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Composer  Bassoon solo piece, or multiple bassoons  Chamber Music  Publishers, Remarks 
Cáceres, Juan Carlos  A través de la ventana (bsn/pno)    Obras Latinoamericans para Fagot, Colección Andrea Merenzon 
Campana, José Luis (Argentina) Involtura Sonora (1989) (bsn/vcl); "D'un geste apprivoisé..." (1995/97) (bsn/cd)  

"D'un geste..." from the composer:

Involtura Sonora from Billaudot

Carbon, John (b. 1951) (USA) Bagatelles (solo bsn)
Carter, Elliott (b. 1908) (USA)   Retracing (2000) (solo bsn); Au Quai (2002) (bsn/vla) Woodwind Quintet (1948); Eight Etudes and a Fantasy (ww4); Piano Quintet (ob, cl, hn, bsn, pno)  Associated Music Publishers 
Cascarino, Romeo (b. 1922) (USA)  Sonata (1947) (bsn/pno)    Southern 
Casella, Alfredo (1883-1947) (Italy)   Serenata (1927) (clarinet, bsn, trumpet, vln, vcl) Study score by Philharmonia; parts?
Casken, John (England) Blue Medusa (2003)   Schott (FAG 1001)
Castelnuovo-Tedesco, Mario (1895-1968)  Sonatina, op. 130 (bsn/pno)    General Music/G. Schirmer 
Celis, Frits (b. 1929) (Belgium)  Concertino op. 38 - 1992 (bsn/vln/vla/vcl)  Divertimento op. 32 - 1990 (ww5)   Belgian Center for Music Documentation (CeBeDeM) 
Chamberlain, Donald (USA)   Beck and Call (bn/tape)    Amplification of player needed; published by composer, also available from Lyman or Gail Warnaar Double Reed Shop 
Chance, Nancy Laird    Woodwind Quintet 1983  MMB Music  
Chave, George    Thunderstreams (1990) fl, ob, cl, vc or bsn, pno  MMB Music 
Chávez, Carlos  (1899-1978) (Mexico)    Soli #1 (ww3/tp); Soli #2 (ww5); Soli #3 (bn/tp/timp/va); 3 Exagonos (sop/fl+/ob+/bn/va); more chamber music; Ocho por radio   Peer International, others
Chevreuille, Raymond (1901-1976) (Belgium)    Divertissement op. 21 - 1942 (ww5); Sérénade op. 65 - 1956 (ww5)  Belgian Center for Music Documentation (CeBeDeM)
Chihara, Paul (b. 1938) (USA)  Fleeting Shadows, Still Reflections (bsn/pno) (2003) Branches (1968) for 2 bassoons and percussion; The Beauty of the Rose is in its Passing (bsn/2hns/perc/hp)   Peters Edition 
Cohn, Arthur (Israel)  Declamation and Toccata (solo); Hebraic Study (solo)    Elkan-Vogel 
Coker, Wilson  (1928-1982) (USA)  Concertino for bassoon and string trio (1959)    Theodore Presser  
Cooke, Arnold (b. 1906)  Sonata (bsn/pno)    Emerson Edition 
Cope, David  Three Pieces for Bassoon (solo)    Seesaw Music Corp. 
Coppens, Claude-A. (b. 1936) (Belgium)  Bassooner or Later/ fagotsspraak: in fagotische stijl/ Propos à basson rompu - 1985 (solo)    Belgian Center for Music Documentation (CeBeDeM) 
Coral, Leonardo (Mexico) Apariciones for oboe, bassoon and piano Mexican composer; write to Lyman for parts
Corea, Chick (USA)   Trio (1968) for flute, bassoon and piano Advance Music #8205
Corigliano, John (USA)  "How Like Pellucid Statues, Daddy. Or Like A. . .An Engine" (4 bsns)    G. Schirmer 
Cost, Deborah (USA)  I and the Electrician (bsn/electronics)    2 channel amp with simple effects, 2 electricians needed for performance; available from IDRS library 
Coulthard, Jean (Canada)  Lyric Sonatina (bsn/pno0    Waterloo Music Co, Ontario CAN 
Crockett, Donald (USA)   Extant (1997): bsn solo and 8 instruments; Still Life with Bell (1990) fl, eh, cl, bsn, hn, tpt, tbn, perc, pno, stg qut  MMB Music 
Crumb, David (USA)    Trio (1994) for clarinet in A, bsn, pno
Frank E. Warren Music Service
689 Main Street
Waltham MA 02451
Cummings, Barton  Arioso (Cbsn/pno); Concertino (Cbsn/orch)   Arioso published by Jeanne Publications, Inc.; Contact the composer at
Curtis, Mike (b. 1952) (USA) Variations for the Right Hand (bsn solo) 7 Jazz and Ethnic Duos for Bassoons; Duo Suite on Mexican Themes for oboe and bassoon; 33 Bassoon Duos with playalong CD; much more for small double reed ensembles For US customers and for general information, visit

For purchase of this music in Europe, please visit:

