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The table below lists orchestral excerpts for bassoon and contrabassoon taken from audition lists of US and international orchestras and one service band over the past twenty-five or so years. The chart lists the excerpts in alphabetical order by composer, followed by the work, the part that was asked in the audition (1st, 2nd, 3rd or contra), the passage in question (if specified by the orchestra), and finally the name of the orchestra. After the table you will find the abbreviation codes for the orchestras appearing in the table, the solo concerti most often heard, and tables listing the top 20+.

Note to orchestras and orchestra committees consulting these tables: it's odd that the longer this list stays posted on the net, the more the top ten excerpts listed below cement themselves into their places on these tables. My hope for these tables was that we'd all realize how limited we have become in our demands of bassoonists and in our ideas about what makes a qualified player. If the solo from the Tchaikovsky 4th symphony demonstrates lyrical playing, can't we find something else in the table that does the same thing? Isn't there another high solo besides The Rite of Spring that can demonstrate whether or not a player can play in the upper register? Isn't there another staccato solo besides the 4th movement of Beethoven's 4th that you might like to hear?

Table of Orchestral Excerpts for Bassoon and Contrabassoon

Composer  Work Bassoon part Measures Orchestra
Adams, John Chamber Symphony  Contra  Mvt II, m. 225 to the end  SLc/3 
Bach, J.S.  Orchestral Suite #1 in C    First mvt., all   HU 
Bach, J.S.  Orchestral Suite #4 1   Finale   NY; SL; 
Bach, J.S.  Mass in b minor 1,2 #10, "Quoniam tu solus sanctus," Aria for bass with two bassoons obligato AT; NAT; MN;  
Bach, J. S. Suite #5 for cello Contra not specified BSO
Bach, J. S.; arr. ? Toccata and Fugue in d minor 1 excerpts provided USAFB
Barber, Samuel  Symphony #1    NAT; HU  
Barber, Samuel Violin Concerto 1 3rd movement UT
Barnes  Lonely Beach     POB
Bartok, Bela  Concerto for Orchestra 1, 2, 3, contra Most asked for 2nd mvt. (mm 8-24 and 164-180), some for 5th; JAK and GR asked for 2nd and 5th  MIL; NY; DT; SL; GR (contra and asst/2nd); CSO; MEM; PHL; AT; SF; HU; NAT; RPO; VAS; NJ; TUL; LON; DAY; FL; LAN; LAPH; MN; SAN; SPO; CLV; PSO; TO; IN04; UT; JAK; PAC; Slc/3
Bartok, Bela  Dance Suite     CN; CSO; RF 
Bartok, Bela  Suite from the Miraculous Mandarin 1      PHL; 
Beethoven, Ludwig van  Violin Concerto 1 1, 2, 3; GR specified 3rd mvt. MIL; NY; DT; MON; BUF; SPO; LAPH; JAK; GR; AA  
Beethoven, Ludwig van Symphony 3 1, 2   MIL; DT; PHL;   
