01.2.5 PRO-arb Object Alternation

abash admonish advise affect afflict affront aggravate agitate agonize alarm alert alienate amaze amuse anger annoy antagonize appall appease arouse assuage astonish astound awe baffle beguile bewilder bewitch boggle bore bother bug calm captivate caution chagrin charm cheer chill comfort concern confound confuse console content convince counsel cow crush cut daunt daze dazzle deject delight demolish demoralize depress devastate disappoint disarm discombobulate discomfit discompose disconcert discourage disgrace disgruntle disgust dishearten disillusion dismay dispirit displease disquiet dissatisfy distract distress disturb dumbfound elate electrify embarrass embolden enchant encourage engage engross enlighten enliven enrage enrapture entertain enthrall enthuse entice entrance exasperate excite exhaust exhilarate fascinate faze flabbergast flatter floor fluster frighten frustrate gall galvanize gladden gratify grieve harass haunt hearten horrify humble humiliate hurt hypnotize impress incense infuriate inspire instruct insult interest intimidate intoxicate intrigue invigorate irk irritate jar jollify jolt lull madden mesmerize miff mollify mortify move muddle mystify nauseate nettle numb obsess offend outrage overawe overwhelm pacify pain peeve perplex perturb pique placate plague please preoccupy provoke puzzle rankle reassure refresh relax relieve repel repulse revitalize revolt rile ruffle sadden satisfy scandalize scare shake shame shock sicken sober solace soothe spellbind spook stagger startle stimulate sting stir strike stump stun stupefy surprise tantalize tease tempt terrify terrorize threaten thrill throw tickle tire titillate torment touch transport trouble try unnerve unsettle uplift upset vex warn weary worry wound wow

From the verb index to Levin 1993.
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