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Composer Works with solo bassoon Chamber works with bassoon  Publisher, Remarks 
Absil, Jean (1893-1974) (Belgium)  Berceuse (1932) (bsn/pno)  Quatre esquisses op. 154 - 1971 (fl/ob/cl/bsn); Quintette op. 16 - 1934 (ww5); Suite Pastorale op. 37 - 1939 (ww5)  Belgian Center for Music Documentation (CeBeDeM) 
Acker, Dieter  Monodie für Fagott Solo    Edition Gerig 
Adderley, Mark (b. 1960) (Norway)  Music for 5 Bassoons  

Norwegian Music Information Centre, Tollbugt.28, N-0157 OSLO, Norway; fax +47 22 429091;  

Adler,Samuel (b. 1928) (USA)  Bassoonery (1965) (solo); Canto XII (solo)  Intrada (qnt); Cto for wwq and orch; Diary of a Journey (fl/bn/vcl)  Ludwig, also Presser 
Adolphe, Bruce (USA)    Night Journey (1987) WW5  MMB Music, Inc. 
Agudelo, Graciela (Mexico) Navegantes del Crepúsculo (cl/bsn/pno)

Ediciones Mexicanas de Música, a.c.

Avenida Juárez 18, desp. 206

06050, México, d.f.
Aguilar, Miguel (Uruguay)  Hexen(bsn/pno); Sunset Song (bsn/pno)  Herbstag(fl,bsn,hp)  Peer International  
Aho,Kalevi (b. 1949) (Finland)  Quintet for Bassoon and String Quartet; Solo V  

Finnish Music Information Society

Fennica Gerhman (for Solo V)

