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Bassoon solo piece, or multiple bassoons 

Chamber music 

Publisher, remarks 

Ebenhöh, Horst (b. 1930) (Austria) 

Sonatine op. 47/4 (solo) 


Good for starting someone in this idiom (solo, non-tonal.) Published by Doblinger (DO05 504) 

Eckardt-Gramatté, Sofie Carmen (1902-1974) (Canada) 

Concerto for Bassoon and Orchestra 


Canadian composer, score available from the Canadian Music Centre, 20 St. Joseph Street, Toronto, ON, M4Y 1J9. New edition available from Really Good Music.

Eder, Helmut (b. 1916) (Austria?) 

Concerto, op. 49; Sonatina op. 34/3 (bsn/pno



Elgar, Edward (1857-1934) (England) 

Romance (1909) (bsn/pno or orch) 



Eliasson, Anders (b. 1947) (Sweden) 

Concerto (1982) (bsn/stgs) 


Inhumanly difficult, insane and wonderful concerto. Recorded by Knut Sønstevold. Pub by Reimers  

Elkus, Jonathan 

Triptych (mezzo sop and bassoon quartet) 

Five Sketches (1954) 2 cl and bsn

MMB Music 

Enríquez, Manuel (Mexico) 

De Acuerdo (bsn/pno)


Música de Concierto de México (+52) 5604-858; from Susana Enríquez, also S.A.C.M. (Society of Authors and Composers of Mexico)

Erb, Donald (b. 1927) (USA) 

Contrabassoon concerto; 5 Red Hot Duets (2 contras); Illawarra music : Between the mountains and the sea : for bassoon, piano, and page turner 


Presser (Duets); Merion (Illawarra

Erbse, Heimo (b. 1924) 

Four Lyric Pieces, op. 39a (bsn/pno



Eröd, Iván (b. 1936) (Austria, Hungary) 

Sonate ("Sonata Milanese"), op. 47 (bsn/pno) 


Dedicated to Turkovic, hence the title. Similar in idiom and style to Hindemith. Pub by Doblinger  

Eshima, Shinji

Krapp's Endgame (2009) for bassoon, string quartet and optional Buddhist monk



Etler, Alvin (1913-1973) (USA) 

Sonata (bsn/pno) 

2 quintets (ww5); Quartet (ob/cl/bsn/ vla); Fragments (ww4); Concerto (ww5/vln); Concerto (ww5/orch)  

Associated Music Publishers or G. Schirmer 

Evensen, Bernt Kasberg (b. 1944) (Norway) 

Twilight for Bassoon and Piano (1988) 


Norwegian Music Information Centre 

Ewazen, Eric (USA)

Concerto for Bassoon and Wind Ensemble

Southern Music Company

Eyser, Eberhard (b. 1932) (Sweden) 

Sonata (1973) (solo); Fasonett (1981) (bsn/pno or stg5) 


Swedish Music Info Center 

Faith, Richard (USA) 

Suite for Bassoon and Piano 


Recorded on Dietz CD, pub. by Seesaw Music 

Farago, Marcel (b. 1924) (USA, Hungary) 

Phantasy, Op. 40a on a theme by Paganini (solo); Variations on a theme by Corelli, op.51 (solo)  


Raymond Ojeda Publisher 

Farkas, Ferenc (b. 1905) (Hungary) 

Sonate Romantique (bsn/pno) 

Dialogo (fl/bn); Maschere (ww3); Trigon (fl/bsn/pno); Notturno (ww4); Serenade (ww5); Antiche Danze ungheresi (ww5);
Divertissement "Lavottiana" (ww5); more

Some published by Editio Musica Budapest, others by Schott 

Feiler, Dror (b. 1951) (Sweden) 

Kvana (1986) (solo) 


Swedish Music Info Center 

Feld, Jindrich (b. 1925) 

Concerto (1953); Sonatine (1969) (bsn/pno



Feldman, David V. (USA)

Ground Rules (Cbsn solo)

Score available here.

Midi file available here.

Fenelon, Philippe (b. 1952) (France) 

Paral.lel pour basson (solo) 


Formerly published by Salabert (out of print). Composed for Alexandre Ouzounoff. "Severe" use of extended techniques. The "." in the title is not a misprint. 

Fernandez, Osvaldo (Brazil)

Tres Invenções Seresteiras (cl, bsn)

Peermusic International

Fernström, John (1897-1961) (Sweden) 

Concerto, op. 80 (1945) (bsn/orch


Swedish MIC 

Fine, Elaine (USA)

Three Pieces for Bassoon and Strings (2003), Three Pieces for Bassoon and Piano (2002), Harlequin Sonata for contrabassoon and piano (2007), Four Greek Myths for cbsn and pno (2004), More Greek Myths for cbsn and pno (2007)

Woodwind Quintet (2002), Three Enigmas for Five Winds (2002), Study for Woodwind Quartet (2001), Janus for flute and bassoon (2002), Kubla Kahn for bsn, soprano, percussion, piano (2004), Music for 1601 for 2 recorders and cbsn (2004)

Available through the composer's web site.

