02.3.4 Swarm Alternation

abound accumulate aggregate amass assemble babble bang beam beat beep bellow blare blast blat blaze blink bloom blossom boom bristle bubble bulge burble burn burr bustle buzz chatter chime chink chir chitter chug clack clang clank clap clash clatter click cling clink clomp clump clunk cluster collect congregate convene crack crackle crash crawl creak creep crepitate crunch cry dance din ding dong drip echo explode fizz fizzle flame flare flash flicker flock flutter foam gather glare gleam glimmer glint glisten glitter glow groan group growl gurgle gush herd hiss hoot hop howl huddle hum incandesce jangle jingle knell knock lilt mass moan murmur ooze patter peal ping pink pipe plink plonk plop plunk pop pulsate purr putter quiver radiate rap rasp rattle resonate resound reverberate ring roar roll rumble run rustle scintillate scream screech seethe shake shimmer shine shriek shrill sing sizzle snap sound sparkle splash splutter spout sprout sputter squawk squeak squeal squelch squirt stir stream strike swarm sway sweat swim swish swoosh teem throng thrum thud thump thunder thunk tick ting tinkle toll toot tootle tremble trill trumpet twang twinkle ululate vroom wail wheeze whine whir whish whistle whoosh whump writhe zing

From the verb index to Levin 1993.
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