, composed 1999, extensive use of contemporary techniques. Unpublished, available from the composer at
Jansen, Peter (b. 1921)  Drei Stücke (4 bsns and contra)    Bassoon Heritage Edition 
Jeanjean, Paul (1875-1929) (France)  Prélude et Scherzo (bsn/pno)    Paris Conservatoire Concours piece; now available from Masters Music 
Johanson, Sven-Eric (b. 1919) (Sweden)  Hans fagott (1973) (solo)    Swedish MIC 
Jolivet, André (1905-1974) (France)  Concerto (1951) (bn/hp/pno/stgs)  Sonatina (ob/bn); Pastorales de Noel (fl/bn/hp); Sérenade (ww5 with oboe princ.)  Concerto pub. by Heugel; Sonatina by Boosey. Some now available in the US through Masters Music Publications, Inc.
Jones, Robert C. Three Pieces for Bassoon and Piano (1991): I. Passacaglia II. Evening Song III. Scherzo and Crooked Dance    MMB Music 
Jong, Marinus de (1891-1984) (Belgium)    Trio op. 126 - 1961 (ob/cl/bsn)  Belgian Center for Music Documentation  
Joubert, John (b. 1927) (South Africa,later United Kingdom) Bassoon Concerto, Op. 77 (1974)

Find the concerto at Chester/Novello.

Jung, Helge (b. 1943)  Giuoco a quattro (3 bsns and contra)    Werner Feja/Bassoon Heritage Edition