Beethoven, Ludwig van  Symphony 4 1, 2 4th mvt., mm. 184-188; NY asked for 1st & 4th mvts; BSO, IN and NM asked for solo from 2nd mvt also; NAT marked "mvmt. 2, 3, 4"; IN04 2nd bsn asked for 2nd mvt. only    MIL; SF; NY; OK; FL; SAV; NYCOP; BSO; PHL; CN; CSO; NM; SY; MON; AT; TO; IN; FL; LAN; PSO; NJ; NAT; CH; CHC; DOP; DAY; NW; LAPH; LON; SPO; SDS;IN04-2; IN04-cbn; HU; UT; JAK; RF; TOL; AA
Beethoven, Ludwig van  Symphony 5 1, contra   NAT specified mvmt. 2, 3; UT specified 3rd mvt., pickup to 245 through C  GR; MEM; NY; PSO; NAT; CR; CLV; DT; PHL; SF; TO; IN04-cbn; UT; SLc/3
Beethoven, Ludwig van  Symphony 6 1 2nd mvt    NY; SF; CSO; AT; NAT; HU  
Beethoven, Ludwig van Symphony 7 1 Second mvt from E to F LAPH
Beethoven, Ludwig van Symphony 8 1 First mvt mm 233-267 LAPH
Beethoven, Ludwig van  Symphony 9 1, contra NAT and GR specified mvmt. 4 LAPH and PAC specified 4th movement from 116 to letter A SAV; BSO; MN; TO; NAT; BUF; SF; AT; CLV; PSO; LAPH; IN04-cbn; PAC; GR
Beethoven, Ludwig van  Leonore Ovt. #3   BSO; CH; TOL
Beethoven, Ludwig van  Piano Concerto #5, "Emperor"    RPO;
Beethoven, Ludwig van Fidelio    Excerpts given by orchestra   DOP;  
Beethoven, Ludwig van  Missa Solemnis contra   DT; PSO
Berg, Alban  Wozzeck Excerpts provided by orchestra    CSO; MET
Berlioz, Hector  Symphonie Fantastique 1, 2, 4 mvts. 4 & 5 DT; CN; SAV; SFBAL; SL; NJ; CSO; SY; AT; IN; NAT; VAS; TUL; CH; FL; DOP; MN; NY; PSO; CLV; BSO; TO; IN04-2; IN04-cbn; UT; JAK; PAC; GR; TOL; Slc/3
Berlioz, Hector  Benvenuto Cellini Overture   2 Reh. #3-4, mm. 67-79  HU;  
Bernstein, Leonard  West Side Story Dances 1      PHL; 
Bizet, Georges Carmen   Excerpts given by orchestra; MET, HGO and MOT specified "Dragons" entr'acte to Act II   DOP; MET; HGO; MOT; MOT2
Brahms, Johannes  Symphony 1  contra 1st and 4th mvts LAN; CHC; AT; BSO; PHL; PSO; SF; TO; IN04-cbn;SLc/3
Brahms, Johannes  Symphony 2 1, 2 2nd mvt (VAS); 4th mvt (CSO, VAS, GR) SL; MEM; CSO; NAT; TUL; DOP; SPO; VAS; GR 
Brahms, Johannes  Symphony 3 1, 2, contra 1st and 2nd bsn : 1st, 2nd 4th mvts.; 2nd bsn : 2nd mv mm. 1-23, 63-81; 4th mvt mm. 1-18; UT specified 1st and 4th mvts; LAPH specified pickup to m 52 through the 1st ending    MIL; SAV; GR (contra and asst/2nd); SF; CSO; AT; TO; PSO; HU;  NAT; DAY; FL; NY; SAN; BSO; CLV; DT; PHL; SDS; IN04-2; IN04-cbn; UT; LAPH; SLc/3
Brahms, Johannes  Symphony 4 1, 2, contra 1&2: 2nd mvt.; contra 3rd and 4th mvts    SF; CSO; LAN; PHL; MN; 
Brahms, Johannes  Violin Concerto 2 2nd mvt., mm. 1-33 MIL; DT; SL; CSO; PHL; IN; HU; RPO; VAS; TUL; MN; NJ; SAN; LAN; LAPH;  NY; BSO; CLV; PSO; IN04-2; IN04-cbn; PAC; GR; SLc/3  
Brahms, Johannes  Piano Concerto #1 2 2nd mvt., mm. 1-15     DT; CSO; SF; HU; RPO; VAS; DAY; MN;  
Brahms, Johannes  Piano Concerto #2   2   PHL; CSO;  
Brahms, Johannes  Variations on a Theme of Haydn 1, 2, contra      SFBAL; LAN; RPO; LAPH; PHL; IN04-cbn;
Brahms, Johannes  Academic Festival Overture contra      LAN; BSO; TO