Aigmüller,Andreas (b. 1952)  Ein musikalisher Spaß, op. 55 (3 bsns and contra)   Wind Octet; Octet (cl/bsn/hn/2vln/va/vcl/db)  Bassoon Heritage Edition 
Aitken, Hugh  Montages (solo)    Oxford University Press 
Albright,William (1944-1998) (USA)  Peace Pipe (2 bsns)    Dulcian Music (most likely no longer in print, so get from the Music Library at the University of Michigan or from Lyman); depicts two people getting high with the aid of these "pipes"  
Alemann, Eduardo (b. 1922)  Sonata (bsn/pno)    Obras Latinoamericans para Fagot, Colección Andrea Merenzon, Telefax ++(54-1) 825 3928  
Alexander, Josef (1910-1992)    Five Fables for Three Instruments (ob/bsn/pno)  Margun Music 
Aliprandi, Paul (b. 1925)  Danse de Juillet (bsn/pno)    Leduc 
Allard, Maurice  (1923-1992?) (France)   Variations sur un thème de Paganini (solo); Courtes Pièces dans tous les tons (instructional, with piano)    Billaudot 
Allemeier, John (USA)  All the Pretty Little Horses (bsn/guitar)   From the composer ( or Lyman
Amellér, André (1912-1990) (France)  Fagotin (bsn/pno); Belle Province: "Gaspésie" (bsn/pno)    Hinrichsin, Leduc 
Ancelin, Pierre (b. 1934) (France)  Silène (bsn/orch); La naissance de Gargantua (bsn/pno)    Billaudot, Leduc 
Andriessen, Jurriaan (b. 1925) (Netherlands)    Trio (fl/ob/bsn)  Donemus 
Andriessen, Louis (Netherlands)  Lacrimosa (2 bsns)    Donemus 
Angell, Michael (USA)  New Tri-Suite (bn/perc)    From composer  
Antheil, George (USA) Concertino (fl/bsn/pno) Antheil Press (G. Schirmer)
Antón, Susana (Argentina)  Sonatina (bsn/pno)    Obras Latinoamericans para Fagot, Colección Andrea Merenzon  
Apostel, Hans Erich  (1901-1972) (Austria)  Sonatine, op. 19 no.3 (1951) (solo)  also chamber music  One of the first solo pieces for bassoon composed in the serial idiom; Universal Edition  
Applebaum, Allyson (USA)  Bassoon Concerto (1995); Trilogy (1998) bsn solo   MMB Music, Inc. or from the composer at Houston Community College--Northwest
(713) 718-5653
Applebaum, Edward  Whispers of Yesterday 1988 (WW5); Prelude for Woodwind Quintet (1982) MMB Music, Inc.
Arma, Paul  Trois Evolutions (1972) (solo); Quatre Resonances (1971) (solo)    Choudens, Billaudot 
Arnold, Malcolm (b. 1921) (England)  Fantasy, op 26 (solo)  chamber music, including Sea Shanties for WW5  Faber 
Artyomov, Viacheslav (b. 1940) (Russia)  Rezitation V (solo)    Collection "Neue Russiche Musik für Fagott solo" published by Hans Sikorski  
Asia, Daniel (b. 1953) (USA)   Five Images (fl/bsn) Theodore Presser
Aubin, Tony (1907-1981) (France)  Concertino della Brughiera (1965) (bsn/stgs or pno)     
Bach, Jan Morris (b. 1937) (USA)  Lazy Blues (5 bsns) (1986)  Skizzen (ww5)  Find specific information on these and several other works for bassoon at
Bach, P.D.Q. (USA)  Sonata "Abassoonata" for bassoon and piano, 1 player; Lip My Reeds (4 bsns)  Dutch Suite in G major (bsn and tuba); several other ensemble pieces   Theodor Presser 
Bäck, Sven-Erik (b. 1919) (Norway)   FA-CE PI (1975) (bsn/pno)    Nordiska musikförlaget  
Bacon, Ernst The Woodchuck (bsn/pno)    Copyright 1955, Rongwen Music, Inc.  
Baden, Conrad (1908-1989) (Norway)  Concerto for Bassoon and Strings, op. 126 (1980)    Norwegian Music Information Centre  
Baeyens, August L. (1895-1966) (Belgium)    Quintette - 1950 (ww5)  Belgian Center for Music Documentation (CeBeDeM) 
Baginski, Zbigniew (Poland) Solo, Duo, Trio (ob/cl/bsn) PWM Edition, Kraków
Baker, David     Woodwind Quintet from the Black Frontier (1971); Theme and Variations (WW5); Woodwind Quintet #1 (1971) MMB Music, Inc.
Ballif, Claude (USA) Solfeggietto (bsn solo) Durand
Banfield, William (USA)    Four Persons-Thelonius Monk, Gill Evans, Undine Smith-Moore, Jaco Pastorius (1991) ob/cl/bsn/pno  MMB Music, Inc. 