Fine, Irving (1914-1962) (USA) 


Partita (ww5); Romanza (ww5) 

Boosey (Partita); Mills (Romanza

Firsova, Elena (b. 1950) (Russia) 

Monolog, op. 41 (solo) 


Very fine solo piece, goes up to g above treble staff. In collection "Neue Russische Musik für Fagott Solo", Hans Sikorski Verlag 

Fogg, Eric (1903-1939) (England) 

Bassoon Concerto 


Emerson Edition 

Fongaard, Bjørn (1919-1980) (Norway) 

Concerto for Bassoon and Tape, op. 131 #10 (1976); Concerto for Bassoon and Orchestra, op. 120, #12; Sonata No. 1-2 for Bassoon, op. 125, #14-15 (1973); Sonata per fagotto, op. 109, #1 (1971); Sonatina for Bassoon and Piano, op. 126, #17 


Norwegian Music Information Centre 

Fouillaud, Patrice (France)


Bsn solo


Françaix, Jean (1912-1997) (France) 

Concerto (bn/11 stgs); Divertissement (bn/stg 5tet); Deux pièces pour basson et piano

7 Impromptus (fl/bn); Divertissement (ob/cl/bn); Quatour (ww4); 2 Quintets (ww5); Quadruple Concerto (ww4/orch); L'Heure du Berger (ww5/pno) lots more 

Mostly published by Schott 

Franzén, Olov (b. 1946) (Sweden) 

From the junction-point (1985) (bsn/live electronics) 


Swedish MIC 

Franzetti, Carlos 


Al Caer la Noche (1991); Capriccio (1981); Nocture (1991) WW5 and str quintet 

MMB Music 

Freund, Don (USA) 


Pastoral Symphony (1977) WW5 , pno 

MMB Music 

Fritts, Lawrence (USA)

Pre-Images (2000) bsn/tape


From the composer, at the University of Iowa, US

Fuentes, Arturo (Mexico)

orientierung (bsn, vla, pno)

LONDON-HALL Publishers, (Austria), or contact the composer at www.arturofuentes.com/

Gaathaug, Morten (b. 1955) (Norway)  

Divertimento for Solo Bassoon, B minor, op. 3 (1978) 


Norwegian Music Information Centre 

Gagneux, Renaud (France)

Opus 41 (cl, bsn)

1994 morceau de concours for the Paris Conservatoire. Durand

Gagnidze, Merab (Georgia) 

Sonata #1 (solo); Sonata #2 (bn/timp) 

Trio for Bassoon, Violin and Cello; Music for All #1 (4 bsns and orch) 

Sonata #1 in Popov collection (see Weinberg); others from Lyman  

Galbraith, Nancy (USA)

Sonata (bsn/pno)

Aeolian Muse (ob/bsn/pno)

Subito Music

Garfield, Bernard (b. 1924) (USA) 

Soliloquy (bsn/pno); 2 Pieces (bsn/pno); Poème (bsn/pno); cadenzas for Mozart Bassoon Concerto; 20 Etudes 

Quartet (1950) (bsn/vln/vla/vcl); Trio (ww3); Quartet #2/Suite #1 (bsn/vln/vla/vcl); Quartet #3/Suite #2 (bsn/vln/vla/vcl) 

Bsn & pno pieces by
Edition Musicus
PO Box 1341
Stamford, CT 06904
Cadenzas by Jones Double Reed Products
Quartets and Etudes by Trevcomusic, Florida

Gartenlaub, Odette (France)

Profils (bsn/pno); Sonatine (bsn/pno)


Éditions Combre (Profils); Éditions Musicales Transatlantiques (Sonatine, out of print)

Geiser, Walther (1897-?) 

Capriccio, op. 33a (bsn/pno


Bärenreiter 2103 

Gelbrun, Arthur (Israel)

Miniature for Bassoon (solo)

Israel Music Institute

Genzmer, Harald (b. 1909) (Germany) 

Etudes (solo); Sonata (solo); Introduction and Allegro (bsn/pno); 3 kleinere leichte Stücke (bsn/pno) 

Trio (2 ob, bn); Trio (3 bsns); more 

Some Peters Edition, others Breitkopf  

Gold, Ernest (USA, Israel)

Symphony for Five Instruments (vln, vla, vcl, bsn, pno)

Wimbledon Music, Inc. 1888 Century Park East
Century City, CA 90067

Gompper, David (USA)

Kuta Muela III (2002) for bassoon solo, flute, piano, percussion and video


From composer

González-Medina, Enrique (Mexico)

Canciones tijuanenses Op. 27 (2004) (bass voice, bsn, pno); Con calidad, más se vende el pan Op. 29 (2005) (duet from the opera Serafina y Arcángela for soprano and bass, violin, bsn, pno); Suite latina Op. 33 (2006) (ob, bsn, pno)






Gotkovsky, Ida (France)

Variations concertantes (bsn/orch or bsn/pno)


Editions Musicales Transatlantiques

Gould, Glenn (1932-1982) (Canada) 

Sonata (bsn/pno) 



Gould, Morton (1913-1995?) (USA) 

Diversions (1994) for Bsn/Orch or bsn/pno 


G. Schirmer/ Hal Leonard 

Grasso, Augusto (Italy)

Capriccio XIII di Niccolò Paganini libera trascrizione per fagotto (solo bsn)

"...E c'è l'acqua fresca e bella..." Tema Popolare Dieci Variazioni e Finale (ww5)

Antes Concerto

Grøndahl, Launy (1886-1960) (Denmark) 

Koncert for Fagot og Orkester (bsn/pno) 


Samfundet tel Udgivelse af Dansk Musik 

Gubaidulina, Sofia (b. 1931) (Russia) 

Concerto for bassoon and low strings; Duo Sonata (2 bns) 

Quasi Hoquetus (bsn/vla/pno) 

Sikorski (Duo, Quasi Hoquetus); Ricordi/Schirmer


Gutiérrez Heras, Joaquín (Mexico)

Trío (ob/cl/bsn)

Ediciones Mexicanas de Música, a.c. Avenida Juárez 18, desp. 206, 06050, México, d. f.

Gyring, Elizabeth 



Henri Elkan (e-mail helkan@aol.com)