Britten, Benjamin Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra 1, 2     Bassoon duet   CSO; VAS; MN; HU 
Britten, Benjamin Peter Grimes 1   MET
Cherubini , Luigi  Medea 1    Aria "Solo un pianto" ("Ah, nos peines serront communes")   NYCOP;  
Copland, Aaron Appalachian Spring  No. 57 to 59  SPO;  POB
Debussy, Claude Iberia   1 2nd mvt  NY; NAT;  
Debussy, Claude  Nocturnes    SY;
Donizetti, Gaetano  L'Elisir d'amore 1 Aria: "Una furtiva lagrima" NY; NYCOP; BSO; PHL; MN; MET; HGO; MOT; TOL; MOT2 
Dukas, Paul  Sorcerer's Apprentice 1, 2, contra   GR; SFBAL; SL; CSO; LAN; LON; CLV; IN04; AA;
Dvorak, Antonin Symphony #9    LAN; 
Françaix, Jean Serenata (1937) 1 Andantino, 6/8    BSO; 
Gliere, Rheinhold Ilya Murometz (Symphony #3) contra   PSO
Gould, Morton American Salute excerpts provided USAFB
Graham, Peter Harrison's Dream 1 excerpts provided USAFB
Grainger, Percy Rufford Park Poachers from Lincolnshire Posey 1   POB
Grieg, Edvard Peer Gynt "In the Hall of the Mountain King"    SL; SPO; 
Haydn, Franz Joseph Symphony 88 1      MEM; 
Haydn, Franz Joseph The Creation contra   BSO
Leoncavallo, Ruggero I Pagliacci  Act II, reh. #135 MOT2
Mahler, Gustav Symphony 1 1, 2     mvt. 3 MON; IN; NAT; HU; UT  
Mahler, Gustav Symphony 4 contra   CLV; SF
Mahler, Gustav  Symphony 5 contra   PHL; SF; TO
Mahler, Gustav Symphony 9 contra Scherzo, 4th mvt.      GR; NY; AT; BSO; CLV; SF; TO
Mahler, Gustav  Das Lied von der Erde contra   PHL; SF; TO; SLc/3
Makris, Andreas Aegean Festival Overture 1 excerpts provided USAFB
Mascagni, Pietro Cavalleria Rusticana 2 reh #48, after reh #66 MOT2
Mendelssohn, Felix A Midsummer Night's Dream 1, 2 CH asked for Scherzo  CN; BUF; CH; LAPH;   
Mendelssohn, Felix  Symphony #3 1  TOL specified 2nd mvt. PSO; RF; TOL
Moussorgsky, Modeste  Boris Gudonov 1 Opening MET
Moussorgsky/ Ravel   Pictures at an Exhibition  1, contra  2nd mvt, "Il Vechio Castello", #19-20, mm. 1-7, 88-98  HU; CR; CLV; HU(04); UT; LAPH 
Mozart, Wolfgang Symphony 41, "Jupiter"  1, 2  1st mvt: mm. 62-71; HU specified 4th mvt, mm. 1-158; LAPH specified 4th mvt complete  MIL; SF; NY; SAV; MON; AT; PSO; HU; NAT; RPO; VAS; BUF; DAY; BSO; IN04-2; IN04-cbn; UT; JAK; RF; LAPH
Mozart, Wolfgang  Symphony 35, "Haffner" 1, 2  LAPH specified 4th mvt, mm 9-37 DT; SF; PHL; VAS; FL; HU; LAPH
Mozart, Wolfgang  Symphony 36    NAT;  
Mozart, Wolfgang  Symphony 38   NAT;
Mozart, Wolfgang  Symphony 39    SF; 
Mozart, Wolfgang  Marriage of Figaro, Overture only 1, 2  Overture: mm. 1-25, 139-172; PAC and MOT also specified mm. 101-123; LAPH specified mm 1-7, mm 29-45 and mm 156-171 MIL; NY; OK; DT; SL; CSO; NM; SY; PHL; MON; AT; TO; IN; LAN; SF; HU; NAT; RPO; VAS; TUL; FL; BUF; CH; CHC; DOP; LAPH; MN; NJ; NW; LON; SAN; SPO; MET; PSO; BSO; CLV; DT; SDS; IN04-2; IN04-cbn; HU; UT; JAK; HGO; PAC; MOT; GR; RF; TOL; AA; MOT2; SLc/3