Barber, Samuel (1910-1981) (USA)    Summer Music (ww5)  Schirmer  
Barbier, René (1890-1981) (Belgium)    Petite suite op. 108 - 1964 (fl/ob/cl/bsn)   Belgian Center for Music Documentation (CeBeDeM) 
Barnes, Edward    The Ballad of Bill Doolin (1980) Sax, Vibes, WW5  MMB Music, Inc. 
Barnes, Milton (b. 1931) (Canada)  Anerca I (solo)    Jaymar (out of print)
Bartolozzi, Bruno (1911-1980) (Italy)  Collage (solo); Conzertazioni (bsn, stgs, timp, perc)  other chamber music  "Collage" most likely the earliest all-multiphonic piece. Edizioni Suvini Zerboni  
Bassett, Leslie (b. 1923) (USA)  Metamorphoses (solo)    Peters Edition 
Beall, John (USA?)    Shaker Tunes-Free Variations for WW5 (1992)  MMB Music, Inc.  
Bennett, Richard Rodney (England) Sonata for Bassoon and Piano Novello
Bentzon, J. (1897-1951)  Variations, Op. 34    Skandinavisk Musikforlag 
Berg, Olav (b. 1949) (Norway)  Sonatine (bsn/pno); A Brief Study for Bassoon Solo (1992); Inizio for Bassoon and Strings (1990)    Norwegian Music Information Society  
Berghmans, José (1924-1992)  Les oursons savants (1958) (bsn/stgs or pno)     
Berio, Luciano (b. 1925) (Italy)  Sequenza XII (solo)  Opus Number Zoo (ww5)  Universal Edition 
Bermel, Derek (USA)     Wanderings (1994) (ww5)  E.B. Marks New York (212)-779-7977; movements alternately based upon Klezmer and West African styles of composition or performance  
Bernaud, Alain (b. 1932) (France)  Hallucinations (bsn/pno); Concertino (1962) (bsn/stg or pno)    Peer International; Paris Conservatoire Concours piece  
Bértola, Eduardo (Brazil) Retornos do Tempo (2 bsns) MusicMed Brasilia
Bertoni, Umberto (Italy) Concerto in Fa (bsn, pno) Bongiovanni
Bertouille, Gérard (b. 1898) (Belgium)    Prélude et fugue - 1957 (ob/cl/bsn); Prélude et fugue - 1959 (fl/ob/cl/bsn); Quintette - 1969 (ww5)  Belgian Center for Music Documentation (CeBeDeM) 
Beurden, Bernard van Concertino for bassoon, wind ensemble and percussion; Music for solo-bassoon; FBI for two bassoons Triptich for bassoon and percussion(1 player)  All published by Donemus Amsterdam and composed for David Rachor (University of Northern Iowa,Cedar Falls) 
Bibalo, Antonio (b. 1922) (Norway)   Sonata (1991) (bsn/pno)    Norwegian Music Information Centre , recorded by Robert Rønnes 
Billone, Pierluigi (Italy) Legno: Edre (2003-04)
Bischof, Rainer (b. 1947) (Austria)  Transfigurazione, op. 42 (1995)     Doblinger 05 576  
Bitsch, Marcel (b. 1921) (France)  Concertino (pno or orch); 20 Etudes; Rondoletto (bsn/pno); Passepied (bsn/pno); Partita (bsn/pno)   chamber music   Mostly published by Leduc 
Blank, Alan (b. 1925) (USA)  2 Bagatelles (2 bns); Duo (bsn/pno); 4 Inventions (bsn/pno); Introduction and Rondo Fantastico (bsn/pno)  Nocturne for Bassoon and Harp; Bicinium (ob/bn); Bicinium II (cl/bn)  Nocturne on CD byWill Dietz, University of Arizona, Tucson; Some published by Seesaw, American Composers' Alliance 
Blanquer, Amando (b. 1935) (Spain) Concerto pour basson et orchestre à cordes Billaudot
Block, Hans-Volker (1940-1979)  Four Fragments (bsn/pno)    Doblinger DO05 557 
Blumenfeld, Harold    Expansions (1964) WW5; Eroscapes (1971) mezzo-sop, WW5, vln, vla, vcl  MMB 
Boccadoro, Carlo (Italy) Quaderno d'autunno (bsn/tpt/db/pno) Casa Musicale Sonzogno/Presser
Boizard, Gilles (France)  Fantaisie (bsn/pno)   Editions Musicales Transatlantique 
Bolles, Marita (USA)  ('listen') piece after e.e. cummings (solo)    From composer or Lyman 
Bon, Willem Frederik (b. 1940)  Sonate, op. 32 (solo)    Donemus  
Bonneau, Paul (b. 1918) (France)  Caprice en forme de valse (solo) transcribed from sax piece    Leduc 
