51.3.2 run verbs

amble backpack bolt bounce bound bowl canter carom cavort charge clamber climb clump coast crawl creep dart dash dodder drift file flit float fly frolic gallop gambol glide goosestep hasten hike hobble hop hurry hurtle inch jog journey jump leap limp lollop lope lumber lurch march meander mince mosey nip pad parade perambulate plod prance promenade prowl race ramble roam roll romp rove run rush sashay saunter scamper scoot scram scramble scud scurry scutter scuttle shamble shuffle sidle skedaddle skip skitter skulk sleepwalk slide slink slither slog slouch sneak somersault speed stagger stomp stray streak stride stroll strut stumble stump swagger sweep swim tack tear tiptoe toddle totter traipse tramp travel trek troop trot trudge trundle vault waddle wade walk wander whiz zigzag zoom

From the verb index to Levin 1993.
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