Mozart, Wolfgang  Marriage of Figaro, complete opera 1   Complete opera  NYCOP;  
Mozart, Wolfgang   Piano concerto # 17 in G, K453 1   1st mvt mm. 277-290   GR; SF; 
Mozart, Wolfgang   Pno cto in d minor, K466 1     SF;  
Mozart, Wolfgang   Pno cto in c minor, K491 1   SF;  
Mozart, Wolfgang   Cosi fan tutte Overture, other  NY; RF
Mozart, Wolfgang Cosi fan tutte  1 Act I Finale DOP; MET
Mozart, Wolfgang The Magic Flute    Overture  DOP;  
Mozart, Wolfgang  Serenade #10, K. 361 "Gran Partita"  contra   NY;
Orff, Carl   Carmina Burana 1 "Olim lacus colueram"  NYCOP;  
Prokofiev, Sergei Peter and the Wolf    NY; HU; AA 
Prokofiev, Sergei Symphony 1, "Classical Symphony"    SAV; IN; 
Prokofiev, Sergei Symphony #3 contra   PHL
Prokofiev, Sergei  Symphony #5  1, contra   SPO; CLV
Prokofiev, Sergei The Love of Three Oranges contra   DT
Ravel, Maurice  Piano Cto in G  1, 2  1st mvt solo and 3rd mvt solo with 1st and 2nd parts combined (some ask for individual parts as written in last mvt.)  MIL; NY; OK; DT; CN; SAV; SFBAL; TO; SL; PHL; SF; CSO; FL; NM; SY; MON; AT; NJ; IN; NAT; RPO; VAS; TUL; NW; BUF; DAY; LON; SAN; SDS; HU; UT; JAK; PAC; RF; TOL; LAPH
Ravel, Maurice   Bolero  1, 2 (PHL only orch to ask both parts) solo and repeated high g's in the following passage  MIL; SF; NY; OK; DT; SAV; BSO; CN; CSO; MEM; NM; SY; MON; PHL; FL; AT; LAN; NAT; RPO; VAS; MN; BUF; CH; NW; LON; SPO; CHC; NJ; SAN; POB; LAPH; GRN; SDS; IN04-2; IN04-cbn; HU; UT; JAK; PAC; GR; RF; TOL; AA
Ravel, Maurice   Mother Goose Suite  contra  "Les entretiens de la belle et la bête"  GR; PSO; RPO; CHC; NY;  AT; BSO; CLV; DT; PHL; TO; IN04-cbn; SLc/3
Ravel, Maurice   Piano Concerto for the Left Hand  contra    GR; RPO; CHC; NY; AT; BSO; CLV; DT; PHL; PSO; SF; TO: IN04-cbn; SLc/3
Ravel, Maurice Alborada del Gracioso 1   NY; CN; OK; NYCOP; MON; BSO; TO; BUF; CH; HU; RF; LAPH
Ravel, Maurice   Daphnis & Chloe  1   One bar before 202 to the end  OK; 
Ravel, Maurice   Rhapsodie Espagnol  1, 2   1st mvt. cadenza  DT; PHL; SL; SF; CN; NM; CSO; TO; HU; NAT; NY; BUF; FL; LAPH; MN; UT
Respighi, Ottorino  Trittico Botticelliano  2nd mvt.  LON; UT 
Respighi, Ottorino Feste Romane contra   DT
Reznicek, Carl Donna Diana Overture    MIL;  
Rimsky-Korsakov, Nikolai Sheherazade  2nd mvt. solo and cadenzas  MIL; NY; OK; NYCOP; SY; SF; CSO; NM; MON; TO; LAN; PSO; NAT; NJ; RPO; VAS; NW; BUF; CR; CH; DOP; DAY; MEM; LON; SAN; LAPH; GRN; SDS; HU; JAK; GR; RF; TOL; AA
Rossini, Gioacchino La Gazza Ladra Overture (D to E specified by GRN); USAFB version in G flat OK; AT; SAV; SFBAL; TO; LAN; GRN; USAFB
Rossini, Gioacchino The Barber of Seville  1, 2 Overture; Aria "Largo al factotum" DOP; MET; MOT; MOT2
Rossini, Gioacchino  La Scala di Seta 1 Overture (18 to end, GRN) GRN
Saint-Säens, Camille Symphony 3, "Organ"  1, 2  Fast tonguing in scherzo and allegro mvts. DT; PHL;  