Borsody, László (Hungary) Shavings (Forgácsok) Nine Pieces for bassoon solo Editio Musica Budapest
Börtz, Daniel (b. 1943)  Monologhi 2 (1966) (solo); Concerto (1978-79) (bsn solo, band)    Gehrmans, Peters 
Boulez, Pierre (b. 1925) (France)  Dialogue de l'ombre double (solo bsn version)    Premiered by Pascal Gallois. No publishing information available.
Bourguignon, Francis de (1890-1961) (Belgium)    Suite en trio, op. 80 - 1944 (ob/cl/bsn); Deux pièces op. 71 - 1941 (ww5)  Belgian Center for Music Documentation (CeBeDeM)  
Bousch, François (France) Espace-Temps (bsn with live electronics and tape) Salabert
Boutry, Roger (b. 1932) (France)  Interférences 1 (bsn/pno); Prismes (bsn/pno); Timbres (bsn/pno); 12 Etudes atonales; Prelude, Pastorale & Tarantelle (2 bsns)     Salabert, Leduc 
Bowder, Jerry Lee (b. 1928)    3 pieces (cl/bn); Etude (bcl/bn); Quintet (ww5); Sonatina 1 (ww5)    
Bozay, Attila (Hungary)  Episodi (bsn/pno)    Editio Musica Budapest 
Bozza, Eugène (1905-1991) (France)  Concerto; Concertino; 15 Etudes Journalières; 11 Etudes sur des modes karnatiques; 12 Caprices; Pieces brèves; (all solo); Fantaisie (bsn/pno); Espieglerie (bsn/pno); Nocturne-Danse (bsn/pno); Prelude & Divertissement (bsn/pno); Recit, Sicilienne et Rondeau (bsn/pno); Shiva (bsn/pno)  lots of chamber music  Mostly published by Leduc 
Bradshaw, Robert J. Sonatina No. 7 "Ad hoc" for bassoon & strings and/or piano   Beauport Press
Braga, Luis Otávio (Brazil) Rapsódia Urbana (bsn/guitar) Bruyere Music Publishers
Brandmüller, Theo (b. 1948) (Austria)  Katgurmondisedootrisch (solo)    Breitkopf und Härtel; depicts sounds of indigestion and other food-related subjects; title a play on the French words "Quatre Gourmandises d'Autriche" (4 Gourmands from Austria) 
Brewaeys, Luc (b. 1959) (Belgium)  Parametric Permutations - 1982 (solo)    Belgian Centre for Music Documentation (CeBeDeM) 
Broege, Timothy (b. 1947) (USA)    Stone Garden (fl/picc and bsn); Seventeen Verses (fl/bsn/hpsch)  Allaire Music Publications, Bradley Beach, New Jersey 
Brons, Carel  Monoloog IV (1968) (solo)    Donemus 
Brotons, Salvador (b. 1959)  Subtle Dialogues for Bassoon and Percussion    From a CD by Will Dietz  
Brown, Douglas (b. 1950)  Mövenlied (high voice, 3 bsn, contra)    Humorous piece with German text, from Bassoon Heritage Edition 
Brumby, Colin (Australia)  Capriccio (Variations on "Nun komm der Heiden Heiland") (solo); Sonata (bsn/pno); Quartet (4 bsns); Concerto (bsn/orch)   From composer at or
Bruns, Victor (1904-1996) (Russia/Germany)  4 Concerti (orch or pno): Concerto Nr. 1, op. 5 (BHE); Concerto #2 (Kalmus); 3 Sonatas: Sonata #3, op. 86 (BHE); 4 Virtuoso Pieces, op. 93 (solo bsn)   Trio No. 1, op. 84 and Trio No. 2, op. 91 (both for cl/bsn/pno); Many works for various ensembles   Important German bassoonist and composer. Several works published by Musik und Buchverlag Werner Feja, available through Bassoon Heritage Edition. Others by Kalmus and Deutsche Verlag für Musik. 
Burgan, Patrick (France) Sources (ww5) Leduc
Burns, Michael (b. 1961) (USA)  Swamp Song for Bsn and Tape    From composer, Professor of Bassoon at University of North Carolina, Greensboro, NC, 27412; recorded on Dietz CD  
Bush, Geoffrey (b. 1920) (England)    Trio (ob/bsn/pno); Air and Round-O (ww5); Quintet (ww5); A Lover's Progress (tenor, ob/cl/bsn)  Almost all out of print, but wonderful works. The Trio is available in a "Special Order Edition" from Novello, and so the others may be as well.  
Büsser, Henri (1872-1973) (France)  Concertino op. 80 (orch); Portuguesa, op 160 (pno or orch) Pièce de Concours (bsn/pno); Recit et Thème Varié (bsn/pno)    Paris Conservatoire Concours pieces; some available from Masters Music