07.8 Directional Phrases with Nondirected Motion Verbs

babble backpack bang beat beep bellow blare blast blat bolt boogie boom bop bounce bound bowl bubble buck burble burr buzz cancan canter carom cavort charge chatter chime chink chir chitter chug clack clamber clang clank clap clash clatter click climb cling clink clog clomp clump clunk coast conga crack crackle crash crawl creak creep crepitate crunch cry dance dart dash ding dodder dong draw drift explode fidget file fizz fizzle flap flit float fly foxtrot frolic gallop gambol glide goosestep groan growl gurgle gyrate hasten heave hike hiss hobble hoot hop howl hum hurry hurtle inch jangle jerk jig jingle jitterbug jive jog journey jump kick knell knock leap lilt limp lollop lope lumber lurch march meander mince moan mosey murmur nip pad parade patter peal perambulate ping pink pipe pirouette plink plod plonk plop plunk polka pop prance press promenade prowl pull purr push putter quickstep race ramble rap rasp rattle ring roam roar rock roll romp rove rumba rumble run rush rustle samba sashay saunter scamper scoot scram scramble scream screech scud scurry scutter scuttle shamble shove shriek shrill shuffle sidle sing sizzle skedaddle skip skitter skulk sleepwalk slide slink slither slog slouch snap sneak somersault speed splash splutter sputter squaredance squawk squeak squeal squelch squirm stagger stomp stray streak stride strike stroll strut stumble stump swagger sway sweep swim swish swoosh tack tango tapdance tear teeter thrum thrust thud thump thunder thunk tick ting tinkle tiptoe toddle toll toot tootle totter traipse tramp travel trek trill troop trot trudge trumpet trundle tug twang twitch ululate vault vroom waddle wade waggle wail walk waltz wander wheeze whine whir whish whistle whiz whoosh whump wiggle wobble wriggle yank zigzag zing zoom

From the verb index to Levin 1993.
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