Schoenberg, Arnold  Kammersymphonie #1  contra    NY; AT; SF; SLc/3
Schubert, Franz Symphony 9, "The Great"    DT;  
Schuman, William  New England Triptych   II. When Jesus Wept, III. Chester  IN; NAT;
Schumann, Robert Symphony #3, op. 97 1 Mvt. 2, 123-end PAC
Shostakovich, Dmitri Symphony 5  2, contra   Mvts 1 & 2  GR; SL; IN; RPO; NY; BSO; CLV; DT; PHL; TO: IN04-cbn; SLc/3 
Shostakovich, Dmitri   Symphony  6 2 beginning through #3  SF;  
Shostakovich, Dmitri Symphony 7 1 four after 60 to seven after 65 UT
Shostakovich, Dmitri Symphony 8 RF
Shostakovich, Dmitri   Symphony  9 4th and 5th mvts. CN; CSO; FL; SY; AT; PHL; MON; BSO; TO; NAT; NW; LON; SDS; HU; UT; JAK; RF; TOL; AA; LAPH
Shostakovich, Dmitri   Symphony 10 1, 2, contra LAPH specified 4th mvt, reh 149 through 2 mm after reh 150  SL; AT; BSO; LAPH; SLc/3
Sibelius, Jean   Symphony 1    AT; 
Sibelius, Jean   Symphony 2 2   (HU) Mvt. 1, mm. 35-43, Mvt. 2, mm. 40-56  SL; AT; IN; FL; PHL; HU; VAS; CSO; MN; NY; SAN; DT; TO; IN04; GR
Sibelius, Jean   Symphony 5 LAPH specified 1st mvt, letter K through 1 m after letter L  BSO; LAPH  
Sibelius, Jean  Violin Concerto     IN; 
Smetana, Biedrich The Bartered Bride  1, 2   Overture  NY; OK; PHL; MET; MOT; MOT2
Smith, Claude T. Festival Variations 1 excerpts provided USAFB
Sparke, Philip Dance Movements 1 excerpts provided USAFB
Strauss, Richard Don Quixote  1, 2  (HU) Var. IX, #64-66, mm. 598-612  DT; CSO; SF; HU; NAT; MN; LAPH; NJ; SAN; IN04; GR
Strauss, Richard   Also Sprach Zarasthustra 2     DT; PHL; PSO
Strauss, Richard   Till Eulenspiegel 1, 2, contra UT specified 32 to eight before 34; LAPH specified 5 m before reh 22 through 2 mm before 22, 8th and 9th mm after reh 26 and 10 mm after reh 31 through 8 mm after reh 33 DT; CN; CSO; FL; AT; MEM; MON; TO; CH; VAS; MN; LON; UT; LAPH  
Strauss, Richard   Death and Transfiguration 1, 2, contra     DT; CN; LAN; SF; ST; BSO; CLV; PHL; PSO; IN04-cbn
Strauss, Richard   Don Juan     SAV; SPO; DT: PHL; TO
Strauss, Richard Ein Heldenleben  1, contra    TO; LAN; NAT; DAY;
Strauss, Richard Salome  1, 2, contra  Dance of the 7 Veils and contra solos; MOT2 specified 6 before #141 to #142 DOP; NY; MET; AT; BSO; CLV; PHL; TO; HGO; MOT; MOT2; SLc/3
Strauss, Richard  Elektra  1, contra    NY; MET
Stravinsky, Igor Pulcinella Suite  1, 2   Scherzino, Gavotta with Variations, Toccata  MIL; SFBAL; CN; CSO; FL; SY; TO; IN; RPO; MN; LON; IN04; HU; RF; LAPH   
Stravinsky, Igor   Rite of Spring  opening solo through 3rd measure after #3; and solo at #12 (end it on a tied a flat); SDS stiuplated use of "critical edition: Kalmus" SF; NY; SAV; BSO; SFBAL; PHL; CN; CSO; FL; MEM; NM; SY; MON; AT; TO; NAT; BUF; CH; CHC; DOP; NJ; NW; LON; LAPH; GRN; SDS; HU; UT; JAK; RF; TOL; AA