Cytron, Warren A. (b. 1944) (USA)  Wild Mushrooms (solo)    McGinnis and Marx 
Dahl, Ingolf (1912-1970) (USA)    Allegro and Arioso (ww5)  McGinnis and Marx 
Dalbavie, Marc André (France) Axiom (cl/bsn/tpt/pno) Billaudot
Dao, Nguyen-Thien (Viet Nam/France)  Vang Vong (solo); Vang Vong II (solo, a prepartory work for Vang Vong)   Doi (bsn/perc) Editions Salabert (for Vang Vong and Vang Vong II), Editions Jobert (for Doi)
Daugherty, Michael (USA)  Dead Elvis (bn/cl/vln/db/tp/trb/perc); Bounce (2 bn); Hells Angels (4 bsn/orch)   Dead Elvis requires Elvis Vegas-style jumpsuit. Published by Peer International  
Davis, William (b. 1949) (USA)  Capriccio (bsn/pno)  Excusions (ob/bsn)   Bassoon Heritage Edition  
Decoust, Michel (France) Figure II (bsn/db) Salabert
Defossez, René (b. 1905) (Belgium)    Trio - 1946 (ob/cl/bsn)  Belgian Center for Music Documentation (CeBeDeM) 
DeGastyne, Serge  Sonatina, Op. 58    University of Maryland and Fereol Publications, Box 446, Riverdale, Md. 20840
Del'Oca Sala, Pablo (Argentina)  Divina, divagaciones sobre un tema de Mora (bsn/pno)    Obras Latinoamericans para Fagot, Coleccíon Andrea Merenzon
Denisov, Edison (1929-1996) (France)  5 Etudes (solo); Cto for bsn/vcl/orch; Solo sonata   Quintet (ww5); Duos bn/vcl; Trio for fl/bsn/pno  5 Etudes in DVM collection (see Dittrich, now pub Breitkopf) or Popov collection (see Weinberg); Sonata, duos, trio by Leduc; concerto by Ricordi 
DePue, Wallace (USA)    Chromatophone (2 vlns, bsn, pno)  From composer, at Bowling Green State University, Ohio 
Dherin, Gustav (1887-1964) (France) 16 Variations    Eschig 
Diamond, David (b. 1915) (USA)    Partita for Oboe, Bassoon and Piano (1935)   Peer/Southern Music Publishers 
Diazmuñoz, Eduardo (Mexico) Estudio Festivo (bsn/pno) From composer (Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana)
Diemente, Edward (b. 1923) (USA)  For Lady Day (bn/tape-3 parts recorded by same player)    Seesaw Music 
DiDomenica, Robert (b. 1927)    Music for Stanzas (fl/cl/bsn/hn/tape)  Margun Music 
Dittrich, Paul-Heinz (b. 1930) (Germany)   -the-m- for bassoon solo and Live-Electronics after an epigram of e.e. cummings     from "Zeitgenössische Musik für Fagott Solo" ed. by Dieter Hänchen, DVM, 1986  (now Breitkopf)
Doran, Matt (b. 1921)  Four Movements (contra and piano)    Bassoon Heritage Edition 
Dorff, Dan (USA)  Contrabassoon cto (1991) Three Fun Fables (narr, cl, bsn-cbsn, tpt, tbn, harp, perc, vln, db)  Theodore Presser, or MMB Music 
Douglas, Bill Partita (bsn/pno); several ensemble pieces for mixed bassoons Trio for oboe, bassoon, piano; Suite Cantando (cl/bsn/pno); Trio for oboe, clarinet, bassoon Most from
Dovgan, V. (Russia)  Fantasia (solo)    Good tonal solo piece to begin study of unaccompanied works, playable by college students. Popov collection (see Weinberg) 
Draganski, Donald (b. 1936)  Three Mini-Marches (four bassoons); Heart's Desire - Fantasy (contra/pno)    Bassoon Heritage Edition 
Dreyfus, George (b. 1928)   Odyssey for a lone bassoon (solo)    Bassoon Heritage Edition 
Dubois, Pierre Max (b. 1930) (France)   Concerto Ironico (1968) (bsn/orch); Badinerie (bsn/orch); Sérénades (bsn/orch); Aria & ruade (bsn/pno); Ballade des Pingouins (bsn/pno); Fanfaronnade (bsn/pno); Mélopée (bsn/pno); 3 Nouvelles brèves (bsn/pno); 9 Pièces brèves (bsn/pno); Sonatine tango (1984) (bsn/pno); Tropical (bsn/pno); Virelai (1961) (bsn/pno)  Double Concertino (ob/bsn/stgs or pno)  Rideau, Chappell, Leduc, Billaudot, Choudens  
Dubowsky, Jack Curtis Bassoon Concerto No. 1 (bsn/pno) Six Bongatelles (ob/bsn, also available for tpt/bsn and cl/bsn); Fallout (guitar/bsn, also available guitar/vcl or cb)

Also see for sample pages and sample audio.

Dubrovay, László (Hungary)  Cinque Pezzi (bsn/pno)    Editio Musica Budapest 
Duclos, René (1899-1964) (USA)  Fagottino. Serenade. (bsn/pno); 3 Nocturnes (bsn/pno); Quadrille (bsn/pno)    Leduc, International  
Duell, Amy Jo (1959-2010) (USA)   Prairie Dawn (2008/2010) (fl/cl/bsn) Contact Enrique González-Medina for materials at
Dutilleux, Henri (b. 1916) (USA)  Sarabande et cortège (1942) (bsn/pno)    Leduc