Stravinsky, Igor   Firebird  1, 2  Introduction and Berceuse; CH, SDS and LAPH specifically asked for 1919 version NY; CN; DT; SFBAL; PHL; SF; NM; CSO; MON; PSO; BUF; CR; CH; FL; LAPH; SDS; HU; UT; PAC; RF; USAFB; AA
Stravinsky, Igor Petrushka  1, contra GRN: Danse Russe, 64-76, 84-91 SY; CLV; GRN
Stravinsky, Igor   Histoire du Soldat      SF; 
Stravinsky, Igor   Octet for Winds  1, 2     SF; CSO; MN;
Stravinsky, Igor   Symphony of Psalms    CN; 
Stravinsky, Igor Concerto for Violin  1 (?)    CSO; 
Stravinsky, Igor  Symphony in 3 Movements  1, 2  3rd movement 148-152 LAPH;  
Stravinsky, Igor  Le Chant du Rossignol    MN; 
Stravinsky, Igor The Rake's Progress 1 Aria: "No Word from Tom" MET
Stravinsky, Igor Symphony in C 1 3rd movement, 104-2 measures after 106 LAPH
Tanouye, Nathan  Kokopelli's Dance 1   excerpts provided USAFB
Tchaikovsky, Piotr Symphony 3 1 PHL;
Tchaikovsky, Piotr  Symphony 4  Slow mvt., mm. 274-end; 1st and 2nd mvts (SF, CSO, NAT, TOL); HU, 2nd bsn, mvt. 1, mm. 35-46, 253-274. MIL; GR (contra and asst/2nd); NY; DT; SF; SAV; NYCOP; BSO; SL; CN; CSO; FL; NM; SY; PHL; MON; AT; TO; LAN; PSO; HU; NAT; VAS; TUL; CH; BUF; CHC; DAY; NW; LAPH; LON; SAN; SDS; IN04-cbn; HU(04); UT; PAC; RF: TOL; SLc/3
Tchaikovsky, Piotr  Symphony 4  Mvt. 1, mm. 35-46  RPO; PHL; TO; IN04-2;
Tchaikovsky, Piotr  Symphony 5   1st mvt., mm. 320-332; 2nd mvt. (CSO); 3rd mvt., mm. 16-27, 56-72; LAPH specified 3rd mvt mm 37-72  MIL; SF; CSO; FL; NM; MON; TO; IN; NAT; RPO; BUF; CR; CHC; LON; HU; UT; PAC; GR; LAPH  
Tchaikovsky, Piotr  Symphony 6  1st mvt, opening through mm. 12; SF and CSO wanted 4th mvt.  SF; NY; DT; SAV; SL; PHL; CSO; FL; NM; MON; TO; AT; BSO; IN; LAN; PSO; BUF; CH; CHC;DOP; NJ; DAY; MEM; NJ; LON; LAPH; SDS; IN04-2; IN04-cbn; HU; UT; JAK; RF; TOL; AA
Tchaikovsky, Piotr  Symphony 6  Scherzo: mm 82-87; Mvt. 4, mm. 1-37  MIL; SF; HU; RPO; TUL; MN; TO; VAS; IN04; GR
Tchaikovsky, Piotr  Romeo and Juliet  1     NY; IN04;
Tchaikovsky, Piotr  Nutcracker  1, 2 (DT)   SFBAL; DT
Verdi, Giuseppe  I Vespri Siciliani  1, 2   Overture  CN; PHL; IN; TUL; SAN; MET; TO; MOT; MOT2
Verdi, Giuseppe Otello   1, 2 Acts I and II runs   DOP; MET; HGO; MOT; MOT2 
Verdi, Giuseppe  Requiem  1   Dies Irae (Quid sum miser), Agnus Dei; LAPH specified Dies Irae mm 271-312  NJ; RF; LAPH
Verdi, Giuseppe  Aida 1 Aria: "Celeste Aida" and Act III, No. 6 MET; MOT; MOT2
Verdi, Giuseppe Rigoletto 2 Act I, scene VI MOT2
Verdi, Giuseppe Falstaff 2 Act II, part 1, reh. #40 MOT2
Wagner, Richard  Tannhauser  1, 2   Overture (HU specified mm. 1-17); IN04 specified "NOT Hoffman version"  NY; SF; DT; SL; CSO; IN; HU; RPO; VAS; MN; TUL; LAPH; SAN; AT; BSO; IN04; MOT2
Wagner, Richard  Lohengrin    Excerpts given by orchestra   DOP;  
Wagner, Richard  Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg    Act II, Scene VI   DOP; MET; MOT 
Wagner, Richard Parsifal 1 Vorspiel MET

The Top Ten Bassoon Excerpts

Excerpt Number of times asked
Mozart Overture to The Marriage of Figaro 52
Ravel Bolero 43
Tchaikovsky Symphony #4 41
Beethoven Symphony #4 39
Ravel Piano Concerto in G major 36
Tchaikovsky Symphony #6 Pathétique 35
Rimsky-Korsakov Sheherazade 34
Bartok Concerto for Orchestra 33
Stravinsky The Rite of Spring 32
Berlioz Symphonie Fantastique 30

The Next 14 Most Popular Bassoon Excerpts

Excerpt Number of times asked
Brahms Symphony #3 24
Brahms Violin Concerto 24
Stravinsky L'Oiseau de feu 22
Mozart Symphony #41, "Jupiter" 20
Shostakovich Symphony #9 20
Tchaikovsky Symphony #5 19
Wagner Overture to Tannhauser 17
Ravel Rhapsodie espagnole 16
Sibelius Symphony #2 15
Stravinsky Pulcinella 15
Strauss Til Eulenspiegel 14
Beethoven Symphony No. 5   14
Ravel Piano Concerto for the Left Hand 14
Ravel Mother Goose   13

Most-Frequently-Asked Solo Concerti:


Weber, Op. 75: NY; OK; DT; NYCOP; PHL; SY; RF

Vivaldi a minor (no Ryom, Fanna or Pincherle number specified): NY

Farago Paganini Variations: PHL

Solo of your choice MEM; LAN; DT; CR; DAY; NJ; SPO; GRN; USAFB; AA

Malcolm Arnold Fantasy: SY

Andre Previn: Sonata POB

Bach Cello Suite #1 in G, Sarabande: UT

Jolivet: Concerto, 1st part: RF

Devienne: Quartet #2 in C major, op. 73 (first mvt.): RF

Orchestra Abbreviation Codes

  • AA Ann Arbor Symphony
  • AT Atlanta Symphony
  • BSO Boston Symphony Orchestra
  • BUF Buffalo Philharmonic
  • CR Cedar Rapids Symphony
  • CH Charlotte Symphony Orchestra
  • CN Cincinatti Symphony
  • CSO Chicago Symphony Orchestra
  • CHC Chicago Civic Orchestra
  • CLV Cleveland Orchestra
  • DOP Dallas Opera Orchestra
  • DAY Dayton Philharmonic
  • DT Detroit Symphony Orchestra
  • FL Florida Orchestra (Tampa)
  • GR Grand Rapids Symphony
  • GRN Greenville Symphony (South Carolina)
  • HGO Houston Grand Opera
  • HU Houston Symphony
  • IN Indianapolis Symphony
  • IN04-2 Indianapolis Symphony, auditions in 2004, 2nd bsn
  • IN04-cbn Indianapolis Symphony, auditions in 2004, assistant/contra
  • JAK Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra
  • LAN Lansing Symphony
  • LAPH Los Angeles Philharmonic
  • MEM Memphis Symphony
  • MET Metropolitan Opera Orchestra
  • MIL Milwaukee Symphony
  • MN Minnesota Orchestra
  • MON Montreal Symphony
  • MOT Michigan Opera Theatre
  • MOT2 Michigan Opera Theatre, second bassoon
  • NAT National Symphony Orchestra
  • NJ New Jersey Symphony Orchestra
  • NM New Mexico Symphony
  • NY New York Philharmonic
  • NYCOP New York City Opera
  • NW New World Symphony
  • OK Oklahoma City Philharmonic
  • LON Orchestra London
  • PAC Pacific Symphony
  • PHL Philadelphia Orchestra
  • POB "Pershing's Own" US Army Band
  • PSO Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra
  • RF Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France
  • RPO Rochester Philharmonic
  • SAN San Antonio Symphony
  • SAV Savannah Symphony
  • SDS San Diego Symphony
  • SF San Francisco Symphony
  • SFBAL San Francisco Ballet
  • SL St. Louis Symphony
  • SLc/3 St. Louis Symphony, contra and 3rd
  • SPO Spokane Symphony
  • SY Sydney Symphony Orchestra
  • TO Toronto Symphony
  • TOL Toledo Symphony
  • TUL Tulsa Philharmonic
  • USAFB US Army Field Band
  • UT Utah Symphony
  • VAS Virginia Symphony